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hey! so as you can tell, i love nick jonas! im a huge fan of the jonas brothers! i also really like the twilight books. team jacob! also, i believe you cant call yourself a true jonas brothers fan unless you like kevin too. i love all three, and do consider myself a true fan! alright, now that ive got that out there, im 15. im a big pittsburgh steelers and unc tarheels fan too. oh, and im pretty much addicted to perez hilton. Peace♥Love♥Jonas ---//\\----- --///-\\----Put This -|||---|||---On Your -|||---|||---Profile If -|||---|||---You Know -\\\-///----Someone --\\///-----Who Has ---///-----Diabetes... --///\\\----like Nick Jonas♥ -///--\\\-- If Nick Jonas said it wasnt cool to breathe 99% of all teenage girls would die. If you are one of these 99%, put this on your profile!

  • What is the Radio Disney Codeword of the day for July 24, 2008 (today)?

    please help i need this first correct answer gets 10 pts and 5 stars and my eternal gratitude! i put it in celebs becuase it involves jb.

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  • What is the Radio Disney Codeword of the Day for July 24, 2008?

    please i need to enter this contest its the last day and i didnt realize it was happening! first correct answer gets 10 pts and 5 stars and my eternal gratitude.

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  • Joker fans vs. Jonas fans?

    Ok, WHERE did all the joker fans come from? Batman just came out, like, yesterday. I was on thursday, all jonas brothers fans. Wasnt on yesterday, and now JOKER!!! now dont tell me jb fans are annoying, becuase i know we can be. But just wondering, seriously, whats with you guys? And could this be the start of a joker-jonas war?

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  • Anyone else have a problem with Miley Cyrus?

    Ok, so who else hates or really really dislikes Miley Cyrus. She had everything in life handed to her on a silver platter, and now look what shes doing with it? All these Myspace pics, etc. And now shes saying she wants to do a cleaner version of sex and the city? How does that even work?!?!?! I really think she needs to shape up and realize how lucky she is to be living that dream. Oh and she needs to ACT HER AGE! And if you like Miley, and you want to get 2 points, go ahead and say you do. But dont waste your time saying why. I used to like her, and now i dont. Nothing, i repeat NOTHING is going to change my mind back.

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  • CiWWAF Rotation?

    Ok so for Cute is What We Aim For fans, how many of you liked Rotation? I personally loved it! Did you think it was better or worse than Same Old Blood Rush....? Comment away!

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  • When to buy a new cd on iTunes?

    ok so does iTunes have new cd's available at midnight the day they get released? because i know to get the actual cd you would have to wait until the store opens. so does iTunes have, like, operating hours? or as soon as it hits 12 am on the release date is the cd available?

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  • Jonas Brothers?

    Thoughts on the band? If you like them, why? If you dont like them, why not? Btw im a huge fan. :) Good singers and sexxyyyy

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  • Radio Disney's Codeword of the day?

    What is the codeword of the day for April 2, 2008, on Radio Disney?

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