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Born a kontented Kiwi a year after Britain declared war on Hitler's Germany. Very interested in GSDs - their history, breeding & rearing, genetics. Have served as a club training instructor and been on the committees of it, an all-breeds show club, 3 GSD clubs, and the GSD Advisory Council.

  • Are you knowledgeable about the GSD Standards passed to the VDH by the SV?

    I seek on-line web-addresses to pre-1997 copies of the Deutsche Schaferhund Standard as approved firstly by the SV, then the EUSV, and nowadays the WUSV.

    I'm happy for them to be in Deutsche, as I have a friend who is an official Deutsche-to-English translator for dog clubs.

    If you have a printed copy that you can e-mail me a high-quality scan of, please contact me by clicking my avatar then clicking the [email] label so I can give you my direct e-address.

    For those interested in the development of those Standards, I report the following years:

    ☆ 1899: On September 20th the SV composes the breed-standard to be passed to the VDH (German Kennel Club).

    Revisions to the Breed Standard were made

    ☆ 1901: on 28 July at the 6th membership gathering;

    ☆ 1909: in Köln on 17 Sept.

    ( ▪ Schwabacher, in an early book, claims that the Standard was slightly altered at general meetings of the Society held at Dresden in 1920 and Gorlitz in 1921, so that oversized dogs would not be rejected, provided the size was combined with a correctly constructed & proportioned body and the gait was not hampered by its weight)

    ☆ 1930: in Wiesbaden on 5 Sept. at the conference of Executive Committee and Board, the first to set ideal sizes (published in Koerbuch Vol.XI), after which larger dogs were penalised; and also banned self-white except in the long-haired Old German Sheepdogs;

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