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  • would we be barred from European competitions if we pulled out of the EU?

    The Champions League springs to mind, but there are loads of European competitions as shown in the link below.

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  • Do you think it's just a coincidence?

    George Osborne unveiled the "most generous tax breaks in the world" for shale gas producers.

    It has emerged that Lynton Crosby's (Cameron's election Guru) firm Crosby Textor represents the Australian Petroleum and Exploration Association, a powerful group that campaigns for fracking.

    The latest lobbying allegations come after it emerged that Mr Crosby’s firm acted for the tobacco giant Philip Morris, as the Government dropped its plans for plain packaging for cigarettes.

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  • Just how would UKIP deport all illegal immigrants?

    There are thousands of illegal immigrants that are already deported from the UK, just how would UKIP deport them all? Firstly they've got to find them and then they have to know where to deport them to. The reason a vast amount aren't deported is because they get rid of their passports and so no one knows where they actually came from in the first place and you can't deport someone without definite proof of the actual country they are from.

    Do they intend to lock them until they find out, which could be years, or is it just rhetoric to appease voters?

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  • The Tories class people like this as skivers, what do you think?

    It kind of makes a mockery of we're all in this together and that people out of work are skivers and therefore deserved to hammered into the ground.

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  • Anyone else fed up with the amount of American questions on UK & Ireland questions only site?

    It' becoming really annoying having to go through loads of American questions on this site before getting to one about the UK. Maybe the mods on the site should look at adding UK politics in the browse categories for UK users which only loads on computers used in the UK, USA politics, for the Americans that only loads for those in the USA, etc.etc. and having a global politics category for the rest.

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  • Should someone contact Guinness Book of Records for Cameron and Osborne?

    34 u-turns and counting in two years has to be a world record by any government.

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  • Does IDS remark show the Tory party don't know the meaning of the word caring?

    Ian Duncan Smith said disabled Remploy workers were "not doing any work...just making cups of coffee.

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  • How do you feel about having a 50% less chance of getting your NHS operation when you should?

    Due to this disgusting Tory led coalition forcing hospitals to make 50% of their beds available to private patients, it will mean that those that can't afford to pay will have to wait while the rich jump the queue. So when you or someone you know is suffering in a lot of pain waiting to go into hospital for an operation, their will be some wealthy person, quite possibly a tax dodger, wanting some minor operation who will get seen before you or them. So much for the gullible that thought the NHS was safe in Tory hands.

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  • Did you realise we bill eu members for using the NHS?

    People keep harping on about EU members using our NHS for free and I was in total agreement that this was wrong. What I didn't realise until I read an article in the Daily Mirror is that we bill EU members states for the cost of any treatment.

    8 AnswersPolitics9 years ago
  • Why do people vote BNP instead of UKIP?

    I would like BNP members to answer this. You say the BNP aren't a racist party, but I can only see race issues as the main difference between the two parties, so enlighten me. I don't support either party myself (staunch Labour), but would be interested in your answers. No links please, if you can't type it then I will feel that you don't really know and I don't want to be traipsing around BNP and UKIP sites reading various stuff about each party.

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  • Why is Clegg still lying at the Libdem conference?

    Clegg told the conference today that they couldn't get out of the Thameslink deal with Seimens, but lawyers have already said they can. So he's either lying or he's in denial.

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  • why won't client connect to server?

    My workplace has three pc's set up for paid internet use with cybercafe pro 3.7 software. All were working fine for a few years, then suddenly one stopped connecting. Have checked connections at back and all are fine. Even swapped cables with working machines to make sure wasn't a cable problem. Read somewhere that right clicking and deleting black screen might solve it, but just deleted screen altogether and it never came back again. The pc in question starts up and loads most of the screen with the software info, but red button at top says trying to connect to server and the timer on the screen is frozen.

    2 AnswersComputer Networking9 years ago
  • why worry about those that don't want to work?

    We have around 2.5 million people unemployed, so let's say 80% of these want to work and 20% don't. There aren't enough jobs in this country to employ anywhere near the 80% of people that want to work, so why try and force the 20% who don't want to work, into work? If 10 people went for a job and 8 of them wanted the job and 2 didn't, why try and force it on the 2 that didn't want it?, this would benefit no one. An employer would have an unwilling worker, the person that wants a job would still be jobless and either way, just as many people would be claiming benefits. There is no doubt we have a certain amount of people in this country that are quite content to live on benefits. Many of these people live week by week, no holiday, no car, living on basic foods and have none of the nicer things in life that money can bring, but they are content to be that way. So why force them to take a job, when it will mean one less job for someone that really wants one? Surely we should be doing our best to first get those into work who want to work, then if their are any jobs left over, laws we already have can be used to make those that don't want to work take them. Some might say that there are people in this country that get a huge amount on benefits and should be made to work, but if these people worked then they wouldn't get a job that paid the amount they get, so it would still be topped up by the government. I have worked most of my life, but have spent some time unemployed and I didn't like it one bit and I suspect most people feel this way. I would be gutted if I had tried for a job and someone else had gotten it and then told me he/she didn't really want the job but were forced to take it or lose their benefits.

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  • Do you still think the NHS is safe after Tebbit's attack on reforms?

    Norman Tebbit, Thatchers hatchet man, says Cam is wrong to attack NHS.

    A couple of extracts for those that don't like opening links:

    Lord Tebbit said Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s plans could bring “unfair” competition, enabling private firms to cherry pick.

    He said: “It’s fine for the private sector, which doesn’t have responsibility for teaching and bringing on young surgeons, to take the straightforward and easy stuff.

    “But that means the public sector is then left without the base of work to subsidise the more difficult surgery and the teaching of surgeons.”

    Lord Tebbit, whose wife Margaret was left in a wheelchair after the IRA Brighton bomb attack in 1984, spoke of his experience as chairman of a charitable fund which helped the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust. He told how a local private hospital was contracted by the NHS to help shorten waiting lists.

    “But the damage it did to the finances of Nuffield and its ability to carry out training...was quite considerable,” he said. “The private sector hospital had neither any obligation, nor wish, to take on the more difficult and complex surgery.

    “It had no obligation to teach the next generation of surgeons the skills they would need to deal with such work.

    “That was all left to be done by the NHS hospital. But the NHS hospital lost income from that bread-and-butter work. It no longer had enough of the routine work for young surgeons to gain the experience needed to take on difficult and complex work and it ran into real financial difficulties.” The Tory peer suggested that one solution could be to privatise all hospital trusts.

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  • wonder how clegg and cameron will defend this?

    Mr Clegg, was pictured with his wife Miriam and newborn Miguel, on election leaflets, stating: “Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to keep our NHS safe.” And he vowed he would “use any power and influence to do anything I can to help the NHS and do anything that stops anything that would threaten this maternity ward.”

    Mr Cameron also toured Kingston to shore up support for billionaire local MP Zac Goldsmith a month before the election. He vowed to “keep investing in the hospital”.

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  • anyone still think the nhs is safe in Tory hands?

    Just a little extract from the article:

    PRIVATE health firms are set for a half-billion-pound “bung” from the Tory-led Government for taking work away from the NHS.

    A report says they should get 14% more than health service providers – for giving patients the same treatment.

    Critics suggest rewarding private health care bosses with taxpayers’ cash is a form of payback for the £750,000 they have poured into Tory party coffers.

    11 AnswersPolitics10 years ago