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  • Why doesn't the NHL just move Nashville to the SE Division?

    Tennessee would play 2 Florida teams, Carolina and DC seems like a natural fit, plus you don't have to change anything just switch Nashville and Atlanta upcoming schedule.

    If you wanted to go one step further just move the Jets and Wild around and everything is fine.

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  • Is Ales Hemsky as Ales Hemsky career over?

    This guy has been my favorite player since the 06 cup run and looked like from the 07-08 and 08-09 seasons that he was going to be a lock 20 goals 75 point man and would always have a dangle or sick pass in every game you watch, pretty much the reason I got the NHL package just a exciting player to watch.

    Last season was looking like a really break out possibly 80 points then his shoulder went out and the Oilers ended up with the # 1 pick. Just from watching this season he didn't look the same at all ( I could understand with a shoulder injury) and seemed like everytime I was going to watch an Oilers game sans opening night I wonder if he would even play, something always seems wrong with him and he plays a tougher game and goes to the traffic areas something a lot people never give him credit for.

    This bring us to my question with his latest groin injury which I doubt will ever heel to 80% again this year. Where does this leave Hemsky, I'm sure the term "damaged goods" has been floating around so I sure the Oilers have seen nothing but low-ball offers, also with the big 3 (which should be 4 since Gagner is an 07 pick) clearly the future direction of this team so Hemsky will probably have a diminished role and the fact that he will probably be only a 40-50 games a year player, so is Hesmky's - Ales Hesmky career over now and it's something that will slowly fade out in 3-4 years

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  • Why don't the Calgary Flames toss on those retro 80's beauys the only used 5 TIMES last year?

    I think they might have out done themselves with these 1920's jerseys, they majority of the fans can not connect with those eras, I mean they won the cup in the 80's right.

    Also the Habs really phoned it in big time, they must of really wanted a 1989 re-match, just your plain whites, more to come from this stay tuned

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  • The Devils are smart about the Kovalchuk deal, right?

    I think this is more of p**sing match with the NHL, and to prove a point

    This contacts are nonsense, it's a giant loop-hole the NHL let slip buy and is now sending up a smoke signal to save face and gain leverage for the next CBA

    I mean this is league that shut down because the two sides were that much off, I really think Lou Lamoriello should be the next commissioner for finally stepping in and call a spade a spade.

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  • How many players from 25 to 35ish hate playing the "new hockey" ?

    I love playing shinny with the boys but playing games with refs just sucks.

    I should mention I play in the US so Canada could be different

    But you lay one stick on a guy and it's 2 and when you play a guy aggressive half the bench lights up and wants to fight you. It's light all you can do is poke check or lift a guys stick, I mean I didn't care much for the hooking the guy and takin a ride but come on "parallel to the ice" in beer league.

    Just my opinion that the "new" game seems like basketball just try and get position, I miss the old game but that's why we have shinny with no refs

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  • Does it not make sense to pay Kovalchuk the league minimum when he is over 40?

    I'm think the deal was sneaky but really if Kovalchuk really wants to play after 40, why wouldn't the Devils pay him the league minimum to;

    1. Sit in the Presser most nights

    2. Bury in the Minors until after the All-Star Break

    3. Play 4th Line minutes

    and 4. Play on the PP during the final stretch

    I mean look Brett Hull couldn't skate anymore when he played for the Wings but could still score on the Power Play.

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  • How big has the "addition by subtraction" of Mike Komisarek been for the team USA?

    He is slow, can't move the puck and takes unnecessary aggressive stupid penalties.

    Not too mention what type of locker room guy is he, a clique former/divider comes to mind

    Anyways don't want to bash on the guy too hard, he is a serviceable NHL defensemen but from his selection I just thought he didn't fit on this team at all

    Your Thoughts?

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  • Do you think Mike Green is rooting for Russia tomorrow?

    Beside being the biggest Olympic snub ever, Seabrook? Really?

    His meal ticket Ovechkin and side kick Semin play for Russia.

    Being arguably the best D-man in the NHL and your country says "no thanks" would you root against your country?


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  • Fantasty Hockey Question on Nik Antropov?

    With Kovalchuk as good as gone is there any value left with Antropov on a 16-man Yahoo Public team.

    Seems with his primary breadwinner gone and 1 year into a 4 year $4 Million cap hit contract all signs point to this guys phoning in the rest of this year in.

    Should I hang on until the Olympic break and hope for a few more points or cut bait now?

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  • Can the Blackhawks dump Brian Campbell to Waivers/Minors?

    This would allow them to clear up some cap space. Campbell isn't like the worst d-man but is the worst d-man per dollar (maybe Redden).

    Just what's the point of paying him that much ($8 Mil) and him playing above/below mediocre, when you possibly could wash your hands of him and have cap room to play with and get useful players

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  • Is Steve Mason the next Jim Carey?

    This Jim Carey

    I don't see Mason every being an elite or good goaltender ever again possibly serviceable but this guy has ECHL written all over him. Things just came too easy last season and once you have success that easy these types of seasons;_...

    follow you the rest of your career

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  • Who else is a little depressed about Ales Hemsky being done for the season?

