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  • good books for young adult?

    okay so im 13 and have no books left to read here are some books ive read

    Harry Potter, The Bartimaues trilogy, Artemis Fowl, The Rangers Apprentice, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the secrets of the immortal Nicolas Flamel, the inheritance cycle, the clique, the twilight saga, the chronicles of Narnia, sisterhood of the traveling pants, Ender's game, Gemma Doyle, blue bloods, morganville vampires, vampire academy, the Da vinci code, the diary of Anne frank, the immortals, ever night, house of night, inkheart,

    and Ive also basically read all the tamora Peirce books

    ive watched band of brothers and flags of our fathers but the books are really long so im not sure if i should read them. ive also watched the boy in the striped pajamas but i don't think i can really read the book it would be too hard for me (too sad). ive started but never finished the city of ember series and fablehaven

    okay so that's all i can think of right now, i have no books to read so what books do you suggest i would prefer series because it keeps me busier for longer and DONT SAY TWILIGHT because as i said before i already read it. thanks in advance :)

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