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Ex nurse, and Ambulance EMT Medic. 35 years +- of breeding, training, showing dogs. Champions and Grand Champions I've bred now in 9 countries. Now 150 dog pet resort, that is a no cage kennel. Dogs have heated beds, air conditioning, bedrooms with doggie doors to large runs, then go to about 1 acre dog parks daily to play. Vets and show judges fly here from around the world and rave that they've never seen such happy healthy dogs. President of dog clubs show my dogs. World Grand Champions come here to stay...and are left in my care by vets and their AKC judge brothers.,, , . I write for dog magazines, on health and nutrition, and websites around the world. I have 12 grandchildren. ignorant people still call me names like BYB and puppymill on this forum. I'm also a gardener, member of several gardening clubs, and sites. I love to travel, sail, and snuba dive.

  • I have 2 new Spotted Green Puffers , about adding salt?

    I couldn't resist two of these little clowns at the pet store... and since they are tiny ones, I started with a 3 gallon tank on my desk...and lots of reading. I read they are fresh water to start with needing to slowing become brackish to low salt environment. It also says they want Hard -alkaline water. I'm wondering if putting a couple of small salt water mollusk shells, in the fresh water, would harden and alkalize, if not salt the water slowly? I've heard they are bad for fresh water tanks... so maybe good to start a fresh tank slowly become brackish? Advice anyone? On slowly raising salt and mineral levels?

    PS. I'm feeding them pond snails, which I have an abundance of in my koi pond and bloodworms and they're eating great. I'll get them a 50 gallon tank in the next few months.

    They're tetradon nigroviridis variety puffers...super personalities, super intelligent and tame.

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