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  • Writing: Need help writing confict of an alcoholic girl?

    Shes a 24 year old who got into a crash after drinking excessively. And in the hospital her friend is talking about how (what she did/what happened) wasent her fault.

    Sorry im at a loss for ideas

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  • I hate my personality?

    I hate everything about it. To start off I'm introvert. I can't really open up to well to people let alone feel any connection. (Yahoo is the only place I do open up) Can't really keep a conversation going. I'm pretty much a coward when it comes to life's situations considering I cut my thighs when my life isn't even that bad. I'm a loser my friends always cancel when I make an effort to hang out. Despite hearing them talk about other times they hung out. I don't have any social contact with any friends after school. I only have 2 friends but I they have other friends.(I've attemped becoming friends with them but when always talk about sexual stuff.)I'm in 3 clubs 2 sports. I come up with nothing.

    I'm nice but I really don't smile unless it's genuine. When I fake smile it looks like crap and I feel like vomiting and fake.

    If it makes a difference I'm 14

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  • Attachment image

    Will I be able to join the coast guard on the count of my self harm scars?

    I'm 14 female Ive been thinking about joint the military. Coast guard to be specific. I started self harm when I was 12. I stopped and been clean for 8 months. But my thighs have some visible scars in warm weather and some on my wrist that are visible . I'm not sure if you will be able to see the ones on my thighs because I'm white as snow loll we then the ones on my wrist aren't that bad. Will I be able to join?

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  • On a scale of 1 to 10 judge my maturity :)?

    I'm in 8th grade. I Don't brag much. I'm the kind of person that is friends with anyone no matter the age, popularity etc however if they are jerks or too troublesome I won't be sticking around. I get good grades. But I love video games lol. I don't gossip. In LOVE. With marvel. I'm not so boy crazy. I'm a tomboy that gets really it games specifically basketball. I don't like about sex don't get me wrong some sexual jokes are funny but kids at my school take it far and it's gross.(I think I'm demisexual). I want to see for my self if it's just my maturity level is why I have a hard time connecting personally with people.

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  • Presidential fitness for PE training (mile, crunches etc)?

    Mile: Last time I got a 10:11 on the mile I need need advice to prove my time to at least 7:59

    Crunches: I got 30 I have to do as much as I can in a minute. I have to do 47

    Shuttle run: I barely made the standards its 10.1 I got exactly 10.1 seconds

    Sit and reach: I got 32 cm I need 40 cm

    Push ups: I got 15 I need 20

    Arm hang: Im doing okay but I don't mind beating the schooles record which is 1:26 I got 32 secs.

    I got PE for the whole year. So I got a lot of time to train here's a link to show you my standards I'm a 14 year old female. I'll take any advice on the topic thank you.

    Diet & Fitness6 years ago
  • I tend to imagine too much?

    First off I don't have very many friends I'm shy and introverted. I tend to daydream talking to people and being in a robbery or some combat situation. But i imagine some serious fatasies. Like being a sniper assassin. knife, being a pirate etc. It's fun. I'm 14. I love to play music. And Im recovering from self harm 2 months clean :)

    I get good grades so this isn't aftecting me but my friend thinks I'm weird because I do sometime down the hallways and my mouth moves but nothing comes out.

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  • How do I be friends with a quiet guy?

    There's this quiet guy in the class that I want to be friends with. But the thing is I'm quiet too and I don't know how to be friends with a quiet guy like him. I don't have very many friends neither does he and he seems chill compared to everone. I'm not that good at conversations how do I befriends with him. Plus I never heard him talk only a few times though.

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  • Can past sexual harassment affecting me?

    I'm 14 in 8th grade and I've been self harming (cutting and bruising) for about a year now. And I've been groped and touched between 4th and 5th. It wasn't by any adult but rather a few guy friends my age then. I didn't know what they were doing then. And something that happened a few weeks ago triggered the memories. A guy friend who is usually respectful tried to look up my basketball shorts while watching the high schoolers play orchestra in class. I have very low self esteem, confidence and been diagnosed with something called perfectionism. I was able to ignore for years till that incident came up. Is it possible that is part of the reason I ended up this way I am now? And please no hate I'm telling the truth. No body but me and god knows about this so.

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  • I'm okay with being a loser? No drive or anything?

    I have no goals. I give up really easy and I'm fine if people walk all over me. I don't care. I like playing basketball but not really interested in WNBA same goes with music. Hell I'm on the verge of giving up on giving up my self harm. Why do I have no drive or anything I've tried out a lot of things but none can give me peace. I'm tired of living. I hardly get respect from anybody and I'm okay with it. What's wrong with me

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  • Why is everyone cutting themselves for attention?

    Don't get me wrong I get that some people don't do the attention but dear GOD I swear everyone does it at my school.This girl she had like countless on her wrist and showed it to one of my group. Then I guess it influenced the girl in the group and she does it with a pencil and she says that she does it because her brothers mean to her. This guy came up to me and my best friend and said I used to cut myself. There's a lot more too. I mean I feel a little weirded out how open everyone is about this. I even found one them messing with a razor AT SCHOOL. They all seem all happy go lucky and according to them they all have bipolar, OCD, depression social anxiety etc. I mean I have perfectionism (sort of like OCD but not as bad if that makes sense) and i don't understand why are they all doing this. I mean I'm not one say my feelings that often cause to me it brings akward moments. I've been trying to quit hurting myself (cutting and bruising) they say they are trying to quit but I kind of doubt it. And only my best friend know about my problems.

