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  • Could it be that AGW is real but people in power are twisting it to profit from?

    Okay, so the big debate now is that Al Gore is profiting like mad from "global warming hysteria" and making millions off carbon credits.

    I had no idea the carbon tax/credit system ever passed or started, but thats besides the point.

    "Never let a good disaster go to waste" is the common saying.

    Could it be that AGW is real but big politicians and CEO's are making you think it's phony cause they're profiting from it?

    After all they don't really care. Most of the companies that are "going green" were just ten years ago dumping waste and heavy metals illegal into rivers and silencing whistleblowers.

    Would you be a little more apt to show concern if you knew you weren't making someone else rich?

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  • Could there eventually be an environmental war?

    with more people getting earth conscious and the polluters getting increasingly anti-environmental (silencing people, going out of their way to negate efforts by enviros, and spreading propoganda) and even increasingly proud of the destruction they're causing, do you think it will be long before there's an outright war or armed conflict to protect the planet from these people?

    why or why not, and which side would you be on, if any?

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  • Could there be an environmental war or revolt soon?

    with more people getting earth conscious and the polluters getting increasingly anti-environmental (silencing people, going out of their way to negate efforts by enviros, and spreading propoganda) and even increasingly proud of the destruction they're causing, do you think it will be long before there's an outright war or armed conflict to protect the planet from these people?

    why or why not, and which side would you be on, if any?

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  • why is green energy or clean technology anti business and anti american?

    Thats all i hear nowadays is that "this hippie eco-agenda will destroy america and send the world into the stoneage"

    if these conservatives are really pro-business, you'd think they'd WANT new technologies. if someone wants a clean fuel car they're going to buy that rather than a hummer or gas guzzler. thats more money being made as more cars like that are being sold.

    why is this only the green energy area thats being so heavily condemmed? when new TV's replace old ones, or blu-ray replaced DVD that wasn't torn apart. just this

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  • If humans evolved from apes...?

    Then what are apes? unevolved humans?

    If humans evolved from apes then why are they still around? shouldn't they not exist?

    7 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology1 decade ago
  • So BP ceo tony hayward is getting away with his mess scott free?

    Even after criminal negligence caused 11 deaths and the worst oil spill in history, Hayward is getting a tidy years salary, big pension and resigning, not even being fired.

    no jail time, no revocation of bonuses? he gets away with it?

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  • Environmentalists blocking alternative energy?

    I been hearing a real lot on how most of the opposition to cleaner technology is coming from environmentalists themselves.

    Opposing wind farms due to birds getting killed, opposing solar due to not wanting the infrastructure anywhere.

    Is this true? or just more propaganda? If true why would they do this? It may not be 100% zero impact safe but it's certainly better than staying on oil

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  • Does anyone think that this pro oil argument is insanely childish and weak?

    When it comes to people protesting oil and drilling and calling for new forms of energy, the only two things that the pro oil, pro drilling community can say are either

    "you computer keyboard/paint on bicycle/etc." are made with oil and so we have NO right whatsoever to voice any opposition to oil.

    Well, thats akin to saying "we can't cure cancer or aids, so why bother curing ANY disease?"

    is that the only argument they have? I don't remember ever claiming to be absolutely ZERO impact

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  • What happens in these Fema camps that everyone is worried about?

    For years now I've been hearing about the impending invasion that will launch the New World order, mass population declination and Fema camps where everyone will be forced into.

    Whats supposed to happen in these camps? they just kill you? or basically imprison you forever?

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  • Is it possible that draining oil from the earth may hamper life in the future?

    This is just a wild theory i had and I base this on absolutely nothing. Just looking for thoughts and opinions.

    But I figure the organisms and life that are produced on this planet must come from somewhere. maybe it's the oil under the ground?

    After all, what is crude but a memory of the life of the past. a remnant of living material that the planet might need to produce more?

    what if draining this oil will mess up some balance and prevent new life from being created?

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology1 decade ago
  • are climate change deniers aware of this?

