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  • Low BF Supply?

    Mummies in the house please help in, I am going through Low milk supply. my DD cries whenever I feed her she is growing now she is 4 months. I read great reviews about " mummy magic tea" of did any of you ladies try this Fertility tea

    Newborn & Baby4 months ago
  • Prenatal vitamins?

    I am 13 weeks pregnant, feeling so lazy and continuous pain in my body couldn't stand too much, my mom told me about "prenatal vitamins" of did any of you ladies try this? I read great reviews about it

    1 AnswerPregnancy4 months ago
  • herbal colic tea?

    my baby i going through severe colic/ gastric problems, i hear too much about babies magic tea, decided to use it after customers revise, any idea?

    Newborn & Baby4 months ago
  • Trying to Conceive?

    i have been trying but no result, could any one know about " Get Pregnant Fertility tea" of Secrets of tea, i heard too much about the product, did it work

    1 AnswerTrying to Conceive5 months ago
  • morning sickness?

    ita my 12th week, i cant bear with neusea, i heard too much about NO to morning sickness tea, someone please guide me if it works

    4 AnswersPregnancy5 months ago

    Hair5 months ago
  • morning sickness?

    one of the darkmare during pragnancy. but this time a find out how to get rid from that morning sickness isue and nausea.

    Morning sickness blood orange

    Morning sickness ginger

    Morning sickness lemon ginger

    everyone must check no side effects full herbs

    1 AnswerPregnancy5 months ago
  • colicky baby........?

    i have been using baby magic tea from does any one know about this product. because it contains all organic herbs

    Newborn & Baby5 months ago