    I had such a hard time finding another favorite player to watch when Pavel Bure retired ( I guess sorta Big Shoes to fill) but during the Oilers Cup run in 06' I really fell in love watching Ales Hesmky play.

    A lot has to do with skating style, Ales skates like he wants the puck on his stick the whole time, the way he gets open, the way his glides and speeds up and his hands are just so sick, dangles, passing ads yes shooting very nice shot. I can't think of another player that looks like him or plays like him

    But since he got hurt I've been a little depressed about watching Hockey, I like watching the game but I love watching players and none right now since that unique except maybe Mike Green who might be the biggest snub of all time and Kane is neat but he seems like a little punk still

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  • What do you think about the St. Louis Blues making a serious run at Kovalchuk this summer?

    With Paul Kariya's $ 6 Million coming off the books and Tkachuk retiring ($ 2 Mill) or at least finding a new home or severe pay cut the Blues are in great shape to make a serious run at Ilya.

    With the exception of Erik Johnson most of the Blues young players are relatively cheap and if they demand too much let them walk, Blues have been pretty much terrible (sans last season playoff run) since the lock out so they do have a lot of prospects in the system

    I know it's a Cardinals town but the Blues are very relevant in St. Louis and a big ticket name like Kovalchuk is just what they need to stay that way, for the next 5-6 years you can pencil Kovalchuk for at least 35 goals and that is what this current team is missing a true natural goal scorer, One timers or wristers from the slot IIya just scores.

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  • If you have Directv are you starting to wonder what you are going to do for the playoffs?

    I can live without Vs. because I really don't follow the Eastern Conference that closely but It's pretty clear that Bettman and co made a deal with Devil on Vs and it's not coming back to Directv this season

    I guess I'll just watch what I can; Local team, NBC and Center Ice but it going to suck not watching the Conference Finals and some Cup games, usually Olympic years have underdog teams too

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  • Does anyone else think that Sweden is the most overrated team going into Vancouver?

    They not terrible or team USA or anything but I just don't get why their name is mentioned in Gold medal talks, I'll blame Pierre Mcguire for a good portion of it but I don't see who is going to put the puck in the net other then sister Daniel, the team is full of passers.

    Also Lundqvist has played 70 games the last 3 season and has started 35 out of 41 Ranger games all ready, not too mention all the Red Wings who have played a zillion games since Turino, Lidstrom seems to have turned into Chelios over night

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  • Who else hates the Chris Drury Olympic selection?

    It's not 2002 or 2006 is freaking 2010. so I'm guessing Chelios turned down his offer

    It just reeks that a higher hand had a say on this team, Burke all ready played the favor card with Komisarek (the 2 minute machine) so the integrity is all ready tainted but Drury is so Al Trautwig and Jim Lampley can goo over Drury's life story, I mean how much can you talk about the Little League World Series and what is left to cover that hasn't all ready been cover by the last 2 Olympics and every National TV game that Drury has ever played in.

    After the 2006 Turin Debacle (Mark Parrish anyone) I thought 2010 was going to be a rebuilding process get some young guys going no Oshie no Okposo no Bogosian? This team isn't going sniff a medal and the integrity is all ready comprised with Komisarek and Drury so how come this team isn't about 2014

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  • What's up with Rich Peverley?

    3 Points in his last 10 games

    Has the Dream ended? I know since about Jan 1 this year (2009) he has been a bona fide star but it sort of feels that reality has started to set in

    I would love to hold on to him and see if he can get it turned around but I need roster space for my pool team

    Is there any trade value? Or Cut ties and take a flier on the free agent list

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  • Has Antero Niittymaki lost his 1B status?

    Has Mike Smith become the clear cut number 1

    Niitymaki was playing very well but with a very short leash so I guess it figures he would have one bad game and Smith lately seems to have been give the keys to the car without restrictions

    Any trade value in Niitymaki? Or should I just hold on and hoard him for that odd game vs a soft opponent

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  • Is there any Trade Value left with Dustin Penner?

    With Ales Hemsky done for the year, Dustin Penner appears to be "Dustin Penner" again, and I know he had Points in 2 games after Hemsky injury but no teams had game tape yet so I'm not buying too much into that, look at his next 2 (minus 3)

    I honestly I can't see him scoring more then 8 more goals this year and assist forget it, I've follow this Oilers team and they are really bad, Lottery Pick Bad

    Does anyone think I could get at top end D-man striaght up or should I try and hide him in a multi-player deal

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  • How anyone ever really tried the "Costanza Method" in fantasy hockey?

    Doing the opposite of what logic and your instincts tell you.

    I sit a guy who is struggling or in a game with what seems to be a tough match-up he gets 2 goals is a plus 3 and has about 8 shots

    I play a guy who seems to be a little due or is playing well then or is the guy I just sat (with 2 goals) and he guys out and is a minus 3 with 0 shots basically useless

    Same with Goalies sit a guy he gives up 2 goals against with about 30 saves, play a goalie is lit up with 5 goals on maybe 20 shots or is yanked on 14 shots

    Just wondering if anyone else has been through these funks and tried shaking things up with the "Costanza Method"?

    Any Luck?

    And when is it time to go back to logic and reason?

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