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  • Someone took a video about me.?

    A girl I liked took a video of me and posted it to her Instagram. She captured part of my body (just the lower half) and I didn't know about it until later. I happened to find her account after overhearing her tell another customer her account username. She said it in a loud voice (she's from the south so we speak loudly at times) so it's not like I had to work to get her Instagram username. What she said in the video about my going to her job all the time wasn't true. I only went there a few times a week, and I paid for my food. I wanted to talk to her. She was a bartender so she had to be social with her customers. I hoped to speak to her after work since she was talking to other people while bartending and I didn't want to interrupt. I reported her to her supervisor and to the corporate office (the place she works is Hooters) and they couldn't do anything because it happened after her shift. I don't want her to get wayy with this because other employees there will do it because they are allowed to do whatever they want outside of work without their managers and supervisors disciplining them at all. How can I handle this legally?

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  • Asking a woman out.?

    There's this woman that I like. She works at a restaurant as a bartender. It's hard to talk to her on weekends because there's so many people at the bar. I just want to conversate with her and eventually ask her out. She doesn't like going to the movies, because she's busy. I want to respect her space and time, but I don't want to let her slip away. I thought about leaving her my number on the back of the receipt when I pay with my debit card. She told me that her birthday is this month so I thought about buying her a birthday card, as well. I was to be casual about showing her my interest, without freaking her out. I figure, that if I save money throughout the week, I can afford to dine in at the restaurant once or twice a week ─ I just need to find out when she's there when it's not so busy. Any thoughts?

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  • What's with this chica? ?

    On 2 occasions, I went to see a movie with a woman. After that, I texted her often – too many times really. We lived in the same hostel, and I liked being around her. She told me she needed, so I respected that. I couldn't be around the house all the time because I was busy, but I often sent her texts to make random conversation. I thought we were friends – I did want to be more, but she wasn't interested, so I did press the matter. I sent her pictures of my home state because she liked beautiful things. We texted some and then stopped for night. The next day, I wanted to tell her that I got my first job as an extra in a film production, but she didn't want to talk. I tried to tell her again and her friend told me to stop talking to her. She told me to leave her alone forever. I don't know what I said to offend her.

    BTW, she was from Chile and came to the U.S. to study English.

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  • Attachment image

    Can anyone explain this?

    Here's a photo? Why isn't my computer using my actual physical memory (RAM)?

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  • Computer using too much RAM?

    My DELL Inspiron 15 5565 has 12 GB of memory installed, but I'm seeing 3.46 GB for total physical memory and 814 MB for available physical memory. Total Virtual Memory: 4.77 GB, Available Virtual Memory: 1.34 GB, and Page File Space: 1.31 GB. Can someone tell me what this means? Why am I not getting the majority of my 12 GB RAM (I know that the system reserves 1 GB for itself, so I should have 11 GB).

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  • What is there for an IT major in the film industry/business?

    I've been wondering this for months. If I'm majoring in Information Technology (IT) with Networking Certification, where can I look for jobs in the film business/industry? I've looked into editing and DIT, but I want to know if anyone can give me any helpful advice. Only serious answer here, no jokes or smarta** replies/answers.

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  • Where do I stand?

    So I rented this room in someone's house. The landlord/person I rented from does not live in the house, but she can come in at any time or so she says. Is she right? She's the landlord, but she has no residency. She brought her family over to the house. She says that she can bring whomever she wants. I am renting a room, but I have access to the whole house, except for the other rooms, of course. I want to leave now that she has said these things. Plus, her mom, who does the cleaning once a week, has told me to wash the dishes as soon as I'm finished. Honestly, I am trying to leave.

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  • Was banned from Wal-Mart and arrested.?

    In Mississippi, I was arrested for disorderly conduct and interfering with business. I'm technically not guilty on both charges, but I'm told to plead guilty just to make it easier. I was also banned from all Wal-Marts. I was merely on my way out the door, when a manager asked how I'm doing. I wasn't in the mood to talk, so I said "Don't worry about it." It wasn't personally against her so much as the store (indicating that I was dissatisfied) and I only wanted to leave and take my business elsewhere. I did not mean any harm, but I can't control whether or not people's feelings are "hurt". I was in control of myself even though I was angry. As I tried to leave the store, the manager kept telling me to calm down, making me more annoyed. I assume that if they encounter an annoyed customer that is not doing anything wrong and wants to be left alone, they (employees) are supposed to comply and not bother the customer. I don't want to plead guilty on either charge, as this was a mistake of Walmart. The manager started calling the police after I told her "for the last time, don't tell me to calm down. I'm already pissed off." Seeing her talking to dispatch of 911, I grabbed her phone and said that she didn't need to do that, that I was headed out of the store (which I didn't NEED to leave, just WANTED to at since I was fed up with Walmart's service and I had to be at work in 2 1/2 hours).

    What else should I do about this?

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  • How and where should I invest with low money.?

    I want to invest with a small amount of money but I don t know where. Stash app? Bitcoin? Crypto currency? I can t get much if I don t put much in, can I? Can anyone tell me anything?

    2 AnswersInvesting2 years ago
  • Hoping to move to California.?

    I want to move to California, but I want a safe place to live in. No ghetto or gang-related place (yes, I know they're "everyone"), nothing too expensive (if possible), and something with a good amount of jobs hiring (more than 100, if that paints a picture of what I'm talking about). I've never been to CA, so I don't really know what to expect. I've read some about LA, so I don't want to live there if it has gangs, high crime, too many high expenses, and is otherwise unsuitable for a living (unless you have BIG money of a sort). I know it's not like how the movies portray. Where should I look to move in CA that's safe, with plenty of jobs, and "okay" weather?

