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  • HELP!! Barbie Rainbow Adventure Elina & DVD Game - can't get it to work, can anyone help me please!?

    I'm fast losing my patience and so is my daughter. I've followed the instructions to the letter but the wings aren't working and the doll won't program to the DVD. The batteries are ok and in the right way because it lets me get so far through the programming but then it doesn't finish off properly. It's so frustrating and I've been trying to sort it for the last hour. Anyone else had trouble with theirs or can give me some practical advice before I launch it through the window! Many thanks in advance.

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  • This is a bit naughty, George Bush has a heart attack & dies & when he gets to Hell, the Devil is waiting ...?

    "I'm not sure what to do here", says the Devil. "You're on my list so you've got to stay but I've got no room, but I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I have 3 people here in separate rooms who weren't as bad as you so I'm going to let you swap places with one of them and you get to choose which one". They go into the 1st room and John Howard is flailing around in water. "I can't do that, I can't swim", says George. In the 2nd room is Tony Blair with a sledgehammer breaking stones. "I can't do that, I have a bad shoulder", says George. Going into the final room he sees Bill Clinton, naked on the floor, his arms staked over his head, his legs spreadeagled. Bent over him is Monica Lewinsky, busily doing what she does best. George Bush looks in disbelief but finally says, "Yeah, I can handle this". The Devil smiles and says gently - Monica, you are free to go!

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  • Far away, in tropical waters, lived 2 prawns, Justin & Christian, they lived in constant fear of the sharks?

    who also lived there. Finally Justin said, "I'm fed up being a prawn, I wish I was a shark then I wouldn't be worried about being eaten". Just then a large, mysterious cod appeared and said, "Your wish is granted". Justin turned into a shark and Christian swam away, terrified that he would be eaten. Time passed by but Justin was sad and lonely. None of his mates would talk to him anymore and swam away whenever he came near because they thought he would eat them. One day, he saw the mysterious cod again and asked him to change him back into a prawn. Justin was so pleased and he swam back to his mates and bought them all a cocktail to celebrate his return. However, he noticed his best mate Christian wasn't there. He swam off to find him and put things right. When he got to Christian's house he banged on the door and shouted, "It's me, your old mate Justin. Come out and see me". "No, you'll eat me said Christian. "I won't, that was the old me, I've changed ...

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  • Two fish in a tank ...?

    ... and one says to the other, "how do you drive this thing"!

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  • Racism on the current Big Brother show?

    I think racism in any form is diabolical. I have read the transcript that led to Emily being booted out and think Channel 4 acted appropriately, but how is it that Charley can use the same word to describe herself and that is ok? Seems like double standards to me. What do you think?

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  • I am looking for an album by Y Brodir Gregory (think that's how it is spelt)?

    They are two brothers who sing their songs in Welsh, on the album they did a cover of Wake Up Little Suzy by the Everley Brothers and Lyin' Eyes. I would love to get hold of this album as a CD as I only have it as a cassette tape. Can anyone help?

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