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  • Do God and science contradict each other?

    Science is just using logic to find out how the universe works.

    It does not claim to say anything about why the universe exists or works.


    Why is it blasphemous to suggest tiny atoms exist and move?

    On the other hand, how can those tiny atoms contradict God?

    There will always be aspects of the universe we don't understand.

    In fact, the more we learn, the more are aware we have to learn.

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  • Can I maintain a pace of walking 30 miles per day?

    I'm trying to go 1250 miles in about 45 days (or less) and trying to decide whether to walk or bike. I'd be going along roads (two-lane highways) and camping out on the way.

    I'm in pretty good physical shape, as a 6-foot male 17-yr-old.

    But could I keep up walking 30 miles a day?

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