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  • Depression and anxiety on the peak?

    I am a mother of 3 the 3rd one is of just 2 months I am going through bad depression, all times angry, fight with my man, and shouts on my kids. yesterday I just cross all the limits fought with my man and slapped him. I think its the end of my married life. I am here with my cousin she told me about " Relaxing mama tea" I searched the brand of I think I should try it because I read customer reviews which makes my mind to try it once

    Mental Health3 months ago
  • hard to bear my menses pain?

    Did anyone of you going through this horrible pain in which you can't even breath. this is the condition of mine nowadays. my friend suggest to me "PMS be gone tea" a herbal formula by secrets of tea, did it works dont know exactly but I am going to give a try 

    3 AnswersWomen's Health3 months ago
  • Increasing Breastmilk supply ?

    with a 3 week old. I’m an under-producer that has tried everything to get my supply to go up and nothing has worked. When I pump I can only get .5oz from both breasts after nursing him for 10-15min on each side. did any of you ladies try this healthy nursing tea? I read great reviews about it on

    Newborn & Baby4 months ago
  • my LO suffering from Colic/constipation?

    from last 2 days my baby didn't poop and crying, never slept and don want milk i am so worried about, I was searching for any herbal product that can helps, any idea about "babies magic tea" of I read a good reviews aboth that tea.

    Newborn & Baby5 months ago
  • trying to conceive?

    from last 6 years i am trying to have baby, but don't know why i am still not blessed with baby, i tried every thing for that but no result, i heard to much about " Fertility tea" in many group, could anyone of you can guide me

    1 AnswerTrying to Conceive5 months ago
  • Low milk supply?

    i am trying to feed my LO but i can feel that i cant full fill the requirement, i heard about "healthy nursing tea" of that it helps to improve the quantity, did any one have idea about this product

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness5 months ago