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  • GPU hotter after reformatting?

    I recently had to reformat due to a couple errors. Before I did so, I played Skyrim and had around a temperature on my GPU from 70-80 on average. After my reformat, my temperature is hitting 95-105C?

    What's causing this? I've updated all my drivers and should have the exact same settings for the game.

    5 AnswersOther - Hardware3 years ago
  • Restoring just the bios using disc?

    I'm on a dell windows 7. I'm trying to restore my computer, but my restore disc seems to either want only a full reformat, or a reformat with the choice that I scan my computer which takes 1-2 hours, then I can select the data I want to save onto the new reformat.

    Is there any way I can instead, not reformat, but just replace all the bios and windows 7 essentials on my computer using my disc without having to do a reformat?

    Do note, I am currently running on the windows 7, and it has some freezes now and then. particularly through certain programs, and I suspect it is corrupted bios which is why I want to restore them. If I cannot do it through the disc, any online program and such could be used too. I just need to completely restore and replace JUST the bios of the operating system, not a reformat with a backup, as my disc seems to suggest is the only way possible.

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  • I opened a bank account while I was in college and was granted no monthly service fee for being in college?

    I have since left college for awhile now, and from my bank statements, it doesn't seem like they charge service fees. Is this bank account forever free of monthly service fee as that was the contract when I opened it? I didn't read the entire contract letter and don't recall any representative telling me that it would start the monthly fee once I left college. So is this bank account free of this fee forever so long as I don't close it?

  • How literate were the people (particularly the blacks) during MLK's movement?

    I've been listening to a lot of his speeches and it is without a doubt clear that MLK was a very educated man. He knew a large vocabulary and was even very religiously knowledgeable as well as history. So I was wondering, as we assume today (I assume), that the black community (partly due to segregation probably) at the time weren't very educated, at least in terms of English vocabulary and other literate terms we hold onto well spoken and educated people, so how well were they able to relate to MLK?

    It's funny because in contrast today, especially Trump, we're seeing the dumbing down of literacy which allowed Trump to relate to the common man so well today, because we as a people are generally more illiterate. Really quite interesting, but back to my main question is, were people, and specifically blacks really that literate in the 1960s? They had to be to an extent, otherwise they wouldn't be able to relate to him well?

    7 AnswersHistory3 years ago
  • What episode of The Twilight Zone is this?

    This was a very long time ago so I have vague memory, but in this, the main character finds himself stuck on a completely new and different planet. I don't remember how he got there, but he tries to run in a direction to leave, but always finds himself back at the same spot. I can't recall clearly, but at the end, if meets someone and wonders what is out there just before it ends.

    Also, maybe he/she was in a mansion near the end, looking out the window? I can't recall well.

    3 AnswersMovies3 years ago
  • Which religions has the belief that God is all-loving,all-knowing, all-present etc.?

    I'm not asking on your opinion or the truth of whether their God exist or if the God really are those things, I'm just asking for the strict knowledge of which religion believes that of their God.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 years ago
  • In religion, which of them says God is all-loving, all-knowing, all-present etc?

    Please note, I'm asking for people who just strictly know this information, not people's opinion on which is true, false, your opinion etc.

    I know Christanity's God has this, but which others says this in their religion too?

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 years ago
  • Do you have to press your elevator floor again if someone else enters?

    This is awhile ago, but I'm curious since I don't usually take elevators, and had this strange and awkward moment.

    I was at a hospital visiting a patient, and was leaving. I was going to the first floor. I was on a higher floor, so I went in, alone, and pressed the first floor. It goes down and stops before getting to the first floor. It opens and people come in with me, and then one of the guys says "You going anywhere?" Assuming I needed to press the first floor again because he had entered?

    Is this correct? If the elevator makes a stop, does the direction/floor of the elevator have to be reassigned?

    I had assumed that it would go to the first floor since I came first, then go to where they wanted afterwards.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • Something wrong with my breathing?

    So it's been said that breathing through your nose is generally the best way to breathe; however, I feel like when I do, I don't get enough air into my body. This causes be to prefer breathing through my mouth.

