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  • What should I do job wise?

    So I have a great job and I make 90k a year and I gave a wife who makes the same. I have been offered a position in management that offers 65k a year. The job has more benefits, but it will take at least one year to reach what I make now. A good friend of mine is also up for the position. He does not do as well as me and makes probably the same at 65k a year. Ge is a better canidate for the position, but the company wants me. He is a shoe in if I endorse him, I know. The next step after that position is 120k a year. I s mine eventually, but he is a good friend and he needs the money more. Should I endorse him for now that I can get the position later?

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  • Is there a medical concern for a tick in my eye?

    A tick got into my eye and I immediately got it out, but did it have a chance to bite? Could I have Lyme's disease? Should I have it looked at by an ophthalmologist? Is the outside of the tick as bad as a bite. Why did it go for my eye?

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  • How can I treat my depression without insurance?

    I'm sure I have depression going on for about 6 months now affecting every aspect of my life. I need help. I can't afford my prescriptions. I can't get medical help. I lost a job and the method to pay for the medication that was keeping me sane, once I went off the medicine I have fallen into a hole I can't see the way out of. Any ideas?

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  • What should I do about my apartment?

    I lost my job a little over a month ago and my roommate left around the same time. I have tried in vein to secure a new job so I could make rent, but nearing the end of the month I am not going to make it. What little money I have made from doing odd jobs was just enough to meet basic needs such as food. I have found another place to live for about a fifth of what I pay now and I think it is my best bet. I do not even have money to make the move though. I have a car, but nothing big to transport large furniture and I am going to move from an apartment to a small room, so I do not need any of it. When I am evicted, what will happen to my stuff? I thought of selling things, but I don't have anything of real value. If I am evicted from my apartment with my stuff still in there will I hurt my credit even worse than just an eviction? I have no family that can help me. I may be able to borrow a truck, but like I said I don't need all my stuff. Should I even bother with it, or just let the landlord deal with it after I am already gone?

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  • How can I reconnect with my father?

    My father and I had a falling out about three months ago. We worked together and the one time I disagreed with him he took it as a challenge and we got into a fight. I am an adult now, not a little kid. I have since left the position and have not found a steady job, but have been working many odd jobs, which is ok, I am happy. But I miss my father. I have always looked up to him and it really hurts me that he won't speak to me. I just want to go back to the way things were. I do not want to work with him or speak about the disagreement I just want it to lie in the past. How can we be friends? Is there a chance?

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  • If I do not like anything of typical black culture, am I racist?

    I do not like rap, I like country. I do not like baggy clothing and gold chains and gold teeth. I physically find black women unattractive. I do not like BET. I do not like soul food.

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  • How can a tax payer ever vote democrat?

    To me it seems that Republicans lower taxes and democrats want to have more social programs that require more taxes. I don't really believe in any party because there are so few differences among politicians but to me its vote democrat if you want handouts and vote republican if you want to keep more of your money. Am I right?

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  • When will my character in fallout 3 start to gain more experience after I downloaded the BS expansion?

    I have already downloaded the Broken Steel expansion. Do I need to first beat the original game before I can start to level past 20?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • what are rescission rights for a time share in CA? Do I write a letter and send it to the developer?

    This is a time share package, but upon research it is a horrible plan...there are fees forever. I want out, but the document is very carefully worded. It states "If you decide to cancel your purchase, you must notify the developer in writing of your intent cancel within seven calender days of he receipt of the public report, or the date you receive the purchase contract, whichever date is later." I have both the contract and the receipt for public report. What do I need to include with the letter?

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  • Will anything bad happen to me for stopping a check for a real estate deal before the close?

    I purchased a Monarch Grand Vacations package last night at one of their seminars. I tried to finance, but I didn't qualify. I ended up writing a check for the full amount to them thinking that I could easily get the money together the following morning from the sale of stocks. I raised the money, but the money will not clear into the money market account in time and then i need to write another check to the account I used. I freaked and stopped the check. I have no idea what happens at this point as this is my first real estate purchase.

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  • How can i prove ownership of my vehicle without having my title?

    I lost my car title and the insurance company wants to total my vehicle but they need proof of ownership. The car is registered in MD and I live in CA now. The process of having the title sent to me takes 10 days. I am trying to resolve this issue in a more timely manner.

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  • What does a Maryland car title look like?

    I recently had my car totaled, but the insurance company needs proof that I own my vehicle...this would be the title. I just moved so I have documents everywhere and maybe if anyone could help with what I am looking for it would help. It's not the same as the registration? I have that, but not what I need. This is the first car I have owned so I'm kinda in the dark. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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