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  • I’ve gained 40 lbs and I’m only 20 weeks pregnant.. is this normal? Twins?

    Prepregnancy I was 118-120 lbs regularly. I’ve always been leaner and I actually had abs before I conceived. I eat more than I did before pregnancy (prepregnancy I would diet at 1200 calories a day). Fast-forward to right now, where I am twenty weeks pregnant, and I have already gained 40 lbs. This is my first pregnancy. I mentioned my concern to my doctor but she stated it seems normal and I’m not showing signs of pre-clampsia. My blood pressure has changed a little bit though, but my urine test confirmed there’s no protein - so I’m clear. My stomach is huge and I began showing very early. I have my anatomy scan on December 31st and I’m really starting to think I’m having twins. I previously donated my eggs so I’ve used fertility drugs on and off five times. I conceived with Paragard. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks, 6 weeks and 10 weeks. There has been no sign of a twin, but I’ve been reading a lot about women who had a hidden twin and found them at their anatomy scan around 20 weeks. Any thoughts?

    9 AnswersPregnancy10 months ago
  • Am I overreacting in this situation?

    My boyfriend and I were discussing our Christmas plans. Mind you, we're practically living together (I pay the rent, bills, etc.) He tells me he's going to stay at home for Christmas and LEAVE ME ALONE. It's not just this, but he always seems to put his family first before me. Am I overreacting or are my feelings of anger justified?

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce7 years ago
  • period/birth control question?!?!?

    I had my period a little over a week ago. I started taking my pills. Two days ago I forgot a pill. I peed early and when I wiped there was a light brown period blood. Is it starting over again already? I'm so confused. What's happening?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago
  • Bleached my hair then dyed it now my roots are white?!?

    I bleached my hair completely so I could dye it blonde. Now that it's all done, my roots aren't the same color as the rest of my hair (dirty blonde). They're basically yellow/white. Should I retouch the roots with the same color? Or let it fade?

    5 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Is $775 with all utilities included for a 1 br expensive?

    I am renting my first apartment. My father is going to help me pay the rent. It is $775 a month which includes all utilities and cable. It's in Bloomsburg, PA near Bloomsburg University. Is this a good deal?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • I'm unintentionally anorexic?

    This may sound weird but I have no time to eat most of the time. I'm also on medication (celexa, birth control, xanax). I'm 5' 2" and 105 lbs. I get sick a lot more often than usual and my stomach/organs tend to be pain a lot of the time. I get extremely nauseous and exhausted easily. What're the internal affects anorexia has on your body?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • What is wrong with my dog?

    It hurts my dog to move and I'm assuming it's his stomach because when I pick him up he cries. He also cries from just laying. I took him to the vet for a physical exam but they found nothing. He's terrier/chihuahuah mix. 4 yrs old. Male. What could this be?

    6 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • How much do waitress' make in a strip club?

    I'm looking into a job at a strip club in the Harrisburg, PA area. I was wondering if they make good money a night or not. I'm not interested in stripping, just being a cocktail waitress. I heard they make a couple hundred a night if they are good at their job. Do you know?

    3 AnswersFood Service8 years ago
  • Do you know this Christian Rock?

    It's slow and sad.. the lyrics sort of went like "I can't believe you love me" and "i'm dirty I can't get clean." Ever hear of it? I swear I'm not crazy haha I just cant remember the exact lyrics/song. Thanks!

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • Is high liver enzymes common?

    I've been extremely sick lately and I just found out that it's because Ihave high liver enzymes. I'm only 18 and mother is making a huge deal about it. I had mono before but my doctor said that's irrelevant. He said I MIGHT have hepatitis but that's impossible because I've never had sex before or did anything sexual. I'm waiting for the blood results back. Anyone familiar with this?

    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • Does my dog have a UTI or is it something else?

    I just noticed that the tip of my male does penis is red and swollen. There's also some come of secrection hardening over. There's even a lump that looks like its filled with something. I called the vet today but only got the machine so hopefully I can schedule an appointment ASAP. I am just wondering, from someone with experience, what this might be from. He's only 3 years old, chihuahuah/terrier mix. He seems to go to the bathroom normally but when he's excited it's uncontrollable. But he does tend to rub his genitals against the carpet (since the day we got him which was 7 months ago- he's a rescue) so that might have caused the uti. Or I could be completely wrong and he is sick with something else. I am extremely worried and scared. Any insight?

    2 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Other movies like "Like Crazy?"?

    This movie was so realistic and depressing. Are there any other movies somewhat alike that you would recommend?

    2 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Pills to forget certain memories?

    Is this legit? Anyone know anything about it?!

    3 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • What movie is this quote from? "I only have sex with girls I love"?

    It's an OLD movie too. I saw the quote somewhere online but I want to know the movie. The line may be a little off but that's the gist. Anyone know?

    1 AnswerMovies8 years ago
  • Blacking out/fainting at work?

    The past few days at work I randomly get episodes where I lose most of my hearing, my vision goes black, I feel nauseous, and I'm sweating terribly. I have to sit down before I completely black out. I thought it was because of lack of sleep, water, and food. But this morning I made sure all of those things were taken care of and it still didn't help. I check my blood pressure every now and again and it seems normal. Anyone know what could be causing this? It's becoming a struggle to make it through work.

    2 AnswersOther - General Health Care8 years ago
  • I need help finding the author of this British Literature short story?

    Just so you know, THIS ISN'T FOR SCHOOL OR HOMEWORK. I already graduated. But I remember a short story I read that I would like to read again. It was about a fat old woman who never left her house. She kept a dead man in her bed. Once the town council went into her house because of complaints they found the body. Anyone know??

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • I have a cold sore and now white coating on my tonsils?

    I am really scared this could be herpes. My ex never cheated on me and I haven't kissed him since February. This is my first cold sore. It's right between where my lips meet on the side. When I looked at my throat I had a white coating on it. What could this be? I'm really scared it's oral herpes. I have no idea where I could have gotten it from. I don't have any sores on the inside of my mouth though.

    6 AnswersSTDs9 years ago
  • Give myself the depo provera shot?

    Any tips on how to do it? Thanks!

    2 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • Creative ideas of what to do with my books?

    I don't have a book shelf, nor do I want to buy one. I need a cool and innovative way to store my books. I was thinking about putting them along the wall on the floor, like connecting at two corners. Any other ideas?!

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors9 years ago