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  • For the single replacement reaction between lithium iodide and oxygen?

    how many moles of your excess reactant remain at the end of the reaction?

    1 AnswerChemistry10 months ago
  • Which statement is FALSE about quantum mechanics?

    -Moving electrons have wave like properties, and thus can only occupy those energy levels that can exactly accommodate the electron's wavelength?

    -It is not possible to know both an electron's position and speed with complete certainty, thus we no longer think of an "orbit" for an electron, but instead talk about an "orbital"-a region of probable electron density.

    -An electron can move from an allowed high energy orbital to an allowed low energy orbital if it absorbs energy that exactly equals the energy difference between those two orbitals.

    -This energy can be supplied by light which has particle properties. A "particle" of light is called a photon, and one photon interacts with one electron. 

    1 AnswerPhysics11 months ago