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  • How do I handle my friend's depression?

    My friend and I have been friends for 2.5 years. We attend the same university (though not the same course), and she even shares a flat with me and 4 other people.

    She's been feeling really down lately and was recently diagnosed with depression.

    She was engaged, split up with her fiance and then got with a new guy, Ben, 4 days later (talk about catastrophe!)

    Now Ben is a total bum, no job, he's a cokehead. He goes out nearly every day to the pub with his friends and stumbles in a 2am, starts arguing with her, calling her names, blaming her for his addiction (which was apparant before she met him, by the way). Everytime this happens she comes to me in tears (or angry) and I spend the next 2 hours explaining to her that he's not worth it, he's abusive, he's using her etc. and as soon as he walks through the door she runs into his arms.

    Did I mention she invited him to live with us because no job = no rent = no home. She didn't ask anyone else in the flat, nor did she ask the landlord. Now I have explained to her, 4 times that his prescence in the flat is making people feel uncomfortable, only to be responded with "He's my bf, I'll have him here if I want, he's going through a rough time, you're all too snobby" etc...

    Today, another of the flatmates explained to her that Ben being in the flat is disturbing. Then my friend ranted at ME, saying that she's going to drop out of uni, she's feeling crappy, if Ben has to leave it will split them up etc. He has been staying with us since February.

    So I explained to her that it's stupid to throw your future away (she's a law student) just because someone asked her not to have her bf here all the time. I also told her she's unstable atm and she should not trust her feelings. She then bit my head off that she trusts her feelings with Ben and he's the only good thing (can you say deluded?).

    I also have a lot of assignments to be gettin on with, as well as revision for exams. And everytime she blows up like this (which is a few times a week) it takes up hours of my time to help her, then she throws it back in my face, ignores it, and I feel bad cus I haven't got any work done.

    I want to help her and support her because I am aware she's going through a rough time. But she's also in the wrong and it's starting to bother me cus I don't wanna lose her as a friend, and I don't wanna turn my back on her, especially now.

    What am I supposed to do?

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  • Why do I get tired in the middle of the day?

    I get enough sleep (usually 8-10 hours, sometimes 6 but I catch up easily).

    I drink plenty of water.

    I take vitamin supplements (just started to take iron today).

    I try to eat my 5 a day - but I'm a poor student so that doesn't always happen

    I am a vegetarian.

    I also shake when I'm hungry, and get really weak.

    I get really tired through the day, it's really frustrating because I have so many assignments to do and I feel like I'm wasting time when I take naps. I also get nauseas (sp) sometimes.

    How do I prevent this?

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  • How to use the new Window Movie Maker?

    I like the 'old' one, because I can drag clips into eachother on the timeline.

    How do I do that on the new one?

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  • How do I go from black (dyed) to red hair?

    I dyed my hair black around 1 month ago. I was a "natural" shade and, although my hair is dark, it is not black anymore.

    I want to dye the front of my hair (fringe and other parts around that section) red. I have a red hair dying kit but I've heard that I have to bleach it first? How do I do that without causing any problems?

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  • Does anyone know what show/ episode this was from the 90's?

    So I used to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark" & "Goosebumps" and when I was a child my favourite episode involved a clown, which I'm pretty sure was a doll at first & the "victim" opened a door and the clown was at the end of the hall.

    Does anyone know what show/ episode it was. I'm seeking it out for nostalgiac purposes & only have a vague memory of it.

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  • How Do I Remove a Hoop Earring?

    It's a small hoop with a little ball on it. It's infected and I have to take it out in order to clean it properly. Only problem is there is no clasp so I'm not sure how to do it.

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  • New piercings are icthy and irritable?

    I have a cartlige piercing and a 2nd ear lobe piercing on the same ear. I got them in the same week.

    I have been cleaning them routinely (with tea tree oil, which is what the piercing parlour sold to me) since I got them done (4 weeks ago)

    Anyway, both of them are crusty and itchy. I have tried to get the crust off but it irritates me more. My ear is also red.

    I have read that itcyness is normal but the other stuff could be signs of infection. What should I do?

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  • My nose piercing seems to be swelling on the inside?

    I had my nose pierced on the 17th December, and after 2 days it fell out in my sleep and healed up a little.

    So I left it out and got it re-pierced on th 8th January. It has been fine so far.

    However, on the inside of my nose, there's a lump of skin right where the stud goes through. It doesn't hurt, and it doesn't really affect my breathing.

    Is this normal? Should I worry about it? What is it?

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  • Helix Piercing question?

    I got my the top of my ear pierced yesterday (helix piercing) & I was just wondering that the healing time is for it.

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  • I knocked my new nose piercing out while I was sleeping?

    and now I can't get it back through. Should I get it re-done today? I got my piercing on Friday

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  • Need help with a modern history quote?

    So I stumbled upon it in one of the MANY books I had to endure. It was about the desire for Italy (around the time of WW1) to become one of the "Great Powers"; they wanted territorial expansion.

    Anyway, it went something like "Big apetite, small teeth" or something like that. I can't find the quote (even though it was in my notes and I read it the other day!) - not even on the internet.

    So, can anyone help me with it, and if you know who said it / what date it was said that would also be helpful.

    1 AnswerQuotations10 years ago
  • How significant is Mussolini to the Italian State?

    3000 words. A2 level.

