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  • Curious if anyone's cat does this?

    Chewing in their sleep. You know how dogs yip when they sleep or twitch their legs? My cat was just eating in her sleep it looked like. Taking bites of nothing & then chewing nothing. Fully asleep too. What a weirdo.

    1 AnswerCats4 years ago
  • Do your cats do anything so crazy, you think they must be the only ones?

    Mine gets in the bathtub between 1 & 2 AM, stands on her hind legs & scratches the wall really fast. I get woken up to "tick, tick, tick, tick" every night, without fail.

    1 AnswerCats4 years ago
  • The Bobbi Kristina Brown saga!?

    That poor girl has already died as far as I'm concerned. Shame on her next of kin for letting this nonsense go on like this. Her father is in the limelight again, after how many years? How convenient for him. When & if he finally decides to do the right thing, he will fade back into the woodwork. My question is: do you think he's doing it for the publicity? Can a person really be that selfish?

    2 AnswersCelebrities6 years ago
  • Who voices the Westminster dog show?

    I know David Frei hosts but who does the descriptions when the dogs come out, such as 'the bull terrier has a clownish personality and loves children. This is bull terrier number 11.'

    1 AnswerDogs8 years ago
  • On the Dexter TV series, did Debra Morgan have a baby?

    I'm on season 6 & it seems to me that she had a baby a few seasons back. If so, what the heck happened to it? I've also read the books & may be getting the two mixed up, as the books are somewhat different.

    5 AnswersDrama8 years ago
  • Cats hate each other after the vet?

    They are siblings & go to the vet together for their annual exams. They are within each other's sight the whole time. They hiss at each other & act suspiciously when we get home. Nothing major, it was cute the first time it happened but the pissiness seems to last longer every time. They are fine with me. Do I just wait it out? It's a matter of a few hours then they are buddies again. I think I need to mask the vet odor when we get home. I wonder if their scented grooming spray would help? Any other suggestions would be great.

    1 AnswerCats8 years ago
  • Non-drowsy motion sickness medication?

    I only get car sick if I read. I'm going on a long trip soon & would like to read in the car to pass the time. I need something that won't make me drowsy, but will help with dizziness/nausea. Gravol usually makes me sleepy, as does Benadryl. Any other suggestions?

    4 AnswersOther - Health9 years ago
  • Video recording capacity of 4th gen iPod touch?

    How much video can I shoot on an 8 gb iPod touch before I have to put it on my computer? I'm using a Flip right now & it only holds 60 minutes. I haven't bought an iPod touch yet but the 8 gb is the cheapest.

    It would be nice not to have to take my video, my regular camera, my mp3 player & my laptop all on vacation. Thanks.

    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players10 years ago
  • Murrells Inlet, SC Marsh Walk info?

    Planning a trip to Myrtle Beach & want to know if all the neat restaurants/bars are within walking distance of each other? Like Dead Dog Saloon, Bubba's Love Shak, Creek Ratz etc. We want to have a drink in each place, like a pub crawl.

    2 AnswersOther - United States10 years ago
  • How to discourage budgie egg laying?

    What we thought was a male budgie has just started laying eggs, as of about 6 weeks ago. They are coming more often now, several a week. There is a male in the cage beside her as well as a mirror in her cage, which is probably encouraging her. She burrows under the paper in the bottom of the cage & hides alot. The pet store said just take the eggs out, but I've just read you should leave them there or she'll just lay more. These are pets in a retirement home & the residents get lots of enjoyment out of their antics. Other than putting them in separate rooms, which we don't want to do, how do we stop the eggs from coming? We don't want her to get egg bound.

    6 AnswersBirds1 decade ago
  • Mini-DV cassette adapter thingy. What are they called?

    It looks like a VHS cassette shell & the mini DV pops into it so you can watch it on your VCR. I haven't seen one in ages but my friend needs one. Old school, yes. You might not even be able to get them anymore, LOL!

    2 AnswersCamcorders1 decade ago
  • Need help choosing an e book reader?

    I might buy the odd book but mostly will be getting them from my local library, which is why I don't want the Kindle. To work with the library it has to be Sony, Kobo or Nook. Sony & Kobo have Canadian online e bookstores but I don't know if Barnes & Noble will let me buy books since they are only in the US. Pros & cons for each brand please & thanks.

    6 AnswersOther - Electronics1 decade ago
  • Need a motel in Niagara Falls, New York on/near Niagara Falls Blvd or Military Rd.?

    Going over the border for a weekend of shopping next month. Are there any places with balconies or outdoor hallways? Two of the girls are smokers & don't want to smoke in the room. We don't need anything fancy & want to be able to have a couple drinks, maybe sitting outside. Not interested in casinos or sightseeing, just shopping & dinner out one night.

    2 AnswersNew York City1 decade ago
  • Does WestJet allow booze in checked luggage?

    Flying in Canada from Ontario to Nova Scotia. It's a plastic 60 pounder, unopened.

    2 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Question for long time Nip/Tuck fans!?

    I'm just watching season 6 now. In episode 10 I think, Christian finds out Kimber is pregnant & says he already has 3 kids, he doesn't want any more. I know he's Matt's real father & he's raising Wilbur as his own, but who's the third one? Did he have a long-lost child I've forgotten about? It's been a long time since the show started in 2003 & my memory fails me on this one. Thanks.

    2 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • Why do my cats have a foot fetish?

    They are purebred Birmans. The breeder said every Birman she's had is crazy for feet. Mine mash their cheeks & rub all over my feet whether I'm fresh out of the shower or just out of my stinky work shoes. They try to pry my toenails off. They lay on my feet at night. They take naps on shoes. Is this a breed thing? None of my other cats ever did anything so strange.

    3 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Westminster dog show fans!?

    A few years ago there was, I believe, a colored bull terrier going around the ring. When he got to the logo on the floor, he got scared & did a little bunny hop before continuing on his way. I cracked up & had to replay it about 5 times. Can anyone remember what year this was, or where to watch the footage again? This is a true testament to the clownish personality of this breed.

    2 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Different opinions of We Are The World 2010 depending on your age?

    Big disappointment. I waited weeks to see it. What a letdown. Still to this day, I get goose bumps & a lump in my throat watching the 1985 version. They need music legends in there, not just the flavor of the month. Most of the 1985 performers are still well known a quarter century later. I guarantee we'll all be saying "Justin who?" in 25 years time.

    I'm sure the younger crowd will disagree, but we "mature" music lovers have been there, done that.

    3 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago