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I purposely put my headphones in the opposite ear. I want to be a published author. I'm more of a loner than... more of not a loner You'll find me in Books and Authors with the other amazing regulars (yes, that was a kiss-arse moment). Macaroni Cheese is my favourite comfort food (weirdly, when I make it I always almost forget the cheese). And I'm rambling. ... Damn, I really hate these "About me" things. I don't think I've ever felt more on the spot in my life. Feel free to e-mail me :) x

  • If you could go back in time and enter any historical figure's mind, who would you choose and why?

    I'd would go back and find out Richard III's thoughts after Edward IV died. I'm a Yorkist, and I would love to read his thoughts and figure out his actual intentions.


    14 AnswersHistory7 years ago
  • Argh - What did Y!A do?

    Why have they done this? Did anyone log on and get shocked? I think I liked the old layout better.

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • Artists - Have any of you ever used this website?


    I love to paint, and was going to put some of my artwork on this website. Have any of you used it?

    If yes, what were your experiences like? Is it a useful website? Is there any other websites you would recommend for advertising art?

    Thanks for looking at this question.

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration7 years ago
  • Writers - If you dislike writing a scene, is that a sign that this scene shouldn't be in your book?

    Do you get a gut feeling about scenes and whether they have a place in your novel?

    11 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • B&A writers: If your character was a writer, would they finish their book +BQ?

    I'm sure you've all had the problem where, for some reason or another, finishing your book seems more impossible than back-flipping across the Grand Canyon. Whether that reason is self-doubt or lack of motivation, hopefully you do finish your book in the end.

    But what about your character? If they were a writer, how long would it take them to finish their book? Would they, even? What would they write about?

    Feel free to add any other info.

    BQ - When writing by hand, black or blue ink? Or are you completely wild and go for red ink? (Personally, I'm a black ink person).

    10 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Writers: Do you feel like your life is fulfilled?


    A part of me got thinking about why I write. Albeit, I was feeling sad at the time, but is there an edge of truth to what I thought? What do you think? Here we go.

    (Oh, also, don't take this personally or anything, when I was thinking this I was applying the thoughts to myself).

    Writers write because they have hardly anything else in their life. Going off the stereotype that writers are introverted, is the reason why we write because society isn't what it is for "everyone else"?


    - How much does your social life impact your writing?

    - When you interact with people do you feel like you need to write less?

    - Is there a positive reason why you write?

    - Is there a writer who can be happy? I don't mean all the time because that's impossible, I just mean on average. We write about doom and gloom, if you're in the world you've created can you truly be... happy?

    - Do you know any other writers? Are any of your friends writers?

    Yeah, this is a negative question. I just wanted to get these thoughts that sometimes flit across my mind out. Usually I'm not this negative (I promise!)

    BQ - What has been the happiest moment in your protagonist's life, whether it's mentioned in the story or not?

    BQ2 - If your antagonist had the chance to ruin this moment, how would they do it? Actually, *would* they do it, and then how?

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • B&A - Writers: What is your characters' top ten rules?

    Hey there, B&A. I was flicking through the internet and found a page on characters and the rules they live by.

    So, my question is: If your character could compose ten rules that they (and maybe everyone else, I'll let you decide) had to live by, what would they be?

    Thanks for answering, looking forward to your answers. Hopefully there will be some wacky ones. Have fun.

    BQ - What's your character's favourite colour?

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • What's your favourite part about reading a book?

    Is it the ending? It is the first line?

    For me it's the part where the characters seem more real than every single person I know. Yours?

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • University: Would you recommend it?

    Hi, thanks for taking a look at my question.

    I'm going to be doing my second year of A Levels next year, and am exploring options after school. As well as looking on websites and things, I thought it possibly a good idea to get opinions from people who have (not) been through Uni.

    Why do you/don't you recommend going to Uni?

    Thanks for your advice.

  • Is there something that you always knew you didn't want to do?

    I mean this is in regards to... books, to jobs, to being published. Anything that's to do with the literary industry.

    For example, I know that I don't want to have any other eventual job but a successful, published author. I never wanted to be a literary agent or any of the others.


    Is there something that you're dead set against, or something that perhaps you admire but don't want to do?

    Thanks for answering.

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • B&A - Writers: Does pantsing ever really work?

