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  • what are you going to do after the covid 19 pandemic is over?

    when its over i will find a job and then make plans later on moving out of my parents house , i'm just 20

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  • without being disrespectful what are some reasons that a few women choose to be with black or hispanic men? i respect black men 30 %?

    in the dating world(which is true)

    a lot of  women choose a white man because they are attractive and make cute babies according to them

    but when it comes to a black man  i guess its about less than  40 % percent of the time they find them attractive(speaking about online dating)(its sad when they don't get replies  it could be tinder, badoo, hot or not, blendr etc)

    although i am not racist i choose to be with them, only the smart educated (white men) because  the racist ones get on my nerves, and yes i'm not black

    tell me about why hispanic men are less desirable, its factual 

    i only find argentineans, cubans who are european, and uruguyans of italian descent to be hot, i would date a mexican man but that is not very likely with me because i do not speak any spanish! i have no time for rudness if i get a rude answer , i also find chinese, japanese men to be attractive too but they are not my type!  

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  • what is the best way to remove a hacker because the abuse is getting bad?

    i have  a good anti-virus program, but its not enough to stop whoever is saying racist stuff to me, i tried desperately to ignore who these male computer programers are and it wont stop, how much does a windows installation disc costs for windows 10 that is what i have and its a dell!

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  • alguna vez has oído hablar de Nick Guerra?

    el me recuerda a la cantante Jonny gray con el pelo largo

    mi video favorito es cuando habla de hombres tratando de ser sexy aquí es un clip

    pero creo que kt tatara es mas gracioso.

    Él es medio japonés y blanco

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