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  • Looking for music video ?

    I'm looking for a music video, one of those where the band is just playing in a room. Towards the end, it starts showering water on them and they keep singing. The singer is wearing a head band around is head. I thought it was something by The Stokes or The Voidz as the singer reminded me of Julian Casablancas. Now this is an older music video, - mabe between 2005 and 2015) I was never able to identify the band but I loved the song! Does anybody know what I'm talking about? X) T_T Thanks!

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  • What is this song?

    At the end of Stephane Rolland Spring Summer 2014 Couture Show? It sounds like Phillip Glass but can someone point me the exact piece? =) Thanks!

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  • Accordion / Harmonica romantic songs?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking for an author or an album or even a compilation of romantic/nostalgic songs played with either accordion or harmonica.

    To be more specific, I'm looking for something that sounds like this:

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    If you guys know Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, there's this song "Green Eyes" and "Black Hair" that are very similar to what I want to find.

    In the end of this song by the same band you can listen to a tune that I love also and which is similar to what I'm wanting to find more of =)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Thank you so much! =D Hope you can help me =)

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  • Who were the Five Awesome Trannys?

    Does anyone know who they were? Like who were the people on that channel? I'd love to know, and also where can I find them on the internet or read more about them =)

    Thank you so much in advance!

  • Romantic old fashioned songs like this one?

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    This is a clip from a Disney Movie called "The Three Caballeros". I really adore the song and I'd love to find other songs similar to this one. Does anyone know authors or composers that worked with this genre? Or even compilations?

    Thank you so much, hopefully someone will have suggestions for me =)

    1 AnswerJazz8 years ago
  • Glamour movie like lyric songs? Like this one from the Muppet Caper?

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    The music in this clip from the Great Muppet Caper is lovely, even though it has a comical tone. Where can I find more songs like this? Like old fashioned opera/lyric like songs that are this glamorous. If anyone could suggest a singer / author or even compilations of these songs I'd really be delighted =) Thank you!

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  • Movie that mixed animation and real life with painted ceiling melting down?

    So I am looking for the name of this movie that used to be on Cartoon Network sometimes, a few years ago.

    I remember it was a real life movie, and then the characters would get in a house where there was a painted ceiling, which would melt down on the characters, transforming them into cartoons, and then the movie would go on from there.

    Does anyone know the name of this movie? Thank's a bunch! =)

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  • Dinosaur documentary with singing hostess from the 80's?

    Hey everyone!

    I'm looking for a movie documentary for kids, from about the 80's. It had a real life hostess who was kinda creepy. She wore a yellow costume (skirt) and had crazy red hair with ponytails. She also had glasses with fake eyes and she was very creepy lol. She sang some songs about dinosaurs during the film and the backgrounds were always animated.

    I'd love to find this film since I remember loving it as a kid and I would love to see it again. If anyone knows what I'm talking about please tell me!

    Thanks so much! =)

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