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  • What does my dream mean?

    I had a dream where my current favorite shows main character, was combiner in 1 with my old shows main character. It was dexter morgan and he was wearing Ricky from trailer park boys outfit and acting like him. What could this mean? Just seems really weird and random to me. Maybe my mind is trying to make a good dream out of two things i really like? Idk. What us your opinion??? Thanks!

  • Is it bad i have back pain after hitting bump in road ?

    I got into a car accident that fractured my l1 and l2 vertebrates about 3 months and a week ago. Today i was riding in my brothers truck with him and we hit a hard bump that i didn't see coming to brace myself for. So when we went over the bump it caused my back to compress a little bit i guess which is what caused my fractures a little in the accident. Anyways, after hitting the bump, i felt pain in my back. Bot severe but i felt it. It was bearable not bad at all but it was there exactly where my spine had fractured. Is this ok? Do you think it caused anymore damage to my previously fractured vertebrates which should be healed by now. Im writing this about 20 minutes after it happened and it doesn't hurt anymore. Do you think ill be ok on my next check up for healing. Im supposed to go for my last checkup to see if I'm fully healed (i should be by now) in January 2020. Thanks for any answers/opinions!

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  • How did i get a compression fracture from car crash?

    I got acute compression fractures in my spine from a car crash where i hit a guard rail or two went spinning in circles and then ended up spinning across the whole highway that i was entering which is where the loss of control started, on the entrance ramp. My question is, how did i get compression fractures, when the car didn't jump anything and land hard in the process. It was all spinning and hitting things in the forward motion. No hard up or down motions that i know of. So how did my body compress downward when i was only going straight forward and hitting stuff???

    Injuries9 months ago
  • Am i fully healed even like i should be?

    Hi i’m a 18 yo male got into a car accident that fractured my l1 and l2 lumbar vertebrates with acute fractures. Also my sternum was fractured by the seatbelt holding me in the car. Im glad i make sure i use that thing, because i’m sure it saved my life, thank god! My question is, do you think my fractured have healed completely just as good as before the accident? It has been 3 months and a week and i feel perfectly fine like it never happened except for when i get out of bed or move like i did before the accident because it feels like my sternum is still bot completely solid, when it has been a good 13 weeks and the internet says it takes 10 and a half weeks for a full recovery. My real question is, should i be worried about hurting myself in the same areas by doing things i could do with no problem before but feel like its straining the broken parts of my body still? I really just want to know if the internet is right so that i can live my life the way i used to with no worries of breaking myself again. Thanks for any answers/opinions! Hope your having a great day!

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  • What is the popping noise in my chest?

    I got into an accident about 2 and a half months ago where my sternum (chest bone) got fractured. It had healed up by now I'm sure. But when i stretch, my chest pops like it is breaking back apart again! Is this normal? Is it just adjusting back into the place it should be or is it releasing pressure from the injury??? If you know anything from past experience with the same thing, let me know. Thank you!

    2 AnswersInjuries10 months ago
  • Doordash dasher activation delay in my area?

    Signed up to dash with a speeding ticket. Disputed my background with defensive driving school certificate. They said thanks and they would seriously consider it in their final decision amd would get back to me shortly. Week later, no reply. So i emailed the certificate as a pdf because i thight maybr they couldnt see it as image. Another week and nothing after they said thanks yo thst and theyed get bsck shotyly. So then i emailed them back again saying basically just tell me to piss off but in a nice respectful manner and that i would understand fully if they didnt want to hire me because of my background and within 2 or 3 days they emailed me a formal computer automated looking script saying they were experiencing delays in activating dashers in my area at the time and id have to wait till there is room on the platform to do my first dash and that theyd send updates every two weeks. Are they trying to hide them being jerks or is too many people just dashing in my area coincidentally? What do you guys think? Thanks for your time in advance!

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  • Car radio not working after rewiring?

    So my brother got a new 2005 nissan altima 3.5 v6. The radio worked fine and everything was good. Only problem was he couldnt connect his phone to it because its so old. So we went to walmart and got a double den radio and installed it and he did the wiring and matched the colors with the wiring harness. It worked but only when the headlights werent on and then the battery died. So we jumped it off and the radio turned back on after we started it back up but the radio showed “no signal” and when he turned off the headlights the radio Worked as normal. So we took it back out and redid the wiring because of the headlight issue and plugged it back up and now its not turning on at all.i thought maybe i rewired it wring but the stock radio wont even turn on when we plug it directly in the stock harness. No blown fuses! What could the problem be !? Thanks!

