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  • Why is money and economy necessary?

    So it baffles me why we as a species need money. I understand the three core necessities I suppose, however let's thank climate change. Our world is boiling, however a ton of headlines state that while x, would be a great alternative it's to costly or expensive to establish the infrastructure, or maintain it. I'm over here thinking, so give the materials for free and everyone able pitches in for free or the alternative is we all die. Seems like a no brainer to me. Housing (see venus project), food, water, medicine. Essential to life so why do we put value on it? (Dont give me that scarcity bs.) I understand, pleasure boats, tv, gaming, junk food, just not essentials.

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  • How do I break this cycle?

    I work in a factory, my job includes watching a machine for I hrs a day and occasionally putting parts in boxes. I am an extremely quick study and six months in I had pulled the machine diagrams, became a top performer, ect. I've asked to cross train, move jobs, learn machine set up, be part of leadership teams, join toastmasters, ect. I keep getting told no. I've went to my group leader, supervisor, manager, he department and nothing. I work completely alone and can't walk away from my machine due to it constantly running. Now I'm starting to ruin entire orders, produce low numbers, bypass safety features due to forgetfulness, ect. During the day I'm thinking about physics, politics, quantum mechanics, development of soft skills, market trends, ect. I just can't focus on my job, and it's making me irritable, depressed, putting me in a low energy state, ect. I've applied to other jobs but haven't got an offer yet and I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job before that happens. I have ADHD and even taking my adderall isnt helping me focus on this mundane, pointless job.

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  • What's with call of duty mobile ?

    Why are they only adding game modes as limited time events? 

    Also do they plan to add new maps, guns, or attachments to the game? 

  • How to motivate myself ?

    Job: factory.

    Background: sales and politics. Hobbies: Physics, history, gaming, working out, socializing

    So my job is mon-fri. 8 hrs a day. I stand in front of a machine a take parts off every few minutes and put them in a tray rinse and repeat. I get 1 10 min break, and 1 15 min lunch. Our goal is 40k parts, I use to hit 60k now I'm between 35k and 43k. I've been at my job for 6 months and have at the very least another 6 months before I'm allowed to bid on another do I motive myself to do better and not wanna lose my mind? 

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  • How do you build rapport?

    So I know the premise on how to build rapport, my full question is how do you build rapport and relationships when you are different then your surrounding area? I got into sales, because I m good with people in general, have strong emotional intelligence, a good IQ, and a sturdy social intelligence, however my interests and knowledge tends to lie in science, history, finance, philosophy, tech, politics, business, and alternatives of that nature. I live in an area were the bulk of interest lies in hunting, fishing, camping, sports, cars, ect. So while I m great at making a first impression and persuading people I m terrible at maintaining these relationships due to the fact that none of my interests line up to my region. To restate how do I overcome this division of interest?

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