    Ok, so I have spend the last 2 months researchin Italy from around 1914 - 1943.

    What I need to know is if any of the policies implemented by Mussolini are either

    a) still in tact, or

    b) heavily avoided.

    Or, if you know any good books about the comtemporary politics of Italy.


    2 AnswersGovernment10 years ago
  • Discuss the importance of third parties in US politics....?

    A2 assignment.

    I know what to include... just stuck on how the start... any pointers ?

    3 AnswersPolitics10 years ago
  • Am I just being irrational?

    Ok, I know to some extent I am..

    ...My parents broke up in summer 2007 and by 2009 they were both in relationships with other people (mt dad was even engaged). I mean, that didn't bother me as I was 17 at the time and I understood.

    But in August 2009 my dad was in a fatal car accident.

    And so tonight, I go on facebook and his fiancee is "in a relationship". As much as I understand that people have to move on at some stage in their life, but I feel like it's too soon; I mean, It's just passed one year.

    How do I accept this?

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  • Dark drown hair; want to be caramel blonde. What home dying kit would be best?

    I usually use garnier, so any from that range please (I know I'm not allergic to them)

    2 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Guy Friend vs. Boyfriend Cliche. (Long but I tried to break it down) Help!?

    Ok. Me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 2 years. I've known my guy friend for 12 years.

    My boyfriend makes drama out of everything [I mean EVERYTHING, I won't give examples this is gonna be long enough), and when he does, my guy friend is the one who comes to see me to "cheer me up" as he says.

    Anyway, the me, the family & my bf are going to Falaraki next week (so excited) and he decided that he doesn't wanna go anymore because he has to sort out his own travel insurance (£9.50) - like I say drama outta everything. My guy friend can't go cus he can't get time off work, on another note.

    Yesterday was the one year anniversary from when my dad passed. This is when my boyfriend decided to start drama. He also said he wasn't gonna come see me cus he would have to pay for the bus (even though he has the money and he gets paid on friday). He then went to the pub with his friends. This really annoyed me cus he's always like "I'm always here for you". Which obviously not.

    I saw my guy friend when i was walking the dog and he knew there was something going on (facebook) so he came to speak to me. He even came by the house for an hour at 10.30pm after he played football.

    He was texting me all night.


    "Sorry I didn't say bye when I left" (i took my cousin to the take away)

    "well how bout tmoz (sex, don't ask). can i ask sumit tell the truth: do you like me if so how long,and would u eva wanna get togetha?"

    "Wot you doin tnight.... if you got no money i can bring some beer and we can watch a dvd in your room i can cheer you up"

    "well you know i'm always here for you and we have gotten a lot closer. when u first broke up with [dave] i was gonna ask you out but u got bk together before i got chance".

    I am happier with my guy friend. But a little shy also (which I'm not usually shy).

    So my question is:

    Is it the right thing to give my boyfriend "the talk" and inevitably break up with him, and then get with my guy friend. I don't wanna like "have an affair".

    Sorry it's looong! Advice please!!

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  • Guys: If you see a girl with no make up on, do you think...?

    Say you see a girl with no make up on, she's not ugly, but she doesn't "stand out";

    Would you still be interested in her?

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Boyfriend of 22 months turns 23 on Sunday. Help!?

    OK so it's his birthday this weekend.

    After the dinner I will have like £40 (about $65) fort the gift. What can I get?

    Last year I got him a Lacoste cologne he really liked (he had used it all by xmas) but I don't wanna get him that again (boring).

    He needs a new wallet (again, boring). He likes Duck and Cover and Firetrap (money). I'm stuck!!!

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  • How do I leave (long, sorry)?

    I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years - at first everything was good.

    But, he's possessive; ie, I'm "not allowed" to go out with my friends - but of course he's allowed to go out with his. I'm a strong person and I won't let him tell me what to do, so I will go out, even if he has a problem with it - which, of course, causes conflict.

    I've spent the last few weeks assessing our relationship and I want to break up with him, for a lot of different reasons (we have nothing in common, i feel like I'm not allowed to be myself etc.) and it seems everytime I talk to him, I slip further and further away.

    On Thursday night we went out to a club and didn't get in til the early hours of the morning, so yesterday I was tired (naturally) and he went back home in the afternoon after I told him I'd meet him later. I was still tired but I didn't wanna let him down so I went to his place but I fell asleep on the couch. His friends turned up and asked him if he wanted to go out again. Me, still being tired, told him that he can go out with his friends and that I would go home and see him today (we've got plans). But, that wasn't good enough for him; he told me that I could either a) go out with him or b) stay at his and wait for him. I told him that wasn't fair and that I just wanted to go home. He then stood in front of the door and didn't let me leave. I managed to get to the garden but he pushed me back into the house only to have his family shout at me telling me that "I embarassed him in front of his friends" and telling him to "dump me because I'm not worth it". I told him on the spot that I didn't wanna be his girlfriend anymore because he reacts like that whenever I wanna do something I don't wanna, but he forced me to take him back or I am not allowed to leave the house.

    How am I supposed to go about leaving him?

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  • I have Aquarius Sun (Jan 27), Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising. What does this combination mean?

    I know what my sun sign means (in terms of personality traits) and I am vaguely familiar with the other two, but when they "merge" what does this combination suggest?

    1 AnswerHoroscopes1 decade ago