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  • 23, 5 weeks pregnant - 2 month relationship… help me?


    I found out earlier this week that I am pregnant. I have been with my partner for literally 2 months and I'm 23. I've never been pregnant before.

    He hasn't said what he does or doesn't want as he doesn't want to impose an idea in my head which may sway my decision. He says i should do what will make me happy. He's said whatever decision I take he will be there.

    I am so lost in what I should do. Everyone around me doesn't really want to say anything to me incase they offend me or sway my decision. I understand where they're coming from but I am so stressed and upset that this is all on my head and I am scared of taking the wrong path.

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  • CHEMISTRY - What is the equation for Boron when it has a second ionization energy of 2400?

    CHEMISTRY - What is the equation for Boron when it has a second ionization energy of 2400?

    and also... "Apple juice has a pH of 3.5. You can assume that the acid present in apple juice can be represented by the formula HA and that it has one ionisable proton

    (a) (i) Define pH using an equation

    (ii) Calculate the molar concentration of H3O+ ions in apple juice

    Any help would be appreciated thank you!!

    1 AnswerChemistry9 years ago
  • What is pH of a 0.02mol dm-3 solution of sodium ethanoate ( CH3CO2Na) ?

    What is pH of a 0.02mol dm-3 solution of sodium ethanoate ( CH3CO2Na) ?

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  • What is the pH of a 0.04 mol dm-3 solution of ammonium chloride (NH4Cl)?

    What is the pH of a 0.04 mol dm-3 solution of ammonium chloride (NH4Cl)?

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  • CHEMISTRY - please can you define these please? Brønsted base...Lewis acid & Conjugate base?

    Please can you define these please and help mee!!

    Brønsted base...Lewis acid & Conjugate base???

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  • How was your day? How are you feeling?

    Everything on here is about problems.

    How is everyone!

    Me: I'm really really good :) Actually couldn't be happier because of one special person :)

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  • Your experience with the Depo injection?

    hiya, i had the injection just over a month ago now, because the pill was horrible for me, it made me so depressed. I was just asking what experience you have had with the injection... have you gained weight? had a period?

    I was meant to have a period over a week ago now and haven't, but i'm sure that's one of the systoms.


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  • Is there something going on?

    long story short...

    me and my boyfriend split a few weeks ago. but we stil hang around together like friends...and do things. I was sitting on his bed, and i glanced over at his screen and saw him talking to a girl (he never talks to girls) and i said jokingly "whooooooooooos that!" ...and he swiftly closed the convo and said "a friend" ..i was like, ok. Then i glance over again and hes changing his password on his IM account. I don't even know his password and would never go on his account anyway, and i said "why are you doing that?" :S and he said "because you'll go on it"

    i was like what? - and quite hurt at this point.

    Has he, do you think, got something going on with this girl?

    I wouldn't mind. I ended it, and have told him to move on. But i asked him whether he did have someone else and he said no.

    Frankly, i need to decide whether something is going on because i don't want to get in the way, and also it will hurt me eventually. So i'd rather get the picture now, and get away as far as i can.

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  • can anybody recommend a good foundation?

    I like the foundation to cover really well and to stay on. I also use quite pale colours like ivory. also a good powder!

    After having a mishap with one foundation.. it gave me loads of spots! and my old foundation has been discontinued!


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  • A career in nursing, how did they do it?

    this question is to mainly people in the UK but people from the USA can add too!

    do you know anyone who is a nurse? how did they become one?

    I know a few, they did it through a degree, working at a hospital, and through the army


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  • Revolutionary Road the Movie?

    Ok, was it just me or did this movie suck?

    After months of waiting for this movie to come out, as it was directed by my favourite director, as well as that, my favourite composer was applying his music in another one of sam mendes's movie..... i can't believe the result.

    I actually felt embarrassed sitting in the movies watching it, with someone i'd convinced had to be a good movie.

    question too... what was the name of that home abortion rubber thing?!

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  • Problem with a boy and sex?

    Ok, first of all.... he wasn't my first, but i was his first.

    we've had sex 3 times throughout our relationship.

    first time... he came way too quickly.

    second time... he came way too quickly.

    third... lasted ages, kept loosing his erection (he didn't say anything, i could tell and see it) and he didn't come at all.

    ermm, WHY? i've been making him feel ok about it because personally it doesn't bother me, but i just don't understand whats going on!

    i've never had this problem!

    Is there anything i can doo?

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  • SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, what is everyones problem?

    what is with everyone?! i've been commenting on a few questions, and most peoples answers are "you shouldn't have sex before marriage" what the hell!

    If they want to have sex before marriage they CAN! They're obviously not religious to stop them from doing so, so what makes YOU think telling someone off for having sex before marriage is right?

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  • How you feel about Stretch Marks?

    do they bother you? if you saw them on someone you like or whatever would it bother you?

    I'm a size 12, and when i was sick i was put on weight gaining liquids, so i've got stretchmarks. thighs. boobs (like always though) stomach i've got them on.

    i really hate it, and just want to know other peoples views on them.

    4 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • George Bush + Tony Blair?

    Even though i'm sure you all have strong opinions on them both (USA + UK) i don't think they're bad people.

    If i was in the same position i would have done the same. I think they both deserve a pat on the back, because i wouldn't have been able to do it.

    But, this is an open question, so go on...

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  • Virginity...with guys?


    i'm not a virgin. and its nothing like how you probably think it is! i'm 18 and the guy is just turning 19. we had a thing when we were like 13, but he was too immature, and we're back again and everything had changed but the feelings are still there. difference is that hes a virgin. it doesnt put me off. but i feel like sometimes he just wants to sleep with me to lose it - and i'm not stupid, i know the feeelings are there, i just don't want to do it because i feel as though it shouldnt be me! i lost mine with someone who was a virgin too!

    i'm not after an answer, i'm just after another point of view maybe?

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