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  • "Halloween in the Summer"?

    This summer I'm graduating from Criminal Justice/Crime Scene. To celebrate, I wanted to do a photoshoot inspired on gore, horror movies, serial killers, etc. lol. Thing is, since it's summer and all, I wanted to do the shoot by my pool. Any ideas/opinions? 

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    Hair makeover?

    I currently have burgundy hair (I used box dye, never bleached my hair, it's already been fading and stuff) but I want to get highlights like the ones in the picture (my natural color is dark brown/black). I realize it might be expensive and tedious because they have to get rid of the burgundy first, right? Not to mention, I want a cut and style too. Any stylists here that have done this before or anyone who knows about the process? What's a good price estimate/guess?

    1 AnswerHair9 months ago
  • Mock crime scene?

    I have to come up with a mock crime scene for class, but I don't want it to be just a "plain murder or suicide". I'm thinking I want to stage something like a human sacrifice, heist, something inspired by a horror movie, etc. Any ideas? 

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  • What should I do?

    I'm going to apply for my first big girl job but I also have a trip on April for Holy Week that we have been planning for two years. Problem is, that is only a few months away and I do not want to ask for off that early into employment (if I do get the job, of course). Should I not apply at all? Just looking for other opinions.

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