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  • Forgot title of movie?

    The details are fuzzy, I watched this movie only once about a decade ago or so. 

    A child (male?) Needs to choose between light and dark. I think it was magic or fae-like. Possibly similar to "lost girl" with the magical being being split down the middle and being separately governed. This movie could have had a story of war between the factions and I think I remember this being the first child in 10,000 years(or some long period of time.) I don't remember if there were non-magical humans or other huminoids around in the movie.  And at the end of the movie, the child decides that the light side is bad and he chooses the dark side because he felt more respected by them or something? 

    Please what movie is this? 

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  • What are the "Articles" you need when starting a business?

    I've had my own business service over a year now, but now that I have a regestered name and website, my mom keeps telling me that I need to pay for "articles" even though she cant even tell me what "articles" are or why I need it. I

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  • Certification required for pet grooming? 2013?

    As of 2013 (august) what states do and do not require certification/licensing for pet grooming?

    I am having a hard time finding this information. I know that California is trying to pass a law that will require certification, I don't know about licenses. But for those already grooming, they will be "Grandfathered in" and bypass the law. I am specifically looking for the Wisconsin law, and can not find either a yes or no on that.

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