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  • Why don’t I want friends?

    Some of my friendships have ended because I’ve neglected to give people attention. It feels like a chore to me to hang out with people, and when I do I usually feel forced. And it’s not like I don’t like those people. And then when I’m by myself I sometimes wish I was hanging with friends on some adventure. Why am I like this?

    9 AnswersFriends3 days ago
  • Eye problems?

    I cannot see out of my right eye at night or In the dark they don’t adjust, it feels like there a curtain over it and i can maybe see light that shines through from the windows from the moon. But other wise every thing seems brown? And I can’t make out thing like I can with my opposing eye. What could that mean?

    7 AnswersAstronomy & Space2 weeks ago
  • Bicurious? ?

    Hi, I had a question and I’m trying my best to not come off insensitive in any way. But I’ve always been attracted to boys, I’ve had experiences with girls as a kid, normal exploration stuff I guess. And I guess I always liked that too. But I’m recently finding myself more and more sexually attracted to females, although I just don’t feel I can be romantically involved with another female. What does that say about me?

  • Trust issues?

    For example someone whom I am closer with than any one in the world will answer me a question I asked and it’s honest, at least the say they are, and I have no reason to believe they are lying not a single reason. Why can’t I just accept the answer they give me and move on. Why must I dwell and wonder that there is a possibility that they are lying and hurting me. I hate this about me. But why do I do this or how can I help it.

    Singles & Dating4 months ago
  • Hurt ribs?

    I’ve hurt my ribs before bruised or break. But not it’s red on the outside where it’s hurt and it’s hot and burns. What could that mean?.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management4 months ago
  • Dull pain in my legs?

    Why do I occasionally get a dull but painful feeling In all of both of my legs. From the thigh hamstring and quad to my ankles. It’s as equally painful laying down as it is standing I try to stretch them and it hurts maybe a little more. This happens every once in a while. I used to explain it as a poor circulation feeling to my parents. Idk just let me know if you have any thoughts. Thank you.

  • How do I fix me?

    Why do I need people’s approval and worry about hurting others feelings. Or why do I let myself be unhappy so others can be happy. It’s exhausting and I feel I can never do what I want. How can I fix this characteristic of myself. I can’t just stop it. Living life just feels so toxic.

    1 AnswerPsychology5 months ago
  • What form of martial arts should I do?

    I am very interested in competing i don’t want to pursue this as just a hobby. I’ve had a small background in boxing and wresting. I really like the beauty in martial arts as well as the power. I know some types are focused on more power than others and I was hoping you can tell me which one those would be. Power strength and speed in my case is my focus. I am would also like to train in kicks and more footwork. Thank you.

    5 AnswersMartial Arts6 months ago
  • Good muscle feeder for someone missing a kidney?

    My dad just had his kidney removed due to cancer and he wanted to get back into the gym. Before he was diagnosed he took supplements but he Cannot have too high of a protein diet so what are some good supps he could use for muscle building?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness7 months ago
  • What’s wrong with me?

    I’m so tired all the time I have no motivation to do anything I can’t keep my mind on track I’m so sad, I have so much anxiety.

    4 AnswersMental Health7 months ago
  • Leaner (and toned) arms?

    My arms a huge for my size, in muscle. I am female, I weight train, I don’t really like how big my biceps are, what are exercises I can do to get rid of the “thick skin” there and lean them out without losing too much muscle?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 months ago
  • Knee injury:(?

    I’m going to be going to the doctor in a while. I’m just trying to get an idea of how serious it is. I pivoted wrong a few times while skiing and it popped a few times, on if which hurt pretty bad and I couldn’t get up for a second, but then I got up and I was fine I think due to adrenaline. But I knew I couldn’t put wait on it to it’s potential. I went home and there doesn’t seem to be swelling or bruising ( I hurt it today) i cannot put wait on it, i can’t straighten it, and it hurts to bend it all the way. The paid is somewhat radiating to my calf. Could I have seriously injured my pcl. That would suck. 

    1 AnswerInjuries8 months ago
  • Am I a bad person?

    My husband and I had a plan to enlist together but I decided to stay and sign up for classes so I can get into the nursing program. He’s still wants to go and it really breaks my heart and I don’t want to leave or for him to leave. What does that say about me. Am I a bad person. He makes me feel unpatriotic even though I love my country and I’d love to serve but there are other options for me.

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 months ago
  • I have an important question about my nipples piercings.?

    I got them pierced almost a week ago forgetting that I have an MRI coming up. Is there anyway I can take them out for thirty minutes and then put them back in? Also, will my piercer condone it, and help me.?.

    7 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 years ago
  • Mom body? What's that mean.?

    My husband and I were at the gym and he gave me what he said was a compliment. And I took it as in because he's sweet. But he told me I finally have a mom body. What's the supposed to mean? And like I'm not fat. Just so you know.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • Financial aid question.?

    I have financial aid, it paid for my books last semester, but I have to pay fees for not turning them in. I go to cnm in Albuquerque. Will financial aid pay for those fees? And yes I know I should be responsible and have gotten them turned it and I in it takes away from my financial aid. But it would help if someone could let me know. Thank you

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid3 years ago
  • What does it mean when you cheat on your wife with your wife.?

    In the dream she had on cute PJs and she was cute but she was a little out of shape and I ended up at a different house where she had on sexy underwear and was fit. But in my dream I felt like I cheated even though it was her

    4 AnswersDream Interpretation3 years ago
  • Asn to bsn etc. Questions?

    I'm getting my associates in nursing but I probably will want to be a physician assistant in the future. Can someone explain to me the usually process and necessities

    2 AnswersHealth Care3 years ago
  • Can someone explain school to me?

    I'm finishing my first semester of my prerequisites for nursing but what comes after this first year. What kind of classes and is this considered the start if my associates degree. It may be a dumb A Question to ask but I'm so confused.