    Is there other possible motives to there self harm?

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  • How do I feel grateful?

    I think of all the things I have which is a lot. I can't feel a thing.My friend says it's the only thing that's holding me back (I have perfectionism and social anxiety) I've been praying to god for god knows how long. And she told me all the thing I should be grateful for but I don't feel anything. I only feel more pathetic then I already feel.

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  • teen bithday ideas?

    Okay I don't live in a big town. I'm inviting 4 friends (that's all i have so i cant have a big party) and my parents are a bit overprotective and i can't go to the mall by myself with friends or the movies. I'm also a bit of a tomboy. None of my friends play sports though. And we're we can't afford much i asked if we can do paint ball it was like $30 per person and i don't have a lot of room for a sleepover. I'm at at conversations or even talking for that matter. I mean I'm terrified that it will suck cause around 3 or 5 years ago no body came to my sleepover. And I don't want it to end up boring. It's incredibly rare for someone to come to my house i make plans but they end up canceling. Anyway can you help me and sorry i this seems a little scattered

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  • Is my self harm really this bad?

    I've been cutting bruising myself as the same for skin picking for about a year now but a friend of my recently got sent to rehab for self harm but it didn't seem that bad of cuts or even that many for that matter but i could be wrong. I've told my parents i self harm and all that they sent me to the therapist but couldn't afford it even with insurance. But I can't last a week without hurting myself i clean my cuts and i use scissors so it can't be that deep. Is this an addiction and how bad is it?I have perfectionism possibly OCD cause i never mentioned my anxiety to the therapist. Dont give me a lecture how I should tell my parents were struggling to pay the bills this is the last thing we need

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  • My friends stubborn i dont know what I do anymore :( 10 points ASAP?

    Sorry if this comes out long.

    My best friend has to eat healthy otherwise she will get pre diabetes and eventually the real thing. But she's is so stubborn its impossible. I catch her eating chips and when I try to grab them she pushes me off. She's taller and stronger than me which is another disadvantage. It's to the point that i threaten to hurt myself but that doesn't work she just returns it back by saying she will buy and eat that most unhealthy items they have at the school.(yes i am a self harmer Im getting help from my parents and all that.) I told her that i cant help her if she keeps pushing me to the floor and she told me well figure it out. Try not to give me a lecture on how she's not a good friend she's been there when I needed help most and i don't think if she didn't care she wouldn't take my razors away when she found them. Thank you.

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  • Guys would you still date an insecure girl?

    My cousins insecure and she's really nice but she's not that confident. Like she doesn't always say "I'm fat or ugly" but she does admit it when I talk to her. She's convinced that she will never get a boyfriend cause of her insecurities. I dont need a lecture on what to tell her but just answer this simple question honestly no sugar coating. Would you date a girl whos nice, insecure but not that loud and whiny about it?

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  • Few harp questions :)?

    Honestly i love the harp it's awesome but its expensive and i don't want something well cheap cause you get what you pay for but this one sounds awesome i dont know what kind of harp is though can you tell me?

    Also is it at a decent price cause i don't want to press any where above 1000 to 1200 dollars. I dont want a 90 pound or any big one. Preferably the one in the video blue or just a plain wood color. I dont care as long as it has a quality sound and it isn't going to fall apart after like 2 years. There aren't any harps store or places that sell them other then online but i don't want to risk amazon Craigslist watever thank u though

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  • No social life?

    I have friends but non of them answer my texts only 1 but she's always busy with other friends. I have anxiety specifically social anxiety. I am in basketball but they always leave me out of their conversations. There are no clubs in our school. I can't volunteer cause my parents don't have time and they don't want to on weekends.and when I do come up the courage to talk to someone they ignore me ): I don't have a strong voice and we can't afford a therapist or counselors. We did have me in one but we couldn't keep up with the payment. I can't bring to talk to my mom about my problems it makes her sad. I'm 13 if that helps I have perfectionism possibly OCD since I wasn't exactly honest to my therapist. I'm dying of loneliness.

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  • I'm so bored :(?

    I'm 14 years old its summer vacation i cant take it anymore. My parents are over protective and dont want me getting a job or volunteering. I cant even go outside in my backyard they're afraid I'll fall in the pool (its empty my dads working on it) and break my neck. They work till 6:00 pm and are to tired to go anywhere My friends won't answer my texts. I am in basketball but they didn't have enough teams to actually have a league. God knows every time i read a book it turns into crap. And when ever i draw something or write something it ends up depressing and that's not helping. I'm so sick of watching tv and playing on my ds. I understand the world has worse problems but this cant be good for my health. It's to the point where I'm considering to sneak into the fridge and drink some of my parents Wine just to do something different.

    Oh yeah if it helps i live in the desert of New Mexico there isn't much to see

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  • Will they see my cuts?

    I know very well that cutting a bad i dont need the lecture. I'm trying but i slipped today when i had and anxiety attack. Thats not the problem I'm worrying about my mom told me i have a doctors appointment tomarrow. And I made 2 shallow cuts under the sleeve of a short sleeve shirt. And it's a regular check up.

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  • Good scary movies?

    I need a list of good scary movies hoping as good as the conjuring. Please no older scary movies cause most of them are cheesy. And no nudity preferably. I could care less about cuss words in it

    Thank you

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