    Is something wrong with my liver perhaps?To note, it's not like I feel sophisticated that badly when I inhale through my nose, but rather when I'm unconscious of my breathing, it tends to be through my mouth.

    5 AnswersRespiratory Diseases4 years ago
  • Why don't birds get stomach burns from eating spices?

    Since birds don't have the receptors to "feel the heat" of spices, how exactly does this affect their ability to negate the physical burning or diarrhea effects that spices give us?

    1 AnswerOther - Health4 years ago
  • Why don't we unsubsidize K-12?

    I was just massively thumbed-downed for saying that I agree with making college tuition subsidized by the government. People going bat sh*t crazy about taxes, yapping this and that.

    Since high school degrees aren't what they use to be unless you want to work at Mcdonalds, and people don't even want that subsidized, then why not de-tax K-12 as well? Unless you think an army of Mcdonald workers is gonna be the people who can run this economy.

    4 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • I think I have pneumonia?

    I've been having a really sensitive left side of my upper chest. Right around my heart but I think it's my lungs. I've had light sensitivity and slept on my right side because it was so. Just until today when I woke up, I notice that the sensitivity shot way up, and I had a slightly harder time breathing.

    I'm planning to go to a clinic very soon, but I'm wondering since I currently don't have any health insurance, would a normal clinic have the proper tools to check my diagnosis and how much would it cost?

    I'm considering heading straight to the ER or hospital if the clinic can't help me find what's wrong.

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases4 years ago
  • Is this all Y!A politics is right now?

    Insert very stupid question with very obvious answer, then where said word 'republican', 'democrat', 'Trump' or 'Hillary' is, put the opposite?

    2 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • What are all the sex-linked traits and why are they so?

    I read somewhere that a color blind daughter must have a colorblind father. This is because that it's carried in the chromosome?

    How does it work and how does chromosomes carry genetic information at a fundamental level? Does this mean eyes of girls to some extent always resembles their father?

    What are all the other sex-linked traits?

    2 AnswersBiology4 years ago
  • What makes the republican or democratic party so good?

    What makes them the only two popular parties? Why can't the traits and values of what makes those parties so good be found in something not of those two parties?

    4 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • Why don't people see that Trump and Hillary are two sides of the same coin?

    Wake up sheeps. To see it is to leave the farm.

    3 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • What plant is easiest to grow for food?

    What plant would be easiest to grow for food? I know this can vary and be interpreted in many ways, and you're welcome to give an extensive answer.

    Just some thoughts I would think would matter are like:

    - what plant has the best sunlight to energy conversion?

    - requires low amounts of energy

    - highest concentration of energy

    - quickest growing time

    - able to grow in lots of soils

    - high amounts of seeds

    - a lot more

    I'm not very educated in plants and don't know how valid any of my thoughts there are but I think plants and the idea of a very cheap, mass producible plant is important to me and other people.

    8 AnswersGarden & Landscape4 years ago
  • Is it to be happy in ignorance, or misery in truth?

    I live with my younger brother. After years of living with him, I've come to the conclusion that he's not the brightest person. He had some physical health problems that led him to special ed classes which may have contributed to his lack of "sophistication." He doesn't keep up with politics, read books, study or learn much of the real world and improve himself in general.

    I on the other hand keep up with world news, new technology, world problems, inventions, contemplate often about what a good world may be like.

    I don't claim to be a better person than he is, but I do consider myself more in touch with the real world.

    The more I see, the more I'm disappointed. Corrupted governments, hunger, war, greed, racism and so much more. I dream of a world where none of these exist, and I'm saddened because I feel it is possible, yet everywhere I look, it seem like people don't deserve it, they don't want it. The world doesn't want to be saved.

    Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good things too, but it always seems so overshadowed, like a dim candle in a dark room of a moonless night.

    Sometimes I wish I was less informed, less observant, less opinionated and just less of everything. Just be happy in my routines, my simple-mindedness, my ignorance.

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture4 years ago
  • Where does all the iron and steel come from to build modern cities?

    With how large urban cities are, how is iron and steel being produced to support these constructions? How is it made? Will there be a shortage of iron? Is iron naturally occurring and/or chemically producible?

    3 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology4 years ago