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  • How much CO2 is generated by the yeast making a standard 800g loaf of bread rise?

    And how many loaves of bread are made each day worldwide?

    Hence how many tons of CO2 are generated each day from bread rising?

    Can switching to unleavened bread significantly contribute to reducing the production of CO2?

    Actual figures of CO2, and number of loaves worldwide per day, are what I'm really after.

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  • Should I get a 3 cylinder Vauxhall Corsa?

    I've been thinking of getting one (around "S" or "T" reg) for a while, as I like the idea of the 3 cyl engine. However I remember the old microvans that had 3 cyl engines, and their engines were rubbish.

    Have things moved on enough to make the 3 cyl Corsa worthwhile, or do you know of particular problems with this engine.

    5 AnswersVauxhall Opel1 decade ago
  • Basic living cost or additional expenses?

    It is understandable that you pay for your basic needs out of your wages, and that additional expenses relating to your job are allowable.

    Hence MPs expenses for "second" homes relate to the fact that they already pay for their "first" homes out of their wages, and that their "second" homes are additional expenses related to their job.

    In the case of Tony Blair's claim for a TV license, since he had no "first" home (he had sold it), hence had not had to pay for his "first" TV license out of his own wages, and his "second" home (10 Downing Street) was his only home, why should his "first" TV license be considered an additional job-related expense, to be paid for by the taxpayer?

    It would be a basic personal need wherever he lived, and was not an additional expense on top of any TV license already paid for out of his wages?

    It seems MPs can claim for a "second" home even when they have no "first" home.

    Just as you and I cannot claim for basic personal expenses in our jobs, only additional extra work-related expenses, is it now also necessary to redefine the phrases "work related expense" and "second home", in the context of our Honourable Members expenses claims?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Honourable Members - dare you doubt it?

    We are told that MPs are "Honourable Members of Parliament", so we should not check their expenses claims, because they would never dream of cheating or stealing or lying, hence they do not even need to produce a receipt.

    If we demanded to see receipts (evidence of expenditure), this would imply that we don't think they are honourable - and that scenario is simply unacceptable, as who are we to question and accuse such Honourable Gentlemen (and Ladies)?.

    This is why I was amazed to hear that the "keeper" of the John Lewis list was keeping the list secret from MPs exactly because he did not trust them to not home in on the maximum amount of expenses allowed.

    So while we are told that we peasants should not dare to doubt the integrity and honesty of "Honourable Members", all along their integrity and honesty is not trusted by those senior officials handing out the expenses.

    Should we put an end to the farce, and ban the use of the term "Honourable Member" in parliament?

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  • I have a 24volt PLC, but 12volt power supply.?

    I want to use the Pogrammable Logic Controller in a vehicle application project, but the vehicle has a 12volt battery, and the PLC requires 24volt DC. I don't want to use an inverter to get up to 240v AC, and then a rectified transformer to get back down to 12v DC, there must be a way to get from 12v DC to 24v DC by a more direct route. Does anybody know of a workable and cheap solution? PLCs consume very little power themselves, their inputs and outputs can use the vehicle 12v DC.

    3 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Does anybody know where I can find a part-time or evening course on SolidWorks (3D cad software)?

    I can't afford the 100's of pounds per day for commercial training programs, are there any schools/colleges/adult education centres that can give training in the use of this software?

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  • What is the purpose of spiders?

    Can we do without them?

    21 AnswersZoology1 decade ago