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  • Energy Saving Light bulbs,what are the Recycling plans for them?

    Energy Saving light bulbs may be more economical with regard to the usage of energy in buildings but to what cost of peoples health?

    As I understand it the Energy Saving Light Bulbs contain Mercury, Phosphorus. If we are to use these bulbs what is the Government going to do about the recycling of them, as Mercury is a Neurotoxin.

    If one breaks what are we the public supposed to do with them?

    As quoted by

    Exposure to high levels of mercury can permanently damage the brain, kidneys and developing foetus.

    Combustion of coal for electric power generation is the largest source of atmospheric mercury pollution. Switching

    from standard incandescent bulbs to energy-saving CFLs can reduce energy demand from such power plants and

    consequently lead to a reduction in mercury emissions. However, CFLs themselves contain small amounts of

    mercury that can be emitted when they break.

    There is a suggestion that people should take them back to where they bought the Compact Lightbulb, but then this would be a health risk...... and what would the large Supermarkets do with them then, or the little Ironmonger for that matter.

    Someone in Brussels hasn't thought about this very well have they!!

    The Government needs to get onto this problem and fast I think.

    What about you?

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  • Are we water rates payers mad?

    The water companies say "use water wisely", "don't waste water".

    How are we wasting it? Surely no matter how much water we use it still ends up at the sewage works, or evaporates into the atmosphere, only to be recycled again. As I see it we are paying higher and higher water rates, not because there is a shortage of water, but that the people who work at the purification plants, in the water board offices, and the fat cats want more money.

    Not only that, but we must be mad paying for something which is a God( or whatever) given right to life, and yet we keep paying for the recycling of it. And now I hear we are going to have to pay to use the water which runs down off our roofs which we collect in water butts.

    Something is wrong here.

    Am I right or am I wrong?

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  • Where on your PC is there a list of your *favourites* list that you can print out simply?

    without writing down each individual site separately.

    I have started a blog and I want to list all the sites that I visit. There are so many on the subject which I am interested in that it would be quite laborious to type them all out separately

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  • Why is it that certain races in the UK cannot say the word 'asked'?

    but instead they say 'arxed'. I have noticed this again and again whilst watching East Enders, and Road Wars.

    Why do people have to pervert the English language?

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  • Have manufacturers made more ambient, or coloured energy saving lightbulbs yet?

    I just hate the new energy saving light bulbs in my lounge as the light emitted from them is not ambient, and the effect of the light is more like strip lighting in a kitchen....horrid.

    Also how are we going to be able to replace coloured nightlight bulbs for childrens bedrooms, you know the 25W ones?

    Can someone tell me if there are any alternatives yet?

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  • How many of you have had your Direct Debits lowered because of the reduction in VAT?

    It occured to me the other day that I hadn't received any correspondence or seen any reduction of VAT in my Direct Debits. Today I notice that two companies have done this with regard to my direct debits, but guess what the energy company which I use hasn't.

    I just wonder how many of you have saved by the VAT reductions on your Direct Debits? How many of you are still paying your bills at the old rate of VAT.

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  • What does the BP stand for after the name of a drug?

    Say for instance Paracetamol BP, or Oxytetracycline BP.

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  • I am just wondering if anyone else has seen a yellow wagtail in South West England this winter?

    I was really surprised to see a yellow wagtail perched on the top of a building in the centre of our town in the South west of England on Saturday. Normally they don't frequent our part of the country, but like the east better.I would have thought they would have migrated to warmer climes by now.

    Has anyone else seen one further down than Bristol.

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  • I wonder how many family tree researchers consider the change of dates,months because of.....?

    the change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian. It suddenly occurred to me this morning that people in my tree who died hundreds of of years ago were not actually born in the months that we know them to be now.

    Even more disturbing was the fact that when I looked up the date change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar that it was not implemented immediately by all Countries and that there was a gap of nearly 500years in a lot of Countries before they changed to the Gregorian calendar..... the one we use today.

    The time frame we are looking at is Oct 4th( Julian) Oct15th(Gregorian) 1582 in Italy to the last country to change being Romania in 1919.

