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  • Does this sound like dementia or something else?

    I'm living with a man in his 80's who is having some issues. He'll constantly walk around the house, and have conservation with people who don't exist. He'll randomly say. "Hey how ya doing, and proceed to have a conversation with a person who isn't there." I've also seen him talking on the phone, which nobody on the other end of the line. Most recently, we were sitting in the kitchen, and out of no where he starts cursing and yelling. At first i didn't know what he was on about. Then he said "Get off the screen". Ummm... what screen? There's no screen in the sitting area of the kitchen. Then he asked me for the remote control so he can fix the TV that doesn't exist. and get aggressively angry when i can't help him fix his imaginary TV. Then he walks around the kitchen seeming confused, and then stumbles, staggers around, and then falls right on his face. It's like somebody just reached in a flipped a switch and his muscles just turned off. He was still able to speak to me, but he couldn't make his muscles work. About 2 mins he started to come around. I got him in the chair, and he's just mumbling random things and then falls asleep. When he wakes up 10 mins later, he looks at me, and you can tell he's trying to recognize me. He didn't right away, you could see that by reading his facial expression. Then we talked a while. Then later i asked him if he remembered anything, and i mentioned the remote control, and he went right back into it. "Did you find it?"

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  • Is this medicine still safe to take?

    My spring allergies are starting. And i really don t want to go a Doctor s office or crowded pharmacy full of sick people right now because of the Caronavirus. Which according to the news there 17 confirmed cases and two deaths in my town. within 20 miles of my location. I found some old Allergy pills in my cabinet. ( chlorpheniramine ) They are two years passed their expiration date. I searched google and LA Times says "The expiration date on a drug is usually one to five years after it was manufactured. But those dates are often set arbitrarily, since the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require pharmaceutical makers to test how long the active ingredients will last". So... do i risk taking these old pills? Or do i risk going to a Pharmacy where sick people are when there are confirmed cases of Caronavirus in my area? Or do i just say screw it and suffer with my allergies? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Wife is sick, What could it be?

    I understand that Yahoo answers isn't a doctor's office. I'm just looking for ideas because we can't figure out what's going on. I took her to the Urgent care facility because she was experiencing what we thought was a UTI. She's complaining of pain in the bladder, kidneys and abdomen, Burning urination and slight blood tinge in Urine. She's been to three medical facilities in a week because of this problem. In total she's had three Urinalysis, two urine cultures, a CBC Blood panel, and abdominal X-rays. All three facilities found nothing. No signs of infection or pregnancy or STD or anything like that. There are no obvious issues coming out in any of the test. The only thing we have to go on are the symptoms themselves. Because of the symptoms they put her on an antibiotic even though none of the test showed anything. She's slowly getting worse. If it's not an infection, and there's nothing showing up in the blood test, urinalysis, or in the Abdominal Xrays. What the heck could it be? What should i be asking these doctors? None of them seem to be finding anything in their testing, but clearly something is wrong. We just don't know what to do. We're at a loss here. ¯\_(:/)_/¯

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  • Do you think the proposed ban on menthol cigarettes is dumb?

    I don't smoke. But I still think their reasons for wanting to ban them is stupid. They say the menthol flavor will attract our youth. Sorry but teens who want to smoke don't care about the lack of menthol. They'll smoke whatever they have access to. One of my childhood friends used to smoke sea oats. Those cat tail looking things that grow in the woods. The stems are hollow. He would just break one off and smoke it. Teens are morons. They also claim Menthols target blacks. Well, every person I know who smokes menthols is white. My black friends who smoke usually go for swisher sweets or black n mild cigars. Also they said Menthols are more addictive. Well, Marlboro reds have 11.3 mg nicotine. And Marlboro smooth Menthols only have 1.2 mg of nicotine. So.. It would seem that these politicians are just making up facts to suit their own purposes. This is why this ban is stupid in my opinion. Because nothing about it is factual or makes any since. I'm just curious what other people think. 

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  • Is blocking off a chimney a code violation?

    Part of my roof needs replacing from water damage. An addition was put on the house in 1996. Where the two roofs join is where the source of the problem is because apparently it was done improperly. The chimney runs between the old and new walls. The contractor suggested since I don’t use the fireplace that it would be cheaper just to block off the chimney and roof over it. But.. wouldn’t this be a code violation? What would be the correct way to do this. I like in Virginia by the way.

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  • Does E-Liquid / vape juice go bad?

    I found an old bottle in the closet. Must have forgotten about it. It's Plume Watermalone flavor 3mg nic. Born date is 2/22/2016. It still looks and smells normal. The bottle is 3/4's full. Is it safe to use? Or should i throw it out?

  • TAXES: How do i report my self employed income of less then $400 to IRS?

    I have a YouTube channel. I make almost nothing off of it. It s considered self employment. I m told i have to report ALL income to the IRS. But Google wont send me a 1099 unless i make over $600. I only made about $360 According to the IRS i m not required to pay taxes on such a small amount, Or even the self employment tax. But i m still required to report the income. How do i do this? What form do i use? I don t have a W2 or 1099. All i have are bank statements. I m so confused.

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