    Is that the correct way to phrase that sentence? Lol.

    What I mean is when you dive into a story and make it up as you go along. Does this really work? Has it ever done for you?

    Because I always do this, but sooner or later I have to sit down and make a proper plan.

    Just wondering what you guys have to say. Thanks for answering.

    9 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • What's the worst...?

    Hello... I'm in a very cynical mood today. So I've decided to ask a bunch of "What's the worst..." questions.

    1) What's the worst classic you've ever read? Why? Why didn't you like it?

    2) Who's the worst protagonist you've ever seen in a book? (Mine has to be Zoey Redbird... I think that was her name... from the House of Night).

    3) What's the worst book cover you've ever seen? What was the image of?

    4) Who's the worst romantic interest in a book you've read?... I think I'm expecting a lot of Twilight answers to this one.

    5) What's the worst ending to a book you've read? I'm not talking generically, like, "I hate endings where everyone lives happily ever after," but a specific book you've read.

    6) In your opinion, what's the worst genre to read for pleasure?

    Hmm, writing these questions have inexplicably cheered me up.


    Thanks for answering, answer as many as you want.

    11 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago
  • Writers - How hard is it for you to give your story a title?

    And when do you title it? At the beginning? The end?


    BQ - If a publisher approached you and said, "WOW! YOUR NOVEL IS THE NEXT BIG THING - I GUARANTEE IT!" and wanted to give you a publishing contract on one condition, what would you do? The condition is this: That they flip through a dictionary and the first word that they see is the title of your novel.

    (Imagine your book being called Macrosmatic. Or Agastopia).

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • Who is your favourite writer and what is their greatest writing flaw?

    Question is pretty self-explanatory. GO!

    If you have more than one favourite author, then do them all. Or pick one. Whatever. There are no set rules, really...

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • B&A - Writers: How do you feel about profanity?

    Hi, everyone.

    By the first question, I don't mean when characters swear, I mean when the author swears.

    How do you feel about authors using the word "sh*t" instead of "bad" in a circumstance that requires their literary skills? Does it decrease their credibility as an author?

    Do you find that, as writers, if you stop using your elaborate vocabulary then you will lose these skills and start using swear words to describe thing?

    Do you find it inventive when an author makes up their own swear words? Do you like it? Dislike it?

    Character swearing:

    When a character swears, when do you feel enough is enough? Should there be an (unspoken) rule about how much profanity one character can use?

    When does swearing start to decrease characterisation, and instead make the focal point how many "f**king"'s a character can get into a paragraph?

    BQ - How well can you write when you're tired?

    10 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • B&A - Do you have a comfort book?


    Do have a comfort book? A book that makes you feel better when you feel sad or incompetent or lonely?

    Do you have a guilty pleasure book? (Please don't say 50 Shades). A book that you read when you want to read some really bad fiction?

    BQ - Would you take a book if it was for free, regardless of the content or author? It's *free*.

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • B&A - Writers: Has anyone asked you to dedicate your novel/work in progress to them?

    Just wondering.

    I've mentioned my novel to a few of my friends, one of my closest instantly screaming in my face, "CAN YOU DEDICATE IT TO ME?" Another one had the same reaction. Which I found pretty funny.

    I said yes, knowing it was all in jest. Hopefully.

    What about you?

    BQ - Has anyone tried the chocolate philadelphia? Did I even spell that right?

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • B&A - Writers: If you're a writer that depends on something, does that make you weak?


    This question is inspired by another question on here. As a writer, isn't the one thing you should be able to do is write?

    But if you need something - or *think* you need something - like coffee or a certain pen or something more adventurous than that in order to write, does that lessen your talent?

    What happens if you can't get it? Does a mental block happen? Can you not write anymore?

    Of course you can! Do our own mentalities make us weak?

    I, by no means, intend to call any writer on here weak, it's just a question that I thought of after seeing another question on here. I too have my quirks.

    I choose the word weak because needing something to write makes you dependent on it, and by extension this implies a weakness. So, that's that side of it.

    I think I actually disagree with most of what I've just said. Anyone agree?

    Thanks for answering.


    BQ - Are you the type of person to get stressed easily?

    BQ2 - What's the word count for your novel/whatever you're writing? Maybe seeing some big numbers will inspire me to write.

    4 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago