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  • Can I bring a small guitar on a plane as a personal item?

    I have a guitar that fits in a 3 foot by 1 foot rectangular bag that I would like to bring in addition to my carry on. Does anybody know if this is acceptable. I had also planned on putting some of my extra luggage in there.

    5 AnswersAir Travel7 years ago
  • What is the legality of leaving a country every 90 days to avoid needing a visa?

    Let me explain... In mid October I will be traveling to Malta where I will be spending the fall, winter, and spring seasons doing volunteer work. In Malta a visa is required for a stay longer than 90 days, but my volunteer supervisor suggested traveling elsewhere when the 90 days is about to run out, spending a week or so elsewhere, then returning to Malta. He said he has done this before, probably 5 to 10 years ago judging by his age. I'm all for this idea, I would greatly prefer it to the paperwork that comes with filling out a visa (lazy, I know), but my only worry is that travel laws have gotten more strict in recent times and something that was accepted in the past may be something they would come down on me for in the present. Can anyone comment on whether or not I could get away with this sort of thing? Any sort of informed advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Can the following titles be added to my name on my driver's license and other legal documents?

    So I've just been ordained a minister of the Universal Life Church (it took me less than a minute to fill out a form online) and now I'm finding out that I can buy titles of nobility from the principality of Sealand, so what I'm asking is: could I change the name on my driver's license to Lord Reverend John Doe (not my real name) or at least add one of these titles? This would be totally hilarious. Also as a secondary question, if you know of any more titles than can be acquired free/cheap, send them my way. The more the merrier. Please answer seriously don't just tell me it's a stupid idea, and give reasons if it is.

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  • How do I go about sitting between smelly people for 3 hours?

    Let me explain... My high school graduation is tomorrow and I'm sitting between two morbidly obese dudes who both smell terrible. I'm not trying to be mean but I was light-headed the entire 45 minute practice and I don't think I'll be able to stand the entire 3 hour ceremony, I'm legitimately worried about passing out. Anybody have any ideas for breathing? I'm pretty desperate. Keep in mind that we get searched on entry, I'd be okay with bringing something that would get found but I'd prefer not to just to avoid an awkward conversation. So that's it, I would appreciate your feedback and sympathy.

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  • Did I accidentally dose myself with LSD?

    Okay so here's what happened...

    First day of a music festival, bought an eighth of mushrooms (P. Cubensis, dried) and two hits of acid (in the form of a small paper strip), ate the shrooms immediately, put the acid which was wrapped loosely in tin foil in my sock, fast forward about a couple hours after passing out, miraculously finding the tent, and putting the strip in my backpack (that took me freaking forever to find by the way, never hide stuff while tripping), I am tripping harder than I've ever tripped in my life. I had tripped on shrooms five times previously, twice eating an an eighth (they were of lower quality) and never tripped on acid before, so I was unfamiliar with the effects of acid, but this still did not feel like a shroom trip. The closed eye visuals were so intense and vivid, my mind was being catapulted through various colorful scenes of underwater, rain forest, space, and more. All of these scenes were filled with strange creatures that didn't resemble anything earthly. When I opened my eyes, the stars were all changing colors and moving everywhere in the sky while a strange being made of eyes and spiked spheres just hung around and then turned into a wormhole that tried to suck me in, and I felt the whole world vibrating the whole time (people told me afterward that I was convulsing). That was a very concise account of the trip, much much much more happened in that time span (I have no idea how long it was), but I feel that I only need to give the gist of the experience for someone to identify it for me. My guess is that anywhere between .5 and 1.5 hits were absorbed into my feet, since I was dancing and sweating a lot.

    Further details:

    -I didn't realize until the next morning that I had probably been dosed. During the trip I just thought that I had eaten some really good shrooms (which I still haven't ruled out)

    -I took two hits of the same acid on the second day and the trip was very mild, there was a significant change in perception and minor visuals in the form of color fluctuations. On the third day I took the strip that was in my shoe to see if I could get anything out of it and only felt subtle effects. I'm not sure if this is from some of it being used up or if it is from the tolerance that builds from using multiple days in succession.

    So I think I just about covered it, please don't waste my time telling me I'm ruining my life or whatever, because I use all things moderately and responsibly. Any insights from experienced people would be much appreciated, and I will answer provide additional details if necessary.

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  • Are there any preferred meditation techniques for running?

    When i run, i usually just focus on my breathing and use mantras, my preferred mantra is Om Namah Shivayah. But these don't work as well when I'm running, I can't seem to get focused enough to get into that tranquil meditative state. So i was wondering if I'm not focusing hard enough, or if there's a preferred technique for running and meditating that I don't know about (I've only been practicing Buddhism for a couple months). Also I like to use cannabis to help put me in a more relaxed state for meditating. Would this help or hurt my concentration when I run? I haven't noticed a significant change but I'd like to hear from people with more experience in philosophy and such.

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  • How much would i get fined for "brandishing my sword" at oncoming traffic?

    I would go into the street one warm sunny afternoon and wave it until the cops are called. I think this would be hilarious. serious answers only unless your trying to be a comedian that is acceptable also, id like to know how much id be getting fined and if id have to do any community service. also i am a minor so take that into consideration. and for you slow people, my "sword" is my penis. thank you.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • Can a minor rent a townhouse with parental permission?

    Me and a few guys wanna rent a townhouse until college, money/rent isnt a problem, dont ask why were doing it. Im current 16 and i dont plan on searching for a house until january when i get my drivers license. can me and my friends rent? and if we cant legally rent, are there any loopholes? any advice would help, thanks

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  • Crazy Instruments to Add to My Collection?

    I have a collection of instruments, I want to learn as many as possible and i was hoping you could give me some examples of some awesome random instruments that would be sick for my collection. Here's what I have so far:

    Gibson Explorer Guitar (customized to look extra METAL)

    Epiphone Flying V Guitar

    Fender Strat Bass



    I would also like to buy a drum set and banjo in the near future, naturally it takes awhile to accumulate the money from my caddy job though, but i was wondering what other instruments I should look into, preferably under $200 but whatever you can think of would be sick.

    5 AnswersRock and Pop9 years ago
  • How do I go about designing my tattoo?

    I would like to get a tattoo soon but I'm not sure how to go about designing it. And by that I don't mean what I should get, I'm very creative with that stuff, but I want to know like if i have to draw the exact design of what I want, a sketch of what I want, or if I could just tell him what I want and have him give it to me. I would be really happy if it were the last one, because I am not very good at drawing. I'm not worried about it hurting or not liking it in the long term, I've been planning this for a couple years now.

    Also, the design I would want is an eagle carrying a rasta-colored Dharma wheel (Buddhist symbol for the eightfold path) with the word enlightened underneath it on my upper back. Any input regarding what would be more awesome would be appreciated, I'm very open to new ideas!

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  • Favorite Songs About Drugs?

    Put as many of your favorite drug songs about as many drugs as you can think of. Here are mine, for example:


    Dopesmoker by Sleep, Amerijuanican by Bongzilla, Champagne and Reefer by Muddy Waters and Bongzilla, Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath, and Dopethrone by Electric Wizard


    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles and Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix


    Snowblind by Black Sabbath and Sleep (I don't like System of a Down's version)


    All Apologies by Nirvana and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd


    Methamphetamine by Eyehategod

    Drugs in General:

    Hand of Doom by Black Sabbath and Orange Goblin

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  • what are your favorite guitar solos?

    in the following categories:

    1. guitar solo with the most emotion/feeling

    2. guitar solo with the best shredding

    3. sassiest guitar solo (you can interpret that however you want)

    4. your favorite guitarist

    these dont necessarily have to be the best solos out there, just your favorite. your opinion is valuable!

    for me it would have to be:

    1. The Baying of the Hounds by Opeth

    2. I Will Return by The Black Dahlia Murder

    3. Holy Mountain by Sleep

    4. Matt Pike of Sleep and High on Fire

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  • Favorite bands or artists to smoke weed to?

    What are some of your favorite bands or artists to spark up to and list reasons if you want. Give as many as you want. My top 5 starting with my favorite are:

    Sleep because they are the quintessence of awesome, trippy, and chill

    Jimi Hendrix because of his orgasmic guitar and vocals

    Black Sabbath for their vintage and chill sound

    High on Fire because they are a more aggressive take on Sleep styled music

    OM because they're so chill and awesome to meditate to.

    Other awesome bands: The Ocean, Sunn O))), Electric Wizard, etc.

    Also, don't comment with your lame "drugs are bad" above the influence speeches, nobody needs those buzzkills like you. answer positively or don't answer at all!

    11 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago
  • What are some good career paths for stoners?

    I'm at the point in my life where I have to start thinking about college/careers and I can't figure out what line of work I should go into that will:

    -get me around a 40,000$ annual salary

    -allow me to smoke marijuana 2-3 times a week

    -allow me to support a family ( if 40,000$ is too low for this, include a good number to aspire for)

    -be a full-time job, not just a fast food worker

    Also some things you should know about me.... My grades are all A's but I dont study at all and really don't care if they change unless it will limit my career choices further, I am told that I have the potential to be a CEO but honestly I don't want to. Also I am a good Christian and I attend a Catholic school and not many of the things I do are immoral, so if you're gonna give an anti-drug speech, save it. I'm not gonna use meth just because I like to toke up every now and then. Also, I'm not worried about companies drug testing me, I'm willing to stop for a month or too if my career is at stake.

    Some things that interest me:

    -Music: my favorite thing ever, I play guitar, bass, and drums and that would be my primary career option, be it a music store worker, or a player in a band.

    -Education: my failsafe career, I'd like to work as a teacher and attempt to clean up the horrible education system we have today if I don't decide what I'd like to do.

    -Comedy: I love making people laugh, I'm a very social person, and a career in stand-up comedy seems fun although a lot of work.

    -Nature: Any career I can do primarily outside would be awesome too.

    -Religion: maybe a theological path, just not a priest because I'd like to get married.

    So that's about it, any input or advice would be much appreciated. And again, don't tell me I'm gonna ruin my life or that I'm on the wrong road or whatever, because your answer will be thumbs-down'd (take that, jerk)

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment10 years ago
  • Opinions on Sunn O))) and other drone doom bands?

    What are your opinions on bands like Sunn O))), Earth, and the drone doom genre in general? Personally, I like the genre, I don't really respect it for the lack of musical talent and lack of structure/direction, but it's very unique, it's kinda like abstract modern art. But what do you guys think about it? I find people's feedback on this particular genre very interesting and would like to hear some of it.

    8 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago
  • Give me some good stoner/doom metal bands!?

    I think the question's self-explanatory. Name as many as you like, tell me what your favorite is, and if you're in a stoner/doom metal band or any metal band for that matter, give me a link I'd love to hear your stuff.

    For the record i think the best stoner metal band is Sleep...just saying

    5 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago
  • What kind of amp should i buy dude?

    I've been playing for about 6 years and I'm in a band and my amp is bloke... so I need something that can be heard over drums. I play a very wide range of music, such as Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Mastodon, Winds of Plague, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Opeth, and Nirvana. So basically all ranges of music from classic rock to heavy metal to deathcore. I would need an amp with very flexible settings for this purpose. I also like to play bands like Electric Wizard and Bongzilla so it would need to be able to be very heavy and bassy. Like not your average bass, like house shaking bass. I am also really into guitar solos so it would have to be good for pinch harmonics and trills in certain settings. That about covers my preferences so any suggestions would be highly appreciated

    6 AnswersRock and Pop1 decade ago
  • My guitar is missing a piece! Please help?

    I have a '58 epiphone korina flying v which i had left untouched for awhile since i bought a gibson explorer, but I would like to start playing it again. However, when i went to restring it, I realized the bridge was missing, which is keeping me from putting strings back on it. If anybody could tell me what type of bridge I should buy that would help immensely. Or if you could point me toward a whammy bar compatible bridge that fits the flying v i would appreciate it immensely. Thanks!

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