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  • Seniors. Shell suits, worst fashion?

    The survey commissioned by online retailer asked 2000 women over 50 to vote for their least liked fashion trends.

    The shell suit was voted the worst fashion faux pas of the past 50 years

    The shell suit, popular in the 80s and early 90s, came in at number 1 with a staggering 91% of votes. The item, which was also jokingly worn by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's character Ali G, was closely followed by the Spandex mini skirt at 88% and dungarees at 73%

    What's your opinion?

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  • Seniors. Is this fool a prime..?

    Candidate for the Darwin award?

    Shortly after after dumping his girls he visits her for dental treatment.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

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  • Seniors,do to you remember the Wakes weeks?

    This is pobably more relevant to UK but it it's about holidays the working classes holidays.

    I was looking for a holiday next month and turned my mind back to the 50's when all the cotton mills,schools, and most firms closed for the 'Wakes' fortnight. I was thinking of the queues of people waiting at our bus station for their charabanc,( or sherras, as we called them,) to take them to their holiday resorts.

    The favourites up here where Blackpool,Southport,Morecambe. Did other folk experience the holiday exodus. My favourite was New Brighton

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  • Anything to save a penny?


    Is there no end to extremes some firms will go to make money? No doubt they can cram an extra dozen or so seats in place of the toilets.At least they provide a private room. What thinks you?

    Heaven help folk if they suddenly develop 'the runs'

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  • Anything to save a penny?

    Is there no end to extremes some firms will go to make money? No doubt they can cram an extra dozen or so seats in place of the toilets.At least they provide a private room. What thinks you?

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  • are there any songs referring to 'Fall'?


    CO THe Old Dogs question about colour had me wondering. While both Autumn and Fall are used in US,I don't know about Canada. For the life of me,I can't think of a song that has 'fall' in Title or lyrics.

    Can anyone think of any?

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  • Organ donation option?

    Coming soon,when applying for driving Licence on-line.

    There is question that's been on the driving licence application form for a while,but was a voluntary option. It concerned organ donation.It will soon be a compulsory,yes or no if your prepared to become a donor.

    Is it subtle blackmail or is it a good idea due to the importance and may at least get peoples attention and maybe discussing it more.

    I would put 'yes' to the option

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  • Seniors.What is the taste of 'salt water taffy'?

    The catalogue that I order my music from has photo of a bloke propping a counter up at,what I presume,is a ice cream parlour. At one side there is a price list.

    Tamale with Chill 45c

    Sno Kones 15c

    Salt water Taffy 15c-25c

    among others.

    I've looked at Wiki but it explained how it was made,but not a comparable taste. To me,it sounds like caramel

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  • Seniors,what's the odds of winning the appeal?

    The Tompall question was deleted.'promoting sites' it had a YT link

    As Ithat was where the relevant information was,I've appealed,if only to waste a bit of their time.

    I'm thinking 'even money' to win the appeal

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  • Seniors,have you seen any signs notices that make you ask,why bother?

    This year we have a census form to fill in from the government.

    Q17 says 'this question is deliberately left blank,go to Q18'

    A Sunday paper reported a sign that said 'this sign is not yet in use'

    Any more 'Then Why Bother' been seen?

    16 AnswersSenior Citizens10 years ago
  • Seniors, Nearly Christmas here?

    Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow,or today if your'e to the East.

    Enjoy the turkey

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  • Seniors. Wharever happened to 'blood oranges'?

    I don't remember seeing them for a very long time. Don't know what their correct name is or why they look as they do. I wondered if they may be contrary to dupermarket uniformty attitudes

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  • Seniors,would you appreciate the interruption?

    While having your tea and scone would you think this was a nice way to say thanks to customers.

    Someone sent it to me,maybe it goes on a little too long,but if it's true,I think it's a nice touch. Canada I believe

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Seniors,Double Yolked Eggs?

    How often do you get double yolked eggs?

    Out of a box of six,three were double yolked,maybe more but I had those boiled so couldn't tell.

    My gaffer reckons it was about 30 yrs since she last did me one. I'm sure they were pretty common when I was young.I wonder if battery farming had a part in it,or am I mistaken over them being reasonably common?

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  • Seniors. Your favourite Reindeer from your younger days?

    Do you remember Santa's reindeer?

    A little late with the Reindeer. Friends have been nagging me of their whereabouts

    Just a little fun,click each Reindeer and amuse yourself or any Little Ones.

    I had to phase it as a question,less reason for yahoo to zap it as they do every year

    12 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • where we really so corny in the golden age?

    Just been listening to Bobby darin's 'somebody to love' in it,he just wants someone to call him 'turtle dove'

    Did anybody actually use such terms of endearment,especially a girl to a boy

    Youtube thumbnail

    10 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • using the profile for photos?

    Would it no be nice if more of us seniors actually placed some photos in their profile page.

    They don't have to be of yourself or any that may identify you,just some pictures of places of interest or natural beauty near you,place you been oh holiday and such.

    There are people from Canada to Australia who frequent this section,we could have a virtual world tour for free

    14 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • suggestions for Christmas market accomodation?

    For the last two years,my wife and myself have stayed in Rudesheim.

    The reasons,it has a good Christmas market of it's own,it's convenient to Weisbaden,Mainz,Frankfurt and Koblenz to visit their markets,all within an hour or so,also easy to get to from Frankfurt airport.

    Could anyone suggest a similar alternative,we have been thinking of Hamelin,but it seems rather isolated

    2 AnswersOther - Germany1 decade ago
  • how do you respond to a favour or assistance?

    It would appear most Brits have forsaken 'Thank You' for more casual show of gratitude.

    7 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago
  • Christmas advertising?

    Whether your actually an active Christian or not,most on here belong to Christian countries. As such,I believe Christmas is an important celebration and part of our culture and should be treated with some reverence.

    My question is,should there be a voluntary time span between starting Christmas adverts and the actual celebration be sought from advertisers.

    There's just been an advert on for Christmas catalogues and as it's still May,I think it's ridiculous. The priority these days,deems to be the making of money and the actual event is just a convenient way of doing so

    16 AnswersSenior Citizens1 decade ago