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  • Whats this humming noise coming from my car?

    I drive a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium. I've had it for several years now and its worked fine. However,  last week I hit a curve pretty hard on the front right tire and banged up the rim. Ever since then the car makes a humming/whining noise when driving above 50 MPH. The noise is subtle but increases as you drive faster. I bought brand new tires 2 months ago and the dealership told me there was nothing wrong with my tire. 

    Could it be a wheel bearing? 

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 weeks ago
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    Can a dealer sell an unsafe car?

    I just bought a 2014 Ford Fusion with 93k miles from a small dealership. The car seemed to run fine, ac wnd everything worked, breaks worked fine as well. However, on my third day of driving the car. The breaks failed. As I was trying to slow down going down the ramp of the freeway. I pushed the breaks and my foot went all of the way down and the fluid light came on. The only reason why I didnt crash was because I downshifted the transmission, breaks worked a little bit and the engine breaking helped me reach a full stop. I left it on the side of the road, took a uber to the nearest auto zone, came back filled it up and drove it home.  What should I do? 

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  • What do I do if im upside down 16k on my car?

    I had a Ford Fusion that was giving me some transmission problems and instead of fixing them. I decided to go full on stupid and trade it in for a 2020 Hyundai Elantra Sport. Im upside down now over 16k because I rolled in negative equity and I didnt make a down payment. I tried to get something cheaper after a month, the MSRP for the fully loaded Elantra was 28k. Now after 3 months theyre giving me 17k lol. I did the same thing back when I had a 2016 mercedes and traded in for a 2017 Toyota Prius. That car ended up being voluntarily repoed.

    9 AnswersBuying & Selling6 months ago
  • Why did my dog poop blood after she got into the cat food?

    My doggy was bad and she stole the cats food when we served our cat. She ended up pooping slimy and with some blood. Will she be okay?

    3 AnswersCats6 months ago
  • Is my car engine damaged?

    About 3 months ago I took my car in for a recall and while I was there I had also asked them to replace the air filter. As I had about a year that I had replaced the air filter. It's a 2013 ford fusion. They did the job, I signed the paperwork, paid for the filter and left. A week later I had started noticing that the engine sounded different when accelerating or starting from cold. I noticed that the intake that goes to the throttle body was not installed properly! It was loose and a whole bunch of unfiltered air was coming into the engine. I fixed it, but now my engine has been making some ticking and clanking noises when you accelerate a little bit. It runs fine and everything, but the dang "professionals" at the ford dealership didnt do their job properly. Could I have damage in the engine now?

    8 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Why is there water pressure in only one room, but not all the others? After installing a water heater.?

    So our water heater went out and we bought a water heater. We had the professional come and install it when we werent here. It was supposed to be working and everything, but we only get hot water in the room thats closest to the heater. We dont even have cold water on any of the faucets. Cold water comes out from the bathtub, but not hot water. However, the twio sinks in that restroom have no water and no hot water from the bathtub. I called them, but they are closed. I really dont want to shower with cold water in the morning lol.

    7 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • Should I voluntarily repo my car?

    So i was recently in the hospital and due to my stay there I lost my position at my job and I lost my job. I found another one, but it's no where near as much pay. I sold my home because I no longer was able to afford it, but the tricky part is now getting rid of my car. I made some dumb decisions in my past and I ended up with a bunch of trade ins so I am 20k upside down on a 2017 prius. It was financed by toyota!. I think I can pay the difference because I have a paid off 1997 beater honda that works that I can use. I just cant pay the $750 a month plus $600 insurance. Would this be viable? What would happen to my credit? WOuld gap insurance cover the rest?

    7 AnswersBuying & Selling2 years ago
  • Should I offer carpet cleaning services?

    So I recently bought a carpet shampooing machine for about $200. My original idea was to purchase it so i wouldnt have to pay a professional to come and clean the carpet for me. Eventually it was going to pay itself off. From watching the professionals I learned how to wash a carpet and it turned out better. As I wasn't in a hurry and I took my time. However, I enjoyed doing it and was wondering if it was an idea to post services online and offer it for cheap. As passive income to make an extra buck.

    7 AnswersCleaning & Laundry2 years ago
  • Will selling my house increase my credit?

    So about 2 years ago i bought a brand new house for $169k and because of some financial difficulties of losing my job. I was not going to be able to keep paying for it. So i ended up selling the house, i sold it with opendoor which made it quick and easy and they took care of all repairs necessary. However, all of the houses in the area saw an increase in value. I ended up selling it for $210k and i still owed $150k so i made some profit. My credit score was at 619 and thanks to the proceeds I was also able to pay all of my credit cards which were an additional 7k. (all of them were maxed out) Opendoor took a cut of 11k from my proceeds as commission and to repair damages.

    10 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 years ago
  • What to do with a gpu that won't be read?

