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I've been working with dogs for about 12 years now. I have trained in agility, field, and obedience. I've worked at/operated boarding kennels, breeding kennels, vet clinics, and a pet food store. I am very interested in animal health and nutrition and research as much as I can. I have an 11 year old German Shep X, a 3 year old Australian Shepherd / Husky-type mix, and a Samoyed baby. If you need more help, I am almost always happy to further explain my answers via e-mail. I am, however, very opinionated sometimes and while I don't mean to offend people I do take the care of animals very seriously and will let it be known when I find things to be unacceptable or especially important. I firmly believe that in the case of ANY injury or illness, if you don't already KNOW what to do - you should be going to the VET. Asking for direction on here is dangerous and irresponsible.

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