    7 AnswersLos Angeles2 years ago
  • Trying to satisfy myself too often.?

    For the better half of a year now, I've been striving to make myself happy. Things like sugar (candy, soda, sweets), video games, socializing too much, spending money on unnecessary things, and spending my time doing things that just procrastinate my time. I still do important things like my school work and main job, but I seek entertainment and pleasure as if I'm not pleased. The Bible tells me how I should seek the Lord and what He wants, to seek His Fulfillment. I want to do that, but it's like there's something missing. The most important things in my life are Jesus, family & friends, school, and work. But I deliberately push things off to later dates. I haven't failed or lost those things yet, thank God. But how do I get the drive to get important things done?

    By the way, I consume a lot of sugar like from chocolate, soda, and cakes.

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  • Moving to another state?

    For a while, I have wanted to live in California. Mississippi is too set back in the past, and I can never move forward here. I don't feel completely at home anywhere in Mississippi. I want to work in the film industry, so I would have to move to California sometime. I have some money saved up and I was thinking about subleasing my room in the house I live in to someone so I can pack and fly to CA via a one-way ticket (not looking back!). I know that if I go, I will never come back to Mississippi, but I prefer this. I was told that it's very expensive to live in California, but I want to do great things. I don't want to be famous, but I want to work in the film business. Not as an actor, essentially, but in production, like editing or producing.

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  • Talking to oneself.?

    Why do individuals talk to themselves? My grandmother did it very often. What about answering yourself? Is there something going on in the brain that causes it? I want precise answers; no "seek a therapist" or anything like that. I know of someone who is having trouble with this, and it's disturbing, but I don't judge this person. I want to help, but I have no money for any type of treatment.

    14 AnswersPsychology2 years ago
  • No bs. Need serious answers. No playing around or smart-alec remarks.?

    Why do I always forget things, can't concentrate, and drop things? When I'm at a computer, I have trouble typing, which I used to be good at doing. I believe that I have a brain problem. I have been through so many troubling times that I have collected and boiled up A LOT of anger at people. I often feel VENGEFUL and HATEFUL, even towards those whom don't deserve it. I've been locked up for 9 months over a charge that no one could really know about, because I live a "stupid-people" state. Without going into detail, what is happening to my brain, if it's anything or is it psychological?

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  • Going forward.?

    So I've been working for a while (half a year), and I have made some good money, but I want to forward myself. I want better chances at getting a better job and making more money. I've been interested in computer technology since I was a kid and I have fixed some computers of mine. I'm going back to school to get a degree in Information Technology with a certificate in Networking. I have applied for some support technician (work from home) jobs but I don't have my own computer (I plan to buy one). I have worked enough jobs to know I'm ready to move ahead. Does anyone know of any work from home jobs I can apply for where the company can provide a computer and equipment?

    2 AnswersTechnology3 years ago
  • Odd moods shifts.?

    Ever since I got out of jail, where I was for 9 months, I've been frequent mood-swings. They fluctuate too often that I never know how I will react and where. Being in jail for something that the south wanted me to suffer for, but wasn't a big deal. I have constant anger because I can't do anything about my time there and how I was mistreated, and people that like to harm others that think are weak. It drives me crazy. I think about it all the time. I can't stand anyone trying to tell me what to do or how to speak. One part of the day, I'm content; the other, I'm irritated or worse. Every day. I'm thinking that something might be neurologically wrong. I'm not always in control, and that is torture.

    Now, I don't want any bs answers. I want honest, humbled, modest, reasonable answers. No "go see a mental doctor," or "get help." Warning: If you are disrespectful, I will respond in kind. I'm serious. No bogus. Truth only here.

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  • Not too long ago, I got released from jail. I was mistreated.?

    I was locked up for for 9 months. The guards tried to fight me and one actually hit me and broke my eyeglasses. Plus, I got into a fight and my hand was seriously hurt. There's a hard spot, like soft tissue damage, on my hand. I want to sue the jail for mistreating me so badly. Am I within my rights?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • My uncle owes me $750, and he hasn't paid me yet.?

    I bought a car from my uncle for $3,500, and I paid him $1,500 down and I was going to make monthly payments of $500 each. He wrote it down on a piece of notebook paper in his own handwriting with an ink pen, so it wasn't typed. We both signed and dated it. The day I lost my job, a truck his me and totaled the car. I told my uncle and we were going to fix it, but when he saw that it was totaled, he thought it would cost too much to fix. I apologized and tried to figure it all out (this was my first accident), but I couldn't do anything. He kicked me out of his home and said that he would give my $1,500 back to me. Technically, I would still owe him, but he said that I didn't owe him anymore and that he would give me back my $1,500 and leave his home. I did leave and I am looking for a place of my own. He only gave me half of what he owes me ($750), and I need the rest. How can I get my money. He won't answer my phone calls and he told me last week that he decided to not give me the rest. What can I do to get my money?

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • I have a very serious problem. Read more in the description.?

    A month ago, I was fired from Lowe's over something that happened two and half weeks before (I playfully sprayed/sprinkled an associate/cashier with a little bit of water. She told the department manager and he told me to apologize and I did. I apologized to her again and she said that she was wasn't mad anymore and that it was okay. Then, two and half weeks later (on my payday), I got fired

    5 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment4 years ago
  • I am very uncoordinated.?

    I am always bumping into things and dropping stuff. My timing and reflexes are off and I can't react properly in time. I daydream a lot. Does that have anything to do with it. I also drink caffeine a lot via soda and tea. I need to sleep more, too. When I'm at work or driving, this becomes apparent. What is going on with me. I am stressed a lot, so would that have something to do with it?

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