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  • Should I seek Medical Attention for this skin rash?

    It started underneath both armpits. It was just really itchy. I didn't notice any hives or anything. I assumed it was a combo of shaving them poorly & a heat rash. It went on for a couple weeks before it became a major concern, it kept worsening & spreading outward, this expanding red radius of skin. I started with applications of Aloe. Then tried Cortizone, Calamine lotion, moisturizer, anti-itch cream, & when nothing worked I moved to hydrocortisone. It wasn't helping either. I nearly used the entire tube in a day. We thought it may be an allergy reaction so I had changed my entire diet & re-washed all my sheets & clothes in a fragrance free detergent, when suddenly hives began appearing in various places. It worsened & spread over a few days until it reached my face. Instead of hives, my face became blotchy, dry, & itchy. My lips feel dry & tight around the edges. The weird thing is that the main rash under my armpits has seemingly subsided. It's the rest of my body that periodically itches. What is happening?

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  • Symptoms of brain trauma- Is my brain bleeding?

    So on New Years Day my friends got me a wee too drunk & apparently I fell pretty hard but don't recall that yet recall other details that occurred after I fell. I'm pretty bruised up now on my hands, left leg, and left side of my hip. I stayed in bed all day yesterday to recover but once I tried falling asleep at night I kept getting a sharp pain in my chest that would send me into a brief panic that I was about to die & this happened right as I started to fall asleep. So eventually I was just wired & couldn't sleep. I called relatives and one said it could be caused by a brain hemorrhage from falling and hitting my head...but my head feels no pain, every once in a while a slight flare up - most likely due to having no sleep. So my question is what are the obvious symptoms of having internal bleeding in the brain? I slept fine the night of my fall but the following day I couldn' could just be insomnia...

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  • I had a strange dream about a celebrity, what does this mean?

    If anyone could interpret this it would be great. I've looked up research on celebrity dreams, but I do not relate to any of them. I had dreamed that I was walking to a familiar restaurant, where a fancy red sports car was parked outside, and there were two well dressed people in the car saying "where is he, he's late" My father was with me and looked around to see who they were waiting for, when Justin Beiber came walking out. I walked by saying hi to him, than he replied "Hey Tommy" And I was shocked he knew my name. I asked him if he could do me a quick favor for my friend who loves him. I asked if he could write a quick letter to her, so we went into the restaurant & I found some paper for him. He wrote the long letter, & we talked for a while than he left. Strange thing is, I know hardly anything about Beiber, and I'm not a fan of his stuff. He turned out to be pretty cool in my dream though. He said something to me as he left "don't make it last" or something like that, I didn't hear what he said so I asked my dad in the dream.

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