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I have Autism, and I suffer from OCD which is short for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and many times I don't realize it. I like action, drama, sci fi, and martial arts movies, and video games. I love sports. My favorites are ice hockey, and UFC. I like boxing, and football too. I like a lot of sports actually.

  • Is Sea World really a bad place?

    I'm curious about Sea World. I've heard many stories about their deeds to killer whales had been morally if not legally dubious. I've also heard some other stories about the employees not being terribly nice to the those who visit Sea World. Sea World must be one of the most controversial businesses of all time over the years. I've never been there, but if they really did some terrible things to their killer whales, I may never go over there. I'm trying to do some critical thinking here, because there are both sides to this particular story. 

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  • Do you think there will be any vaccine for covid-19?

    I fear we'll never get a vaccine to get this coronavirus under control. We Americans will probably be in this pandemic for the next five years. Compared to us, Canada, Japan, and Singapore are doing much better than we are. I blame this whole thing on Trump who is incompetent as president and a human being and for not taking covid-19 seriously.

    Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop, or at least contain the virus. There are times when I feel the only way we'll ever get covid under control is to go back in time several months to a year and find a vaccine before the pandemic began. That is if we had time travel technology but since we don't have that kind of technology yet, we don't have that option do we. People in this country are fighting each other instead of working together to stop the spread of covid-19. People are dying left and right and cases are surging at a rapid rate. Something has to be done if we are to have a chance.

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  • Are there any significant facts and figures and evidence that prove Michael Jackson's innocence?

    I did some research on him and I found a few things that suggest that MJ was innocent and the victim of the mass media. I still have my doubts though. Was Jackson like serial murderers/rapists Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy combined only that he never killed anybody? Or is there significant evidence that proves his innocence? 

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  • Will this COVID-19 ever go away?

    I fear especially in the US that the coronavirus won't ever go away.

    We have an economy in shambles, and our country is going into decline and financial ruin because of all that's happened. Many other countries like Canada, Japan, and Singapore have low COVID-19 rates compared to America. I feel only a miracle cure can stop covid-19, and frankly I don't believe in miracles as they happen once in a million years literally. We now have people within this country fighting against each other and all sorts of protests throughout. USA has very poor leadership and a broken system. I wish sometimes I could just move someplace. Maybe go to Canada if the covid isn't nearly as bad. I wear a mask every time I go someplace and I wash my hands as needed. The US is compared to other countries except China in BIG trouble and it desperately needs help. I think COVID-19 is here to stay unless we find some way to at least treat the virus or find a miracle cure. 

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  • Was Michael Jackson really a serial rapist/child molester?

    I'd very much like to think that MJ was innocent because a lot of people say they did a lot of research on him. I did some research as well, and watched a couple of documentaries. I still have my doubts since a lot of other people say he really was guilty and that the only reason he was found not guilty was because of insufficient evidence. I imagine some say that Jackson was very much like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy the two being serial rapists/murderers. The only difference being is that MJ never killed anybody like Bundy and Gacy did. I guess Michael Jackson is a very touchy subject. I like some of his music, and I'm trying to do some critical thinking without jumping on the bandwagon. What do you think? I have a couple books about MJ such as Redemption, and The Michael Jackson Conspiracy.

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  • USA Canada hockey rivalry?

    Frankly, I feel the only way the US will stand half a chance of improving its rivalry with Canada especially in the Olympics the way things are right now is if the US team is genetically engineered with super human skills, speed, strength, and puck possession. Since we don't have the science and technology yet, I feel we can never win an Olympic hockey gold medal ever again. The odds against the US the way things are now is literally one in a million, or 100-1 odds to be less exaggerating. We do have some great players, be we have mostly journeymen players, guys who aren't NHL superstars. Only with the help of science and technology will the US stand a fighting chance. I'm just being realistic here. I'm an American hockey fan, and I'm quite passionate but I know that the odds are literally 100-1. That is unless the US is superbly trained and perfected on every aspect of the game assuming we're not using any kind of technology for help. We also need to somehow improve our depth too. I'm sorry, and I don't mean to insult anyone, but I'm just telling the facts as I see them.

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  • Are there some great female college professors?

    I strongly believe so. There are women who are very smart, and intelligent geniuses. Why can't everyone accept that all people are different? There are women who excel at math and science, just as there are men who are very nurturing, and communication. My dad was nurturing. We live in a very sexist, and misogynistic world.

    Some women are both physically and emotionally driven to accomplish their goals. Like I said everyone's different. What's wrong with people these days? There are always exceptions to just about every rule.