    The records and readings they swear by are just as vague and and unsound as they claim climate change scientsist' finding to be.

    some of the things they say is that "records show" that it was warmer back at some point in the 1800's

    and what proof do we have that it was, other than guesses and estimates? there were no records kept back then. all we have to go by is ice core samples and guesstimations

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  • Is it really a good idea to drill so deep as the Horizon did again?

    Ok, so the pro drillers are concerned about job and are wanting to get back out there in the gulf and drill again. But does it have to be in such deep waters?

    According to reports, the main reason that blowout happened is because of underground pressure that is too intense for any of todays technology. It has nothing to do with safety regs, just the cold hard fact that we can't dig that deep.

    doing so again could just cause a second geyser.

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  • Climate change and taxes?

    If there was a way to tackle pollution, reduce emissions, and even generate alternative energy WITHOUT raising taxes.

    would you be in support of it then?

    11 AnswersGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • What would be so bad about a new world order?

    For so many years now, everyone, both the left and the right, have been fighting and dreading a "new world order" like it's the end of all life on earth.

    But just what would be so bad about it. If all the nations in the world came together, wouldn't that be the end of war and political aggression?

    Even the bible itself tells of a new world order under one benign dictator, jesus christ. and people are counting the seconds until that day

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  • Why are cars designed to go so fast and have so much horsepower?

    since speed limits are in place just about everywhere, and those speedlimits are usually 55, sometimes 60 or even 70. Why are cars built to hit speeds in excess of 110 or even 120.

    All that extra HP is just a waste.

    shouldn't cars be made to go no faster than 70?

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  • What do people think bush/palin would do for the gulf oil spill?

    Absolutely every single forum or comment section about the gulf spill turns into this massive flamewar against Obama.

    Thousands and thousands of comments from right wingers talking about how infinitely negligent, stupid, and terrible Obama is and how it's all his fault and how he CAUSED it. Commets about how he doesn't want it to stop becomes he's in so deep with the oil industries.

    Have these people forgotten what the right wingers like Bush, Palin and Cheney did just a few years ago? With the whole de-regulation of oil exploration? Revoking almost every environmental law in the book?

    How do they think people like that would have handled the gusher? Do you really think they give a damn about the environment?

    16 AnswersConservation1 decade ago
  • Why can't this runaway well be blown or imploded?

    After 2 whole months this spill is still going on. It's a futile battle. We can't wait another 2-3 months for the relief wells. The oil will already have long gotten into the panama canal or loop current and spill into open ocean. probably be billions of gallons by then

    Why doesn't someone mandate that BP use a small explosive (NOT nuclear) to cave in the well? Or use some other method, but stop trying to salvage the oil.

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  • What is the current state of of the Gulf Oil spill?

    First they tried to shut off the blowout preventer and it failed, then they tried to top kill it and it failed.

    The last thing I heard about was them trying to saw the pipe and funnel the oil up to ships or something but supposedly even that did very little.

    Now it is June 18, and I've heard little to nothing about the spill in the past whole week. Nothing on TV, nothing online, it's not even in any of the "popular searches" It's like a total media blackout while they debate money and fault in court

    Meanwhile the oil is now reporting to be gushing almost 3 million gallons a day (25 or 30 times BP's original estimates)

    Did they manage to get the well capped? or do they have another plan to stop it? or have they decided to just let it flow indefinitely?

    This breaks my heart, why isn't stopping the well the number one priority? Now I heard Obama is refusing/turning away help!

    5 AnswersGlobal Warming1 decade ago
  • Why would people support animal cruelty and torture?

    This is one of those things everyones gonna deny, i'm sure, but you know who you are.

    There's tons of opposition towards animal rights groups for even the most logical of animal protection bills.

    I see all sorts of nasty comments about "fascist animal loving whackos" even if they're trying to keep dogs and cats from being burned alive

    How can any sane person actually be FOR abuse like that? and even worse, demonize other for trying to put an end to it?

    12 AnswersConservation1 decade ago
  • Can anyone give me some examples of the lies they claim the environmental community are guilty of?

    All I hear about is how the environmentalists constantly lie and cheat and the entire last 30 years has been nothing but lies and half truths from them.

    What are some examples of these lies?

    2 AnswersOther - Environment1 decade ago