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  • old tv show from the early 90s,late 80s of two guys,one shot and very tall.short guy had fuzzy,yet bald wasnt a mainstream tv show.?

    after every little prank they pulled on each other,there was this unique laugh.i think one of their names was jerry?

    Comedy3 months ago
  • What is mentally wrong with this next door neighbor of mine,is he a sociopath?

    I have many complaints against this guy & he doesn't acknowledge any of them.When he over he'll constantly snoop through all of my stuff (in my garage) w/o asking right in front of me,he constantly asks me personal financial questions that's obviously none of his concern such as: how much money I make,how I make a living,who owns my house,how do i make ends meet,how do i afford my truck,how do afford my living expenses,etc? he steps right in & interrupts my conversation Every SINGLE time I go to speak,never fails.Last summer I asked if he would weld me a lawn cart.He said he would in 2 weeks.I asked him again 2 weeks later & claimed he didn't have the time and try him again in a week ltr.I tried him 1 week ltr,nothing.This summer he personally said he'd weld that lawn cart together in a week.It never happened & that was a month ago.He's offered to give a few bucks for a texaco gasoline can I'd win at an auction if possible.Little did I know there worth $200 p/can! He's trying to make money off of me.He took a propane turn knob of a grill i received last month and said he'd give me the other back,he never did.

    Here's the kicker: it's his attitude that gets me.It's like nothing ever happened with this guy.It's like the light bulb in his head never comes on.He doesn't get it.It doesn't register in his mind.He acts like nothing ever happened and continues to act all calm,peaceful,and completely at ease & at the same time he's constantly running me over mentally & verbally.

    3 AnswersPsychology3 years ago
  • money order bounces and bank rejected it,why? how?

    never had an issue of a money order bouncing from a bank until few days ago.person i owe a large amount of debt has been receiving them from me fro quite some time.never had an issue before until now.apparently it bounced,how? one can't have/send one unless it's already paid so how would this happen on the person who got it? banks fault? my fault? western union's fault? well fargo's fault?

    money order date made was 5-27-15.i called the number on the back,followed prompts,entered tracer/tracking it was cashed on june18th,2015.the actual money order wasn't cashed until 9-9-15,her bank rejected it.why? expired? anybody else ever have this issue?

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance5 years ago
  • what's the name of this hallmark movie?

    I've only seen it once back in 2000.It's about a boy who nearly drowned by falling through thin ice in the back yard pond.Someone saved him,but the face of the person was never revealed,only a purple heart hanging from the neck.Through out the movie cops investigate eveyone in town,searching who had saved the boy.The boys father had died in war and only survivors are his mother and the boy's grandfather (on his father's side of the family).At the end of the movie cops had revealed no suspects into saving the boy.The grandfather walks into the hopsital room,giving his grandson something the boy's father had once owned,a purple heart.So clearly the person who had saved the boy was the ghost of his deceased father.

    I've seen millions of movies,but this ranks as my number one personal fav of all time! please tell me the name of the movie.


    3 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • which Russel Crowe movie is this?

    he stars as a political figure trying to earn a spot higher than his original political stanza.he and his team set up a fake accident where a woman in a car goes over the bridge and into the water.he jumps in after her saving her to purposely earn more votes from the people,but she ends up drowning by mistake.which movie is this? i've looked and looked and can not find it and I KNOW he plays in the movie.

    2 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Is my solenoid bad or is there a short in my truck?

    -Read the whole description before commenting please-

    NOTE: i only want/need advice from people who have had extreme knowledge or experience in mechanics please.I do not want to hear the words "i think" "it may be this" i'm guessing it's the" or "it's probably the".I want pin-point accuracy please.thank you.

    We all thought the battery was bad,wrong.Something has drained the power from it or it's giving out to much to ground.

    My original truck battery,another charged truck battery and my new,but used truck battery are all doing the same thing over and over again: when the negative clamp touches the negative post,sparks emerge from it and my starter begins to run and will not let off until i un-hook the negative clamp.

    me and another person have already touched both bolts on the solenoid,twice now, w/a screw driver trying to start it that way and nothing the solenoid bad? the wires connecting from solenoid to ignition wires seem to be ok,i looked.I've personally stood and watched autozone test my starter,it's good to go! i pulled/checked all the fuses,not the relays,in the fuse box under the hood,none are burnt from what my very own two eyes have seen,they're all good.mounting the starter and the 3 wires back unto the starter are all correct.after explining in detail to autozone,in specific detail,what's going on with my truck,they stated "i need a new ignition switch/relay".how correct is autozone on this? this is only by the info given to them,NOT an actual diagnostics/analyze that's been tested yet cause there hasn't,yet.I have a test light coming my way in a few days.Until i can officially test it the proper way,I can only work on my truck in a "blindly" way since i do not have the proper equipment to work it on.ANY very experienced mechanical advice/help is appreciated.This is my only vehicle to get me around so you can only imagine how very important it is to get this sucker up and running again,quickly.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • To be legally separated from relatives?

    Yes,I'm dead serious about asking if it's possible to be legally,by law,to be separated from relatives other than mother,father,brother or sister.I'm referring to be legally not related to aunts,uncles,nieces,nephews and cousins anymore.Is there such a law in the US? is this possible?

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • too much frontline will kill my cat?

    it's not frontline,it's the harts brand.3 months worth for $15.I dropped oone tube of it on the cat and 1 week later,he's still scratching so I dumped another months worth on'em.2 weeks later he's STILL scratching so i dumped the 3rd tube on'em and he's still scratching on and off every so often.This must be the cheap brand that doesn't work so well.

    3 months worth in 3 my cat going to die or become very ill? i hope not?! No,i'm not some idiotic and stupid young dumb person.I'm just fed up with FLEAS and this stuff not doing its thing like it's supposed to be doing.

    5 AnswersCats8 years ago
  • what was someone's social security "Serial number" for born in 1947?

    I don't need the 1st or the 2nd set of numbers in a social security number.What i'm after,or trying to find out,is what was the beginning number of someones last 4 digits in their S.O.C. in the "serial" section when born in 1947? the last 4 digits of someone's soc is called a "Serial" number".The first set of numbers is referred to as "Area" code digits and the 2nd set is referred to as "group" numbers.

    So,someone's beginning number of the "serial" section either begins with a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,or possibly 0? i just need one lousy number please.

    3 AnswersGovernment8 years ago
  • anyone know the smurf emoticon key for yahoo messenger?

    I used to have that lil guy as an emoticon for yahoo IM back in the day,lost'em.I've already googled the crap out of this question,but no good results so........i'm asking all you guys out there what the keys are to the smurf emoticon please.

    2 AnswersKnown Issues8 years ago
  • the name of an early 90's cartoon movie?

    This is childhood sentimental value if someone can help me figure this one out.....

    I've only seen it once when i was very little.The cartoon movie is about this wicked leader who goes around turning everyone into building blocks for his kingdom,except he misses one little girl and she ends up killing him and destroying his kingdom,soldiers,and brings everyone back to normal.It was a very unique and odd,but interesting movie,yes,it was a cartoon has strong sentimental value to me.anybody out there have any ideas the name of it?

    4 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • The name of this pearl jam song,what is it?

    I've only came across this song once by pearl jam.It wasn't the actual video for it,but someone made a 911 in memory video with this pearl jam song.The song is only maybe 2-4 mins long and there are no lyrcis or words other than humming or hyming through the song,as well as instrumental int eh background.I dont even think there were drums,i could be's a very nice song too.I do know it was by pearl jam.I've looked,looked and looked for some time,never could find it.this is where you guys come in lol.lil help here please.

    1 AnswerLyrics9 years ago