    Everyone's brains are wired a little differently from each others. This Earth is supposed to be both a man's and a woman's world. Some of the brightest people in this world are female. My older sister is very smart.

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  • Do you feel anger towards God?

    This question is for those who believe that God exists. Because of all the evil, senseless wars, and suffering in this world, I feel a great deal of anger and hate towards God as he has the power to stop all this, but does absolutely nothing.

    I have a feeling he's completely indifferent to mankind which he has created. I sometimes feel the only this Earth will be a better place is if a worldwide nuclear war happens. I feel something must be done to force humanity to learn from its mistakes. I feel someone needs to force God to intervene. If I were in the Heavens right now, I'd be yelling at him and demanding answers. War doesn't make a human into a human. It destroys more human lives than it saves. Do I hate God? Do I just not know him?

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  • Can some girls run fast?

    It's true that guys usually run a bit faster than most girls. But there are always exceptions. It depends on a lot of things. Like your genetics, natural ability, your upbringing, whether or not running is done as a sport and things like that. Not all girls are slow pokes. There are no absolutes or guarantees in life really. A woman doesn't have to be bionic to run fast. She just needs to train harder.

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  • Is death the only way out?

    For nearly three years, I've been able to eat healthy no junk food or anything like that.

    Then I got on some new medication to help me with my mental problems. I started to put on weight because of those meds. I exercised a lot during that time before I got on the meds. I still exercise both cardio and sometimes strength exercises, but I'm no longer able to eat healthy like I used to. I'm 29 years old, and I'd like to go back to my slim self while I'm still able and young. I was told that none of this is my fault, it's the pills that are making me this way. I feel like I'm completely doomed forever to be somewhat overweight. Sometimes I feel only death will cure everything and free me from my pain.I never had a girlfriend in my life. I feel angry with who I am. I'm getting help from my psychiatrist, and I'm getting therapy and all. I'm very depressed. I feel God if there is one is the one responsible for everything. Is there any other way out of all this?!

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  • Do you think Michael Jackson was a pedophile?

    Or was he truly innocent of those allegations? I like to think that Jackson was innocent. I heard when the police searched in every room in their raid of Neverland, they found absolutely nothing. I also heard some interviews and statements made by Michael himself. I think he was somewhat eccentric, but I don't really think he would hurt a child. He gave so much to children who had been suffering all over the world.

    He was also abused by his father and didn't have much of a childhood as a result. What do you think?

    I realize this question had been asked many times, but I just would like to know what you make of it.

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  • A question about Michael Jackson?

    Do you think he was innocent of all those molestation charges? I like to think that he was an innocent man being taken advantage of. What are your thoughts of his marriage with Lisa Marie Presley? I don't think we can be totally sure whether he did those things or not.

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  • Is US Hockey doomed to failure for eternity?

    Frankly, I feel the only way the US will ever win another Olympic gold medal or any other tournament at all aside from the U18s the way things are is if our top players are genetically engineered with almost superhuman hockey skills and strength and speed. If I were a hockey player, I'd rather play against other Americans, or play against a weaker national team, and not dare to mess with the Canadians or the Russians.

    I blame it on biology and genetics. It seems to me that the only reason more Americans are coming to the NHL is because of political correctness. I'm just being realistic. Since we don't have that kind of technology yet, I fear we Americans can never win ever again. Only through science and technology, and advances in genetics can the US team compete with the world's best let alone beat them the way things are right now.

    We don't have any kind of depth whatsoever, and we have only a few highly skilled players. Do you agree or disagree with what I'm saying? I as an American hockey fan would love to see Team USA win, but unless our players are genetically enhanced, we can never win again. I'm sorry people, but I think we need to withdraw from international play except from the U18 tournaments. At least for a while. I just think the US needs some kind of help to become better than they are now.

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  • A question about the US and its allies in the Vietnam War?

    Do you think Vietnam for the US was nothing more than a war of conquest? I think we were trying to fight communism. However, I think we had absolutely no business there because the Vietnamese had been fighting against foreign rule for centuries. They've endured oppression from the French, Chinese, and the Japanese. We were once friends Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people as we trained them to fight the Japanese. In my opinion, if only our government took Vietnam's history into account, we probably wouldn't have got involved in all this. The Vietnam War was not our war to begin with. I think both sides had done some very terrible things. Our government had also lied to us not only about Vietnam, but about the entire senseless Cold War Era. I'm happy for the Vietnamese as they are one nation, and independent. What do you think? As well-meaning as we might have been, we had no business in Vietnam like I said.

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  • Does anyone agree or disagree that the American national hockey team isn't sufficiently equipped to compete with the best?

