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  • How can genes determine a person's life?

    Geneticists say that genes roughly determine a person's behavior, intelligence, interest in things, and attitudes. 

    I believe in my potential, but the reality is different.

    After all, am I a man of such a quality?

    Please tell me, how precisely do genes guide us?

    2 AnswersBiology3 months ago
  • Does the Telepathy exist?

    I felt Telepathy one year ago.

    The sounds and visuals came to my brain directly.

    My voices and thinkings were going into another direction.

    My eyesight was like a video camera.

    The micro radio waves were coming to my brain and hacked.

    seeing and thinking and speaking are going to go satellite in the space by radio waves. And the signals are going to interpret by computer.

    Do you believe in this telling?

    Psychology9 months ago
  • I'm a Japanese English learner. Why adults English talk easily to listen to than young people?

    Hi, my name is Budou from Japan. I'm 40 years old.

    I learned English for nine years using youtube and textbooks by myself.

    I'm learning English for about two hours in one day.

    But I cannot speak English very well yet.

    The worst matter is I cannot understand natural English talk.

    When a native speaker speaks English, that is too fast for me.

    Especially, young people's talk is too difficult to listen to.

    However, a mature adult's talk is kind of easy to understand.

    In general, Most adults will gain many vocabulary and expressions when they grow up.

    So, adults talk should be harder to listen to than young people.

    Why is it?

    3 AnswersLanguages9 months ago