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  • Banning pet stores - good idea or not?

    Came across an interesting article in the Globe and Mail newspaper - and while I agree with this idea, as we all know pet stores are supplied by puppy mills, do you think this will just lead to a proliferation of BYB's? Not that there aren't a lot already, but the pet store seems to be the home of the impulse or 'I-want-it-right-now' shopper. Will these people simply turn to other venues to get their dogs right now? Or do you think this will make people stop and think twice - and perhaps go the shelter route? What are your thoughts?

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  • Ford Ranger: good or bad?

    My boyfriend is a cabinetmaker and looking to get something he can drive everyday, but still carry around materials when he needs to (ruling out of the F-series trucks: too big for everyday). He's been looking variously at the Ford Escape and Volvo wagon, but has found some used Rangers at a good price. He wants to know if it's worth it - is this a decent car? Anyone own one and like it? Can you get a lot of stuff into one? Thanks!

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  • Reputable breeders? Can it still go wrong?

    A co-worker of mine recently purchased a bullmastiff puppy from a reputable breeder - these dogs were shown, titled, had been extensively health tested. She has owned bullmastiffs before, and she's a dog person. At 8 weeks, the vets detected a low-grade heart murmur and told her it was common for these to happen and that they often went away as the puppy got older. She decided that they would keep the puppy, though the breeder had offered to take it back and give them a new one. Last week, at about 14 weeks of age, during a regular wellness check, the vet found the heart murmur was still there and, worse still, the dog's heart rate was alternating between normal rhythms and somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 beat per minute.

    The vet diagnosed the dog as having two leaky heart valves - unrelated to the high heart rate, and something about a small flap of tissue in the heart causing the electrons to misfire, hence the high heart rate. She is now in a conundrum about what to do - if she sends the dog back to the breeder, he will be euthanized. If she keeps him, she is faced with potentially years of very hight vet bills which she can't really afford. She is now trying to rehome him with someone who is willing to take on the bills and the responsibility, as the dog can no longer really be exercised and must be kept calm - and she has two small children. She wants to do what's best for the dog.

    I suppose then, my question is - despite all the testing, the research, the pedigrees, the clearances and all the other precautions you take to ensure you have healthy puppies, have things ever gone so wrong for you? The breeder of this particular puppy was shocked and must now go back through all her lines, as well as getting in touch with the owner of the sire to go back through theirs. These dogs will lilely never be bred again.

    Has it ever gone wrong for you?

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  • Car making strange noise?

    I will be taking it into a mechanic, but my 2005 Mini Cooper has been making strange noises lately - usually when at idle, the engine begins to make a droning sound, and I can feel a change, a slight vibration. It stops itself once I get driving, but it will go off and on, sometimes not doing anything for a week or so, then it will go off and on for a whole day. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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  • Owning a banned breed?

    I live in Southwestern Ontario, where Breed Specific Legislation passed a few years ago banning the APBT, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as well as any dog who is 'pit bull' in appearance. It is a pointelss law, and currently being fought by responsible bully breed owners, but my boyfriend and I have both wanted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (which we know to be a fantastic family dog). We have found an excellent breeder (the winningest breeder of Staffies in Ontario) who informs us the law is rarely enforced and only when complaints are made. But I still worry about things like finding an obedience class who will accept a banned breed, or even walking down the street and having people ask, 'what breed is that'? Now, it's not a very popular breed, and we've thought of just telling people it's a mutt, though most people are probably unaware it's even banned. I suppose I worry someone will complain and my dog will be taken from me. I intend on having a well-behaved and well-socialized dog, and being an ambassador to the breed. My question is to those who own banned breeds: what is your daily experience with owning these dogs? Have you had problems from neighbours/passers-by? Did you get your dog into classes? Has anyone ever reported you even if your dog is well-behaved? Would you get the breed again regardless of whether or not it's banned? How do you feel about BSL?

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  • Serious housebreaking question?

    Long story, but I'll try to make it short. My boyfriend's parents have a habit of owning more dogs than they can care for. One went back to the shelter recently due to aggression (though it could have been solved by training) and they also have a chihuahua they got from a breeder they have bought from before. His mom didn't care for the chihuahua because she peed in the house (this part angers me, because she used pee pads and was too lazy to actually take the dog outside). To be fair, the breeder had never taken her out, either, and so they ended up with an un-housebroken and undersocialized dog. Recently, his sister bought another dog (sigh) and so his mom decided to get rid of the chihuahua. My boyfriend and I decided to take the dog, though we both work and think it's unfair to a dog coming from a home where there was always someone there, though we'll do our best. We have gotten rid of the pee pads and are trying to get her to go outside. There are a few problems, though: it's winter. In Canada. And she is distracted by EVERYTHING. I had her outside for a good half-hour today trying to get her to pee, but all she wanted to do was go back inside. The instant I did bring her in, she started to squat. So I raced her outside where I waited another half hour and still nothing. I even brought down one of her pee pads and put it on the ground, but no go.

    I refuse to let this dog pee inside, but nor can I let her freeze to death (she does have a warm coat, but the snow's almost as tall as she is). We can't leave this dog at home all day until she is house trained. I know it can't be done overnight, but when she refuses to go outside, she'll never learn. Does anybody have ANY idea what we could try? Thanks in advance!

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  • What made you choose your breed?

    Temperment? Size? Coat? What is it about your particular breed that you just couldn't resist? What has made you dedicate your life to them (if you are a breeder/fancier)? Are there any breeds that you have always been interested in but never owned? We chose the Westie, for example, because we loved the terrier personality and the low-shedding. How about you?

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  • What are you thoughts/opinions?

    I found an ad for this place in my local paper with a link for the website. I was checking it out today and thought I would get some other people's opinions. *I* know what kind of breeder they are - what do you think?

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  • Ever worked at Home Depot?

    Has anyone here ever worked as a kitchen designer at Home Depot? How did you find it? Good pay/compensation? I'm thinking of handing in an application and would like to hear from someone who's been there!

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  • BYB questions ...?

    This question has probably been asked by other regulars here, but ... how do you deal with all those queries like 'I'm thinking of breeding/studding out my *insert breed here*, 'My dog just had puppies, what do I do now?'. It depresses me. I've started adding a youtube link to a video about shelters and euthanasia with the hope that one of these potential BYB's will see it and think twice. It seriously made me cry. How do all of you who are devoted to animals and want only the very best for them respond when you have to give the same answer 50 times a day - 'please spay/neuter your dog'? Do you ever wonder if these people take your advice, or if they only hear what they want to hear?

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  • Sister having a problem with her cat?

    My sister has been having a problem with her cat. She and her boyfriend live in an apartment, and the cat sleeps in their room with them at night. He gets up really early, though, and starts meowing, so they put him outside and shut the door. Problem is, now the cat has started pooping in the hall after they lock him out (he has access to a litter box in their spare room), and I've heard this is a difficult problem to stop. Anyone else experienced this and how do they deal with it? They've already decided to see a vet about it.

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  • Is this is good faucet?

    I asked this question last week and got no reply, so I thought I'd take another crack at it. The Home Depot Pegasus brand - is it any good? I mean, am I going to have to replace it after a couple of years? I have been looking at the double-handle bridge faucet. Thanks

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  • Were there any tests in the 16th century for learning a baby's sex?

    Did midwives know of any tests that could be performed before birth to learn a baby's sex in the 16th century?

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