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  • What is the title/author of this book series?

    I read this book series back in middle school so I think the publication years are somewhere in the 1990s-early 2000s. This is what I remember of it:

    1. I presume it was YA because the main character was a teenage girl. It is a fairly serious series that deals with alot of adult themes but not overly graphic. She is a amateur detective located on the west coast; Oregon I think. I keep wanting to say her name is Madison but maybe not. 

    2. Her father disappeared on a job and was presumed dead for about 3-4 books of the series but he comes back and reunites with the family. Her mother had moved on and was about to marry a guy (Tom) but once the dad came back she called it off. Tom later dies in a fire. The lead girl has a almost fatherly relationship with a local detective who tries to keep her out of cases but respects her judgment when she is involved.

    3. The girl has distinctive long red hair that she usually French braids. She has a on/off again boyfriend that is a little older than her and goes away on some type of trip (maybe missionary work; I don't remember exactly). 

    4. In one book, there is a drug (I think meth) lab ring that one of her school mates is involved in. In another there is a classmate of hers that finds out she is adopted and the local reporter is her bio mom. The bio mom was trying to get an abortion and the doctor kept the baby alive and adopted it as his own. 

    5. This is NOT Nancy Drew.

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