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  • This Conn Appliances, Inc. clearly can't sue, but can they report the entire history of the account?

    Conn Appliances, Inc. apparently sold this contract immediately upon its execution to Conn Credit I, LP. I know that Conn Appliances, Inc. cannot sue in the event of default on the contract, but can they even enter a tradeline, which would have been entered from the date the "account" was opened all the way through to alleged charge off?

    It states, that the account/contract was sold, transferred or assigned to Conn Credit I, LP, all rights, including interests.

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  • Pilonidal Sinus or Hidradenitis?

    I know many will say talk to your doctor. I did, and I have been on Humira for over a year and do not feel as though it has done anything. I went to a dermatologist after having gone to an emergency room. I went to the ER because I felt some pain at my tailbone, right in the cleft of my buttocks. The ER doctor has made a small incision kind of to the left of the cleft where the pilonidal cyst was. The area around my buttocks and my lower back were very red and such and the ER doctor said she thought the stuff on my back was a yeast infection. Anyway they did the incision which didn't drain much anything out, because she didn't do it right on the cyst itself. Skin creme for yeast infection did nothing for my back. When I went to a dermatologist she insisted it was Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Looking at how long I have been on Humira which is supposed to at least help control hidradenitis, I don't believe this is what I have. I don't have periods of healing, and then draining, with scar tissue in between a bunch of basically pimples. I have a couple large abscesses on my buttocks that drain from what I believe is now a hole where the pilonidal cyst is/was kind of right near my tailbone. I have read a lot about pilonidal sinus and what can happen if a pilonidal cyst is left untreated. Does it sound like a pilonidal cyst that was misdiagnosed? I am honestly hoping it is in fact pilonidal sinus that may require minimal surgery to take care of. I don't like being on the Humira. 

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  • Computer program to autocheck for matches between files?

    I am trying to find out if there is a program that I can input an excel spreadsheet, which contains a list of over 16,000 numbers from a debt collector that has placed many illegal calls to my cell phone, against a PDF file with my last 18 months of call history to match telephone numbers between the two from the spreadsheet and my phone bill? I could alternatively create a pdf file from the spreadsheet also if need be. I just don't want to take on the daunting task of manually searching the pdf file I do have of my phone bill for over 16,000 numbers. I don't care if it results in having to pay for the software to do it with.

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  • Fair Credit Reporting Act 15 USC 1681 § 615(a) question. Legal knowledge desired, please.?

    Under the above cited law, insurance companies have to provide notice of adverse action for both existing and applied for insurance if the rates they determine they want to charge are higher than standard rates. Insurance companies I have dealt with use a soft pull on my credit reports. Only two of them have sent the notice of adverse action to me explaining why the rate was going to be so high.

    My question is, under the cited law, is there some requirement to have actual damages in order to pursue statutory damages? Auto dealer ships have tried to use that using soft pull credit reports nonsense and it has proven that they did so stupidly. The statute states "if a consumer report is used in whole or in part" it does not specifiy if it has to be a hard or soft pull, though.

    Anybody with legal knowledge able to answer this for me? There is one insurance company that settled the matter with me. Did I just get lucky? Or am I on to something?

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  • Attachment image

    RAM Issue please see pic?

    Okay, this is the inside of my laptop Lenovo S145-15IWL 81MV00FFUS, I keep finding conflicting crap on the internet about a soldered RAM, others saying there is  a slot to add the ram. The ram stick you see in the pic, in the slot is the ONLY ram that I can find, and my system is showing 1 of 1 being used as far as memory slots. So I would assume this means there is no soldered RAM? Everyone says crucial is good, oh trust crucial. The guy is telling me the ram is soldered, first he said I could only add 8GB, then said I could add 16GB for 20GB total. Please for the love of pete I just wanna know the real story on what I can upgrade to.

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  • Pc4-19200, have to be the same?

    I want to upgrade my ram in my laptop but not sure if it has to be the same? Can I put just any pc4-xxxx in it?

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  • Where can I find correct information on RAM upgrade?

    I recently bought a laptop, a Lenovo S145-15IWL 81MV00FFUS and I have scoured the internet trying to find out what the correct maximum amount of supported RAM is for this system. Crucial says max is 20GB, but that's the only one saying that. All the other information I have found says 8GB, while others say 12GB. Some sites say that this has 4GB soldered to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded at all. Others say there is 4GB soldered and one extra slot. When I look at the RAM in the task manager it says 4GB (1 of 1 used) I am thinking this means I actually only have one slot for ram, and it isn't soldered? Any computer genius here able to guide me in the right direction?

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  • Lenovo S145-15IWL RAM upgrade?

    I just got this computer and I am trying to find out what the maximum RAM is that I can put into this? I have looked at the specs from Lenovo but it seems like there's conflict somewhere. It shows there is an onboard 4GB DDR4, which I assume that means soldered? But it also says MAX support is 8+4GB in another spot. When I check the RAM in the task manager it says there is only 1 of 1 slots used. Maybe I am just not understanding? Or is it soldered and all I can have is 4GB of RAM? Thank you kindly in advance for your help.

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  • Are SATA hardrives interchangable?

    I just want to know if an HDD from a nonworking laptop will plug and play if I currently have a SSD drive? They're both sata but new laptop has windows 10, the HDD has windows 8.1. Can I just switch out the drives or will the new laptop not load the windows 8 on the HDD?

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  • Dual boot windows 10 and windows 8?

    I have a new laptop with an SSD drive. It has windows 10 on it. The HDD from my old laptop (laptop doesnt work) has windows 8. Could I boot both versions at the same time with the HDD used as an external drive? It's got some programs I want to use, the HDD does is why I'm asking. 

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  • Windows 10 on SSD, windows 8.1 on HDD?

    I shorted out my motherboard on my old laptop with a tea spill. I have a new laptop now that has an SSD drive. The HDD is sata, could i use a SATA to usb cable to be able to use the HDD, with its operating system and still use files on the harddrive or would I have to migrate the files off the drive to the new laptop? If it's possible I would like to just have the HDD with the cable connecting to the laptop and be able to still use windows 8.1 on the new laptop. 

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  • Texas Concealed Handgun License application questions, about arrests and such?

    It says on the application to list all crimes and arrests, or something of that nature. It says to list even juvenile offenses. When I was 15 I was accused and charged as an adult for molestation, which was dismissed in district court (adult court) and sent to juvenile court. In Juvenile Court I was convicted of assault and battery. So how would I list this on the application? Charged with molestation but dismissed, then enter another charge for assault and battery? I was able to buy the gun from an actual dealer, so I would think I am ok to get a CHL, but maybe I am not understanding? I don't want to put anything wrong on my CHL application and be denied because they think I didn't put something down. Any help? I am in my thirties now, if that matters. Only ever been arrested once for things other than Class C misdemeanors, and the molestation nonsense is what was the non-class c, non-traffic related offense.

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