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  • Ahcc and beta glucan?

    Can I take both supplements on the same day?

    Abuse and Spam4 days ago
  • DMV lien sale?

    If a car was bought from a tow company at a sale so it has a lien sale from DMV. What does that mean? Someone is selling a car I'm interested in and they told me that. So if I purchase it, is it mine?

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling2 months ago
  • Best OBD reader? ?

    I am looking at cars at auctions to purchase. What is the best OBD reader??

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 months ago
  • Foreign eye sensation ?

    I have foreign eye sensation. Eye dr did eye dye etc didn't find anything. Pulling out LOOSE eyelashes and tweezing corner eyelashes help a little. I have small bumps on the inner top eyelid. They are not always there but the sensation is. I DONT have any discharge, NOT crusty etc. My eye looks normal. Mgd, blepharitis, demodex?? Please HELPPPP!! Are there tests for fungus, bacteria etc?

    2 AnswersOptical3 months ago
  • Foreign eye sensation ?

    I have foreign eye sensation. Eye dr did the tint etc and didn't find anything. Mostly feels in the corner. Pulling out LOOSE eyelashes helps a little as well as tweezing corner eyelashes. Blepharitis? Mgd? Demodex? Please HELPPPP! I have all these tiny bumps in inner eyelid. Only have symptoms on my right eye

    Optical3 months ago
  • Charge off on auto loan?

    Hi, so I paid my car payments on time. The car was totaled. The insurance and gap took over but they took a while to pay the loan off. The loan reported the loan as charge off to my credit bureaus because the gap and car insurance took a while to pay them. Why should it reflect on as a charge off if the insurance didn't do their job and pay them right away and reflect on my credit like if it was my fault like if I was making the late payments??

    10 AnswersCredit3 months ago
  • California Edd unemployment benefits ?

    Can a EDD unemployment benefit employee reach out to me!! I need to know what they are missing or why I haven't received my benefits. I have not received any response from my emails nor phone call.  323 380 0446

    Law & Ethics5 months ago
  • Refillable a5 notebook?

    What are some good refillable notebook systems? Ty

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks5 months ago
  • Non fiction books?

    What are some good non fiction book reads? 

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors6 months ago
  • Regular show episodes ?

    I'm trying to YouTube and look for an episode that there is a squirrel copying and trying so hard to be exactly like Rigby that in the end he actually turns into Rigby and Mordecai cant tell them apart. What is that episode called?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation6 months ago
  • Gym work out routine for beginner?

    I have never been to a gym. I am not fat but would like to tone my body and be strong. I have no clue for a gym workout routine. I would like to be cut but don't want to overdue it and look manish. The look I'm going for is like eva andressa, Ciara the singer. Do I have to drink protein shakes? Help

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • What does my dream mean?

    I had a dream that I was walking on the freeway at night...., I had a whole lane to myself while I saw

    cars driving fast on the other lanes beside me. what does this dream mean?? I also had another dream totally different nothing to do with this one. that I lost my little black yorkie poo dog. what does this mean??? thank you.

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay7 years ago
  • Is there a fee for Court Ordered Community Service?

    Ok I got a moving violation ticket. I had no seat belt. Instead of paying for it I choose to do community service because I qualified for that option. I called the location where I have to register. They informed me where I can do my hours etc. The last thing he told me is that there was a registration fee. The registration fee would be about 45. dollars. I hanged up. What!!?? 45 dollars. I thought that was the whole point of community service ..., you don't have money to pay for the ticket but yet you have to pay a fee for community service??? someone explain this. I live in the state of California. I do not work . I am a college student and I'm on food stamps. I don't have 45 dollars for this? So my main question is is there really a fee... what can i do

    1 AnswerLaw Enforcement & Police7 years ago
  • Outer Space/ stars in night sky/ Galaxies/Comets Baby Boy and Girl names?

    I need some unique names of stars of the night sky or minor planets names that I can name my babies. I have heard names like Orion, Bellatrix, Eta Carinae, Nova, Algol, Centaurus, Peony, Mirinae which means milky way. I am a Sagittarius I think Eta Carinae is kind of cool because it lies on the Sagittarius dwarf galaxies arm.

    3 AnswersAstronomy & Space7 years ago
  • My breast is sensitive to touch hurts a lot?

    Couple years ago I was having sex with my husband, I am 25. He sucked my nipple hard and ever since then if I bump or flick my breast it hurts a lot. What happened? Did he mess up a nerve do I have infection I don't feel any lumps or anything. I went to the clinic and got a breast exam Dr told me everything is fine but i didn't tell her my husband sucked it too hard. Should I get an ultrasound on my breast or mammogram?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health7 years ago
  • Can I return MAC make up (foundation) if I never used them?

    I have two foundations which I never used but I purchased them like 2 years ago I still have receipt. Could I get my money back?

    1 AnswerMakeup7 years ago
  • What is the best L.E.D light device for acne?

    Hello i am thinking about purchasing a LED light device but I'm overwhelmed. There are so many out there. Does anyone know the best one of 2012. How powerful should the light be and what color, blue, red? I am thinking about starlite face , quasar md plus, silkn n blue.

    3 AnswersOther - Skin & Body7 years ago
  • Why is my male canary feeding other male canary and female canary?

    I have two normal orange canaries one male and one female (the pair) and one white male gloster canary in the same small cage. the pair is the same age but I think the white male gloster is older anyway the orange male canary feeds the white male canary and the female, is that normal, why does it do that?

    1 AnswerBirds7 years ago