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  • Hey this is a test question?

    Test question

    1 AnswerMathematics2 years ago
  • Does driving fast use more gas?

    A lot of people say that flooring your car uses more gas/uses it faster. But if you think about it, the faster you drive the faster you get from point a to point b so your really just doing things faster rather than driving slow and making your gas last longer because your getting from point a to point b slower. I mean energy cannot be created or destroyed so technically my theory is correct. What do you think about this? Thanks for your answers!

    23 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation2 years ago
  • Got rear ended with no rear bumper.wasnt my fault.will insurance still fix it since there was no bumper?

    Damage is pretty bad trunk can’t close at all anymore and wholebottom of rear end where bumper would be is crushed In about half a foot.Im in a 99 mercedes c230K.SOMEONE PLEAESE ANSWER THIS!Thanks!!!

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 years ago
  • What up with this girl??

    First things first,I dated this girl for 3 months.her dad kicked me out and said I could never see her again for no good reason at all so we eventually broke up after trying to get him to change his mind but he just got even more mad every time I tried and hated me more.anyways she was single for a few days and started “dating” this guy and while she was “dating” him, she gave me the bitchy “I have a boyfriend” after the **** boy guy broke up with her after 3 days,she thought s would try coming back to me.smh.she texted me and said “look I still want to be with you.leacing you was the worst mistake ever...”.anyways, I said “so what do you want to happen” and she said “idk”.how does that even make is wrong with this pisses me off how she makes no sense at all.she tells me she still loves me and will always love me.and she tells me some dumb stuff like doesn’t make any sense to me at all.can someone clear my head up for me and maybe explain what is going on here.maybe I’m not comprehending something?maybe she’s just dumb?idk.she is a blonde.thanks!

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  • My dad took a part off of my car so I can’t drive this legal?

    I worked to pay for my own car.The title is in my name.He took a wheel and a rotor off of it while I was at school so that I can’t drive my car.Is this legal?what can I do?thanks!

    7 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 years ago
  • What kind of rims do I have?

    They aren’t Mercedes benz rims

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • What's up with my instrument cluster?

    I bought a 99 Mercedes c230 Kompressor and the instrument cluster doesn't work unless I unplug it and don't turn Thebes's. car on for a few days then plug it back in.even then it only works for about 20 minutes then it stops working again and the car goes into limp home mode.i don't think it has anything to do with my transmission because even in limo mode isn't the instrument cluster supposed to work with the limo mode light on.what do you think is we g with it?bad wiring harness?bad computer?bad cluster?thanks!

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • rap song(s) that talk about driving or owning a Mercedes Benz?

    I only know 2 songs that talk about benz's.are there more?if you know any what are they called.thanks

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop3 years ago
  • Car stalls after 5 seconds?

    I recently bought an old 99 Mercedes Benz and it ran great until it ran out of gas while I was driving it around.when it ran out,I was at a stop sign so I had to move it so I started it back up and let it idle into the parking lot about 100 ft down the road.when I got into the parking lot it was sputtering and would die if I tapped the gas I let it idle into a parking spot,called a friend to bring about 2 gallons of gas,filled it up,and now it will start up but die after about 5 seconds.this is an 18 year old car and I know nothing about it because I just bought it,but it was running perfectly before I ran out of gas.also I should add that when it starts and rims for the 5 semconds if I tap the gas it will die.does anyone know what the problem could be?Thanks!

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Am I ugly?

    I attached an image of myself.olease be honest.what would you rate me from 1 to 10 with 1 being ugly af and 10 being hot af.thanks!

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How can I lose weight?

    Im 16 yo male and I weigh 235lbs.i have man boobs and a big gut and a muffin really insecure about it and I m tired of it.i have been eating a lot less and haven t noticed any changes in my weight.i also thought about fasting but I wanna keep my muscle mass and I ll just gain all my weight back in the end anyways.whats the most efficient and fastest way for me to drop 35 pounds?i wanna lose weight before the next school year starts because I m moving back to my old school and I wanna surprise everyone.would that even be possible?if so,how?thanks!

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness3 years ago
  • Attachment image

    How do I make this solid so it doesn't bend?

    I made a hover kart type thingy that hooks up to my hover board but it flexes really easily and I wanna weld some supports on it so it will be solid.ive attached a pic of it for reference.thanks!

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)4 years ago
  • What do you think about this?

    So I was talking to my crush and she said she has a really weird question.then I asked what it was and she asked if I was a bad guy.i then told her I was a good guy and asked why she asked me that and she said nvm.why do you think she would ask me this.

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