    Hello guys, please help because I've been struggling with this for a week or so now. I have 3 gpus that I use for mining. A MSI GTX1080 TI Trio and 2 MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X cards . They were all connected to the motherboard directly on my mining rig. It had enough room to do so. At first they were running fine until I got the risers through the mail. When I installed everything I noticed that only two gpus were being read and I tinkered with it for a while with no luck. They all turn on but the one 1080 won't load video at all or even be read. I tried connecting them directly how I had then, I reset the settings on the bios of my motherboard and I even took it to Frys electronics where I bought it. They connected it to their computer and it worked! They were originally connected to an Asus Rog IX Maximus Forumula Motherboard so I bought a different motherboard. Because I thought that if it worked at Frys it was that. And no luck either with this board. It's a MSI Z270-A Pro motherboard. Please help guys!

    1 AnswerAdd-ons3 years ago
  • Should I dig into my emergency fund to pay my credit cards?

    So for the holidays I did something really dumb. I used my credit cards to purchase gifts and such. Im currently at 1600 in credit card debt and my emergency fund is at 2000. SHould I just pay it now or should I pay it as I go?

    11 AnswersCredit3 years ago
  • Hello! I rented a room to someone, what rules can I do for guests?

    I just bought this house a month ago. I was super excited because it's a 4 bedroom house and its super big! With 3 stories it has privacy for all. However, my plan was to rent the 4th room to help me pay for it. I didn't give it much thought and so I found a guy that works next to where I work. He was cool and I've kinda been talking to him for a year or so. (As friends)

    However, today he brought someone over and they were eating with my stuff and sitting on my couch and watching my tv in my living room. Last night I had to call him out because I heard sex noises and smelled weed. I have my mom here and shes a bit elderly and my little brother. What can I do?

    2 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • If I buy a car with my credit can I return it?

    So I just found out that my credit is really good because I purchased a phone with credit and paid it off in a month. I have decided that I need a car because my current Honda is really old and keeps breaking down on me. I spend around $300 dollars in repairs each month! Not including the gas because it is no longer a gas saver but a gas guzzler. So I've been looking online at cars I like and have been avoiding the dealers because I don't want to walk out with a car just yet. (salesmen get me) Lol. If I buy a car and let's say in a year I lose my job or something can I return it and get what I have paid for returned?And if I do return it will my credit go bad? I've worked hard building my credit and wouldn't want this to affect me.

    10 AnswersBuying & Selling7 years ago
  • What can I do if my supervisor/manager is stealing tips?


    So my mom works as a housekeeper at a Hotel in Arizona. This has started happening for a month or so now but it has gotten out of control. It started when supervisors would go in the rooms first.. To supposedly check what had to be done to the room and they would leave with the tips in their pockets!.So as of now none of the housekeepers can go in first to clean the rooms the manager put up a rule that either the supervisor or manager has to go in first to check out the room . Every time my mom cleans a room she will find a note saying "for the housekeper" or her name if the guest knows her. Now the manager has her son go in to the rooms to check them and he takes tips home even though he does not work there. This is not right. What can I do for her?

    She has been working there for 13 years and now she is also being harassed by one of the supervisors. She is an older lady that is sweet and kind but she comes home crying sometimes because of her treatment at work. She knows a lot of guests who stay at that Hotel and does not want to leave if possible. Is there a link for the Arizona law or something that I can print out so I can go talk with the manager face to face? I want to be as informed as I can so I don't just go in there and talk nonsense and look ignorant. Please help.

    3 AnswersLaw & Legal7 years ago
  • I gave my dog nyquil? Please help?

    My little chihuahua has a sore throat. So to make her feel better I gave her a spoon full of nyquil. After a couple of minutes I lift her up to pet her and I can feel her heart pounding like 100 times per minute! What do I do to cancel the effects of nyquil? or to lower her heart beat? I gave her milk because my grandma said it cancels the effects of medicine.

    16 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • ¿Quiero irme de aventura.?

    Soy un joven de 18 anos que se la pasa encerrado. Estado pensando en juntar un poco de dinero y irme para Mexico Monterrey Nuevo León en donde no conosco a nadie. Quiero ir a un lugar en donde no conosca a nadie para empesar una vida nueva sin drama y todo eso. Tambien quiero conocer de el mundo y de la vida. E estado pensando que con el poco dinero que ahorre aca en estados unidos que pueda sobrevivir asta encontrar un trabajo. No me importa sufrir hambre y pobresa porque quiero empesar desde abajo. Que me recomiendan que haga yo? Y perdon por my ortografia casi no se escribir espanol porque me criaror en USA y lo e tenido que aprender solo.

    2 AnswersMonterrey10 years ago
  • would adding ram to my pc increase the performance of my video card at all?

    Intergrated video card intel graphics media accelerator 4500m hd. 4 gigs of ram and intel core i3

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks10 years ago
  • Hello, um i want to start exercising but i am not really sure what to eat.?

    I usually just never exercise i abuse my fast metabolism. I am not fat but i am unhealthy, i usually eat foods with high calories and fats, sweets etc (i pig out a lot). I rarely feel like i have energy. Not sure what i should eat, and how i should exercise since i never do physical activities. I was a world of war-craft player so i was mostly a couch potato... Now i want to change :P body is not fat nor skinny but thin, you can see some fat though. Hope to turn that into muscle. Because i have a fast metabolism i am not sure what to eat, and in what quantities.

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago