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  • My stepson is so disrespectful.?

    My stepson is 21 years old and has been told he must live with his father because of his behaviour. His father’s partner doesn’t want him living in her house because of how he is. He moved in with his sister and has spent the week poisoning her towards us.

    He is very disrespectful and acts like he is superior to us. We think he has narcissistic ways and he says hurtful things to his mother(my partner). In an argument with his younger sister he used the word c##t 13 times. He has said that ‘Mother’ is just a word. Several years ago when he was 14 his mother had spinal surgery which resulted in her having to use a walking stick for the rest of her life. We sat him and his sister down to tell them about the situation and that they would have to help around the house with chores and such. His reply was ‘I know what’s happened is horrible but why must I suffer?’

    We are at a loss. He is evil and very self centred. Is there any way we can get him help(if help is what he needs). He sees no wrong in the things the does. Please help. Any advice is helpful.

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  • Please help. U.K. Benefits system is wrong and destroying lives.?

    I have worked since leaving school aged 16. That's 30 years and been in my current job for 22 years. It's a good paying job with a pension. In October 2014 I injured my back while doing my job. However, it wasn't until April 2015 that I could no longer work and was put on the sick. After an MRI in June 2015 I was told I have 3 prolapsed discs and need surgery. My employer paid me 6 months sick pay so I was paid up until November 2015. I then went onto ESA. I was told to go for an assessment on 29th December 2015. In early January my ESA was stopped because I failed the assessment. In their opinion I was able to do office work. I explained as I did during my assessment that I am still employed by my employer but they have no lighter or office work for me. I was then told, and I quote YOU WILL HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR JOB AND CLAIM JOBSEEKERS SO YOU CAN LOOK FOR A LESS HEAVY JOB. She also gave me a rundown of her health problems and finished by saying how she still has to go to work. I have obviously appealed their decision. Can they really make me do that? I also have a very good claim in progress with my employer because my injury was neglect on their side. Part of my claim will be for lost earnings. If I leave now then lost earnings will only be up to this point. I could be waiting months for surgery. I currently have no money, receiving no money and slowly getting into debt because I can't pay my mortgage. Please help. Thank you.

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  • Feeling low?

    I have suffered with depression for many years. I am currently taking venlafaxine. The last couple of weeks I have felt the black cloud coming again. Right now I am in work feeling shaky and feel like crying. Hate this feeling. My work colleagues and management don't understand. I've been ridiculed in the past because of my depression. I don't know what to do.

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  • A better place?

    If I geniunely believed in heaven or a better place after death, I would have gone a long time ago. Does any body else feel the same?

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 years ago
  • Is this for sale in the US?

    Can somebody from the USA please help me. I'm trying to see if my book is for sale on Amazon in the USA. I'm from the UK. I can't see any buy option when I look at it and was wondering if that's because I can't buy from an American amazon. The link is below. Thank you.

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  • The walking dead fans.?

    How do you think 'The walking dead' will finally end? Is Rick still in a coma? Will everybody die? What do you think?

    4 AnswersPolls & Surveys6 years ago
  • Depression and work?

    I have a history of depression. Several years ago I had a breakdown and had to have 6 months off work. The problem is, my job has become very depressing. Everybody hates it there and are forever moaning how bad we are treated. Nobody is happy. Management treat us bad and the hours are long and unsociable. I feel my depression coming back and I don't know what to do. Please help.

    2 AnswersMental Health6 years ago
  • Reviews for my book.?

    How can I get reviews for my funny book? My book 'Kama sutra with Bob and Brenda' is very funny and has sold quite well on amazon. Problem is, nobody is leaving reviews. How do I get people to review my book?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • Should I leave my job?

    Been in the same job for over 20 years. The last 8 years have been unbearable. They treat us awful and everybody is fed up. Going to work has become a misery for everybody. I'm 45 now so have over 20 years until I retire. 20 more years of misery. I've tried to find a new job but nothing is available. Should I leave or stay in this life sucking job?

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  • Attachment image

    Good cover for new book?

    Is this a good cover for my new book?

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  • Dog groomer business name?

    I'm about to set myself up as a dog groomer but every business name I come up with has already been taken.

    Any ideas please. Thanks

    3 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • Is it illegal to film an employee without them knowing I the UK?

    My employer has just sacked 3 men who have worked with the company for over 20 years. They were filmed smoking behind the factory by a hidden camera. Smoking is not aloud on company premises. Have my company broken the law. I thought you couldn't record someone without their permission.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • Sue employer for stress?

    Can you sue your employer for stress in the UK. I work for a large company who treat their workers really bad. The amount of people off work with stress is ridiculous. If we all stick together, can we sue them?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics6 years ago
  • whats the best hairstyle for someone with a large forehead?

    Ehat's the best hairstyle for someone with a large forehead? I'm a man in his 40's.

    1 AnswerHair6 years ago
  • Best diet to lose 14 lbs?

    I'm a bit overweight and would like to lose 14lbs as quick and safe as possible. Any ideas?

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • What is the best Kama Sutra book to buy?

    I recently bought 'Kama Sutra with Bob and Brenda' from amazon. Even though I found this book hilarious I'm really wanting a more serious kama sutra book. Can anyone help?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors7 years ago