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  • Forgot name of Science Fiction Books read back in late 1980s?

    The story was so very identical to Harry Potter that even on my first read of Harry Potter I was constantly saying, "no, that is not what happed. It was like this and this..." It made reading harry Potter the worst read of my life.

    While the story was identical, there were suttle differences and I do not remember names of characters, but I do remember several of the story events.

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  • Where does this passage come from ( I shall quote it to the best of my memory exactly as I remember it):?

    Quote: A person acused of a crime shall be presummed innocent until proven otherwise by due process of law.

    I had always thought this was from US Constitution Amendment 6 or 7, but it is not there.

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  • Do you have a Health Savings Account and if so, how do you like it?

    I have just begun to read up on Health Savings Accounts, and I think I like what I see... I would like to hear what people who have them say... and can they be made available, even if your company offers other health insurance plans?

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  • Question on the changing marital/social environment of the US of A?

    This is a survey of opinions.

    Considering that, people are bio-chemical processes and that hormones can therefore affect how we feel and think at any given moment of the day ...

    Given that a woman is biologically arranged to only be able to have one child at a time ( a nine month long process)

    Given that men could, theoretically, get as many women pregnant as the number of days in a year, thus 270 in the time it would take one woman to go from conception to birth...

    Given that it is more economically effective to have three adults in a household, 2 to bring in the income, and one to keep house and kids...

    How many believe that it would be acceptable to restore a polygamist way of life with multiple women about a single man? Please indicate your gender, and the reason that you feel the way you do. (Note; the Bible does not create any demand to limit a marriage to 1 man and 1 woman, it suggests it for those who's living is dependant on being in the Lord's ministry).

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  • Do you take your kids to neibor homes only, community holloween functions, houses in other neiborhoods?

    This is not an opinion question, it is a polling question == judgements not allowed:

    For those with children, do you:

    Take your children only to community holloween events,

    To neighbors that you know,

    To any house with a light on?

    What do you do for your kids on this Holloween night

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  • what is the possibility that there are not so many stars and galaxies?

    Astronomers have found visible evidence that gravity and other events can bend large widths of light so that light could be redirected back to us after being sent away from the source of the light. What is the possibility that some of the stars and galaxies are simply the light of our star, or galaxy being bent some where and reflected back to us, giving us more stars than we actually have?

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  • What is the story that Harry Potter was written after?

    Harry Potter is a great series, but as I read the books, i found I kept recalling the other story, from some ten years ago. there were lots of the same events, only with slightly different outcomes.

    I just can't get the title down.

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  • Democrats: How come you can not see that your party has become the worst danger in our nation?

    The democratic party depends on lies, and manipulation of facts to gain any strength. The current round of strength they recieved, was not from a better performance on the Democrats part, but due to the Democratic Dancing that the Republicans did once they had a total power thing going.

    It is true that the other parties have problems and should not be trusted an micron. But they have not done the crimes that the democrats have done:

    1) In Fresno CA the democratic party tried to trick people into signing up as Democrats. I found this out after I registared as an independant, but my registration card came back showing I was registared as a Democrat.

    2) the case in #1 was the first time I succeeded in registaring without going into the registrar's office directly. For some reason, while democrats were running the office, registaring for anything other than Democrat or Republican recieved a letter saying "you were not successfully registared because of incomplete registration form

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  • A Polling question on miscarriages, and breast cancer?

    Check this site out:

    according to this site 15% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. This pdf report from the CDC identifies that part of it might come from undetected diseases, because, in women, the diseases could be unidentified. You really need to begin a regular check up that includes checks for the deep diseases... don't take a chance...

    Now, I am taking a survey and would like your help, Ladies,

    If you have had miscarriages, can you tell me what age you began to have sex, how old you were when each child was concieved, and whether you breast fed or not and if you have had breast cancer?

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  • Who is ready to form a new political party?

    For the United States. All except one political party was in existance since before the end of the "separate but equal" ideology. As a result, they still have out moded thought processes, coupled with a serious disregard to the United States Constitution.

    Most people don't even know what it means to be a patriot any more. Listening to the popular point of view a patriot is nothing more than a loyalist. A true Patriot is so much more.

    My suggestion for a Party Name would be the Patriotic Constitutionalist. I feel the name describes the basis of the platform just perfectly. Of course you would have to be both a real patriot and a devout Constitutionalist to become a member, but, really how hard is that?

    Who is ready to join the New American Revolution?

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  • What benefits has the French given to the United States or to the world?

    The French Revolution occured 10 years after the American Revolution, however it was the French Government prior to that revolution of theirs that was first to recognize the United States as an independant nation from England. This recognition was only meant as a means to antagonize the British. So therefore, I must ask, What has France done that has helped either our nation or the world that was not done with selfish motives?

    Oh, and if you as what the US has done, lets start with the thousands during WWII that died to restore France back as a free nation (including our money with which the French was gifted to rebuild) after they surrendered to the German Forces without a fight.

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  • Where in Chicago?

    In the Chicago area, are there where house districts that are old and made of brick work? If so, what would some of the cross streets be and what would the district be callled?

    3 AnswersChicago1 decade ago
  • Where can I get plain english geologic info on Chicago?

    I am writing a book and need to learn more about the geology of Chicago Illinois to make the book reflective of actuallity.

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  • What are the two US government agencies that are pushing for the enacting of 'the mark'?

    There are two US Government agencies that are trying to get laws that would require that every person be implanted with a tracking device that would take everyone's medical records and put them into a central data base. The idea is for the disaster responce teams to be able to identify people they find who might not be able to talk to them and get the correct medical inteventions needed.

    To help insure everyone takes this mark, they plan on tying it to our food supply. The idea is that if you don't get the 'mark' you can not get food to eat.

    I just don't remember which agencies are currently involved in trying to get this to become a real legal requirement.

    I do know that the company that is making this device has called it 'The Mark' which is a small microchip that is imbedded in glass capsule, that can respond to em pulses much like ID badges now do. This would allow for everyone to be individually tracked. Do you know the US Agencies persueing this?

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  • I have heard there are places online where people who write can get together to critic and support eachother?

    What would be some sites to try out. I am not published, but I am trying to write 2 novels right now.

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  • Do you think the Troops should be kept in Iraq now, or sent back after we have pulled them out?

    If our armed forces pulled out of Iraq before insuring the nation is secured from threats of being rippded apart, the US Forces will be forced to sending the troops back in.

    In all probablility, if that happened, Countries that like WMDs such as Iran, will have put WMDs right in our path of return. Additionally, there will be such a fierce increase of attacks against our troops during any attempst at withdraw, that it would put the invasion and time to date in both iraq and afganistan into a minimal problem, with death of our forces aproaching 10s of thousand within the time that it takes to fully withdraw.

    So would you rather them withdraw now, knowing they WILL go back? Or would you rather them stay, and get the job done, resulting in the least number of American casualties?

    Answer in this format:

    State you are from *** Political Party ** Stay or Pull out now

    Brief one line reason why.

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  • To Punjab People; Where do I get copies of your religious texts, and what are they?

    I would also like to get a parallel Punjab-English copy if they exist. I am not Punjab.

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  • To Hindu People; what are your holy texts and where can I get them (hindu and english prefered)?

    I would like to get the original language and english translated (parallel if possible) of the Hindi religious texts for study. I am not Hindi. Where would I go to get them, and what are they?

    1 AnswerOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago
  • I need to find the Heart and Lungs pics of a young child, if there are any to be found?

    as sad as it might be, babies die, and I am sure that the medical field has photos of the heart and lungs of a young child. I would like to get a hold of one. Does any one know of a website that I can easily obtain it?

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