    Frankly, I feel the US despite having some great players like Zach Parise, Patrick Kane and others, it doesn't have the skill or the depth to even challenge the top tier teams who have been at it longer such as Canada, Sweden, and Russia just to name a few. I feel the only way we'll ever win another Olympic gold medal, or even become a bit more successful internationally in the near future is if one of two things happen: 1. USA Hockey somehow creates a team that is ridiculously well trained, and well conditioned in every aspect of the game. 2. The Americans are genetically enhanced which we don't have that kind of science and technology yet.

    We do have some success in the U18 Championship level. I'm so sick and tired of people telling us that we can never win again. The US has had enough silver medals already. I think that we CAN at least win a couple more Olympic golds sometime in the future, but I feel the only way it'll happen is if one of two things I just mentioned happen. We probably won't ever dominate hockey the way we do with basketball, but we can do better than we are now. I know about the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the 2014 Olympic and all.

    I'm just telling y'all like it is.

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  • Do you think US Hockey needs steroids just to stand a chance in the near future?

    I know this is a very dumb question but I'm asking it anyway. I'd very much hate to say this, but I feel one of three things must happen: 1. Our players are on steroids which are not allowed of course. 2. The technology to genetically enhance the US team which we don't have yet, and if we did it still wouldn't be allowed. 3. US hockey finds a strong figure to lead the team, and the entire team has to be extremely well trained, and well conditioned in every aspect of the game. Unless one of those three things happen, I fear we can never again beat the top tier national teams like Sweden, Russia, and Canada, and finally win another Olympic gold medal. We've beaten them before, but these victories seem like a total fluke. We just don't seem to have the skills, the depth, or anything else to even challenge them. I'd like to see the US team win without using science and technology, or steroids, but I feel unless the team is extremely well trained and conditioned, it'll be at least 50 to maybe a thousand years. Being a highly talented, and competitive team just isn't enough. We have only two, or maybe three great players. I'm sorry for asking this question. I'm just telling y'all like it is. We need something to counteract those weaknesses and give us even a slim chance of being a little bit more successful internationally. I sometimes feel the US would be until then better off playing against other Americans, or playing teams that are weak. The future seems very bleak.

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  • American hockey fans?

    Do you think the American national hockey team needs steroids (which aren't allowed of course), or do our players need to be genetically enhanced which we don't have that kind of technology just yet just to stand a slim chance of beating top tier teams like Sweden, Russia, and Canada? Or do they just need to work, and train harder and prepare better? Judging by the fact that the aforementioned teams are usually more highly skilled, and more in depth as well as our lack of success with the exception of the World U18 tournaments, I sometimes get the feeling that even our best players need to be genetically engineered, or take steroids just to stand a chance. However, there's also a part of me that thinks the US team both men's and women's hockey teams need to train hard, work harder, and be better prepared. I'm an American hockey fan, and I'd love to see the US win another gold medal. A part of me feels it can be accomplished even if it happens only once or twice every millennium or so. It just won't be an easy task.

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  • Would it be considered a Miracle if and whenever the US Hockey team wins another Olympic gold medal?

    I don't really believe in miracles. I'd like to think that such a victory in the not too distant future would be because of skill, training, hard work, and experience. Do you agree that the US team would need to be ridiculously well trained, and well conditioned in every aspect of the game just to have half a chance?

    I believe it can be done, but it won't ever be an easy task. The problem is that the Americans need to increase their team depth somehow. We do have success in the World U18 Tournaments. The US has very good talent, and it has the potential to be a great team even if it happens only once every millennium or so.

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  • Do you think American hockey players belong on the same rink as the Canadians?

    I'm talking international play here. I feel the only way the US is going to have any chance at all of winning a third gold Olympic gold, or in fact any success at all is that our team is ridiculously well trained, and well conditioned on every aspect of the game. I believe that it's very much possible for the Americans to win sometime in the not too distant future. Obviously beating the tops like Canada, Sweden, and Russia will never be an easy task, but if the US puts together the right team and the right kind of players. it can be done. We came close back in '10 in Vancouver, and we barely beat Russia in Sochi in '14. I think there are lots of American players who are great and can skate on the same rink with the Canadians. The US has had success in the World U18 Championships.

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  • Do you think it's possible for the US hockey team to ever win a third Olympic gold medal?

    I'd like to think it very much possible. Obviously, beating the top tier teams like Russia, Canada, and Sweden will never be an easy task. But with the proper training, the right kind of coaching, and the right kind of players put together, it can be done. We Americans probably won't ever dominate hockey the way we do so with basketball, but we CAN become better, and a little bit more successful than we are now.

    The Americans had success in the World U18 Championships.

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