    The Great Britain and its colonies then didn't change until Sept 14 1752. And in the USA there were three dates: British Colonies 1752, Spanish colonies 1584, and Alaska Oct 18 1867.

    I have shown a chart of the Countries and varying dates the calendar changed. The link is:

    I myself have ancestors who date back before these dates, and now I must consider as to how I actually show the dates to be correct.

    Your comments please, and how the serious researchers reading this will be trying to rectify the difference.

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  • How was it decided which foods were edible and which were poisonous?

    Back in the echalons of time who for instance found out whether a potato was poisonous or whether a pepper wasn't, as with all foods that we have nowadays; someone must have had to decide as to whether they were edible or not. The potato being of the same genus as deadly nightshade(highly poisonous), poses a mind boggling question as to "eat or not to".

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  • Why is it that yet again the anti-smoking nimbies are telling us that we must not have cigarettes on display?

    Surely adults now should relinquish their status as being "of age", since the government and anti smoking lobbies are deciding what we should and shouldn't do yet again.They now want cigarettes put under the counter so that they can't be seen. Mad!!!! We shall soon have to buy them in brown paper covers, a bit like naughty books used to have to be purchased if an adult so wished.

    Why is it that we should have things decided for us:ie: smoking drinking etc, by others that think that their thoughts and opinions, are the correct answer for all of mankind.

    What is the point of " becoming of age", since the nimbies want us all NOT to have a freedom of choice. What is the point of being Adult!!!!!!!!

    Is it the point that our young who are not old enough to smoke, can be called up to fight for their Country and lose their life over a pointless war, which will incidently never end, since the despots will never give up their cause, but must not smoke because they are too young. Pathetic!!

    The world is totally mad, and governed at least in the UK by Namby Pamby Nimbies who listen to little people with large opinions who wish to be dictatorial over everyone in one way or another.

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  • If the Government in the UK are going to help the people.....?

    It was said on TV yesterday by the PM that the government intended to help people to jolt the economy into recovery. If it is the case that he is going to help people who are in work, and with mortgage problems, by way of bringing down tax, vat etc. When the tax has to go up again have the people who are not having mortgage problems, and are in fact already in rented accomodation,on a low income( but working) and get no help or extra monies; going to have to pay more tax to keep these others afloat.

    Surely it is the banks who should be helping these people with their morgage payments and their homes under threat of repossession. They shouldn't have lent so much money to bad bet customers. Nor should some of the lenders lent up to 125% mortgages.

    The Government have already bailed the banks, and we are having to pay for that in the long term.

    Whilst I feel sorry for the people who have lost their jobs, and cannot pay their mortgage, there are others who have been short sighted, and undertaken huge mortgages thinking they could make a tidy packet from property, I really don't see why the latter should be propped up.

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  • Has it not occuired to manufacturers that Washing Clothes at lower temperatures is not Hygenic?

    It occurred to me the other day that putting your clothes into a washing machine,on cool washes in order to save energy, and reduce your carbon footprint is not hygienic. Manufacturers are making machines that do lower and lower temperatures, as are the manufacturers of washing powders; but they are not taking into account a family wash split into loads of coloureds and whites. There must and is cross contamination with regard to say yeast infections, skin infections,fecal cross contamination, staphylococcal infections etc, etc.

    Surely, unless we use an antibacterial agent in our washing machine at low temp under 60degC, then we are all costing our governments, and ourselves more money in treatments for the cross infection caused by low washing temperatures.The bleach agents put into washing powders do not work at lower temperatures, and therefore we are washing clothes and cross contaminating.!!

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  • If as humans were supposed to have evolved from apes?

    If millions of years ago the apes evolved into humans, then why are they not now still evolving into humans?

    25 AnswersAnthropology1 decade ago
  • Help please with Hellebores?

    I have only been growing hellebores for a year now, and since my hellebores have finished flowering, I have about a huge amount of foliage. Do I have to cut the foliage back? And is there anything specific I should dress them with for a good show next year. They grew to about 3ft high and the same in width this year.

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