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  • What is the best cheap headset for pc gaming?

    Hey! Does anyone know the cheapest headset that would be great for games such as, Beat Saber, & Job Simulator & other games available on steam?


    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games4 months ago
  • Do public resturaunts actually mess with your food?

    I've heard of people spitting in / rubbing food on the ground that work at, Checkers, & McDonalds, but does this actually happen a lot? & would it happen even if I did nothing to make them angry?

    7 AnswersCorporations5 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Can anyone tell me what font this is?

    So I made a icon for a game like a year ago, and I want to add "rpg" below it cuz I reused the name for an rpg, so does anyone know what font it is?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games8 months ago
  • Can bourkes and budgies breed?

    I am a proud owner of two budgies, and I was sad to realize some colored budgies don't exist when my dad got his first budgie, years ago, a few months ago I discovered the bourke parakeet, they are aprox the same size, they eat the same food, they just have some behavior, exercise, and diet differences. So I always wanted to see a REAL red budgie, if a bourke and a budgie bred, that could be possible, so can they breed, no, or has it just not been done yet?

    2 AnswersBirds9 months ago
  • Illegal / legal video streaming..?

    So if I recorded animes while watching them, and then on my website made a videos tab and include them, but offer to the companies that if they have any issues iId take the video down.. Is that legal

    Also is it legal if I do the same but add ads on MY website and the page, not the video?

    5 AnswersLaw & Ethics10 months ago
  • Can I connect devices to bluestacks?

    Me personally use iPhones, I have a 6s and (yes I hate what they do for money and I wont buy anything newer than the 8, they also buy cheap batteries that break easily so it sucks), I normally use super pads lights because there is no UniPad on IOS, UniPad has 4 pages, but Super Pads Lights has 8, the only problem with it is you can only make 20 custom lights and you get ads after switching projects and editing a project..

    So I wanted to know if I can connect my launchpad to my pc and use it with UniPad in bluestacks, and if not what emulators can do so...

    1 AnswerAdd-ons11 months ago
  • Neopets Floor Drops?

    So, you can find things on the floor in neopets, so can I just refresh a page until something gets found, and if so what pages can I try this at, can I do it at the garagle sale? (Not the game)

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games12 months ago
  • What about the flash shutdown for neopets?

    So as we all know, adobe flash is shutting down in 2020, but what will this do for neopets, html5 games and javascript games are really slow, so will they continue using flash, will they shutdown, or switch to html5 and javascript?

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design1 year ago