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  • How is the Feminist movement impacting society and culture?

    First allow me to make a disclaimer, I think that equal rights and independence for women is a fantastic thing, but nothing in life that has an action is without reaction. As women are becoming more independent and gender roles are slowly being abolished (as a societal whole obviously our culture is heterogeneous in how people chose to live) there surely has to be a new equilibrium on how our society and culture functions. Because the Pro's are significantly more readily observable than any Con's or significant but neutral adaptations, my question is more directed towards how grander life issues will function in response; things such as job competition, house hold duties, child development, age of marriage and/or child rearing, or anything that may be affected by such a change on the "entire population" level?

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  • Breaking the Speed of Light?

    If we got a really really long bar, and a super fast centrifuge, and attached the bar to the centrifuge, and spun it around up in space super duper fast so that the outer portion of the bar broke the speed of light, but the inside of the bar was not breaking the speed of light, what would happen? Would part of the bar time travel? Would WE time travel? My brain wont let this go. I recognize the bar would need to be very long, and the rotational velocity would also need to be really fast, but why wouldnt this be theoretically possible?

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  • Why are stars made the way they are?

    Why are stars made out of hydrogen and helium as opposed to some other source of matter? And are they the sole provider for the center of solar systems, or are there other solar systems existing made of a central mass made from something else?

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  • Deep fryer and Dry Ice?

    Its common knowledge that putting water in a hot deep fryer is a bad idea. I am under the impression this violent reaction is caused from the polarity differences within the molecules, and the heat exacerbates the reaction and causes quick evaporation of the added water. Some people think this is caused from the temperature differences alone. So my question is, would dry ice (or frozen CO2) cause a similar reaction, a more violent reaction, or nothing at all but a puff of gas.... I have my deep fryer in front of me and really want to try this, but i dont want to die.....

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  • Plants, CO2, and Sparkling Water?

    I bought my girlfriend flowers for her birthday tomorrow, and i know plants like CO2. So would putting them in carbonated water be a good idea? And just in general would there be any benefit to any plant by using carbonated water?

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  • Gifts for my Girlfriend?

    I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world, and although im not opposed to buying her something, I would prefer to make her something very thoughtful. But recently I haven't had many thoughts in my head besides recovering from surgery and preparing for the GRE next week. Do any ladies out there have any ideas of something they would appreciate coming from their boyfriends? I know its hard to say without knowing her and/or the things she is in to, but lets just say she is already set in those areas. I want to show her how thankful I am to have her in my life! Thanks for any/all ideas that you have!

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  • Applying for Medical School. A non Traditional Student.?

    With all of the rumors floating around about medical school admissions, I have grown weary of which rumors may or may not be true. To start, many online forums state that medical school admissions boards look at the entire application when making decisions. Many also state that without achieving certain GPA and MCAT scores nothing else in your application will matter. As with most rumors, the truth lies somewhere in between. Now, this is rather concerning to me as I come from a very non traditional background with no educational background up until I decided to pursue academics. Essentially, after my brother received a permanently paralyzing accident I have chosen to pursue medicine in attempts to get involved in patient care (which I have grown a great empathy for), research (to help progress the fields of medicine), as well as help spread knowledgeable practice of spinal cord injury care across the U.S to improve the quality of life of disabled individuals nation wide.

    Here's the long and short of it all, I graduate highschool with a 1.9 in all gym classes, spent two years at a community college with intent on joining the military as an officer. My brother had his accident at this time, which is when I decided to pursue medicine. I somehow got accepted into a prestigious university, but struggled greatly with overcoming the learning curve of higher education. I came from no academic background, to competing in premedical classes with the best and brightest. I managed to maintain a respectable GPA of 3.45, and score a 25 on my MCAT. So far nothing in my application jumps out as being impressive, which is why I am concerned about my 'realistic' chances of obtaining admission. However unlike most students applying for medical school, my life has a story, and my reasons for pursuing medicine are (humbly stated) altruistic and noble. If anyone has an educated or experienced opinion on how non traditional students are treated in medical school admissions, i would be delighted to hear from you. (especially if you may have a prediction for my own application) Thank you for your time.

  • Military Medical Education?

    I am currently in pursuit of medical education. Today I was given the suggestion to consider obtaining medical education through the military. After further research the only data I can find with respect to the technical details is that after training you are required to serve 4 years of active duty. Does anybody know what active duty consists of in terms of: locations available to serve on active duty/ deployment length and location/ payment and compensation? What is the risk of getting blown up if deployed during active duty? and I assume you finish residency after the 4 years, and begin active duty after residency? Any details not displayed on the military web site, either educated opinions, or facts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Would it be wierd to make a phone call?

    Here's the short story. I've been in a relationship for the past 6 years, have a fantastic girlfriend with no intentions on changing that. But a previous question just made me realize something. . . I dont have text messaging, and have never sent a text before in my life. I find it to be very annoying and impersonal, yet it seems as though this is the preferred method of communication today. So my question is, if for some reason I got back onto the market and got a girls "digits" would it be weird to call her? I feel as though this would be one of those situations where she would tell her friends that I am some wierdo because I called rather then text ("texted" i dont know the right lingo).

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  • Ph.D to medical Residency?

    I know exactly what I wish to do with my life, and thats be a physician scientist focusing around developing and practicing effective cures and treatments for spinal cord injuries. So to the best of my understanding the program which best suits my life goals is an M.S.T.P program. However, unfortunately for me the overwhelming majority of medicine does not coincide with my personal interests. I was simply curious if it is possible to obtain a residency position for practicing a specialty of medicine, without having to tread through med school first. Or, if there is any other way to have a career focusing around both research, and clinical care for a very specific patient population; without having to spend time and effort learning things which will not apply to my career.

  • Whats wrong with my brother?

    When sober, He has been mentally sound his entire life. He suffered a paralyzing accident roughly three years ago, and has been extremely sedentary for several years. Recently he has been taking end of the world/ alien conspiracy theories way to far, and it seems to be getting worse. Last night he urged me to disrupt my weekend plans to come visit him because he had something to talk about. In fear of a suicide talk I invited our mother to come along. When we arrived he pursued to explain to us that he was, in fact, Jesus christ and was leaving that night to go on a trip across the planet to save the world from war. He believed so thoroughly that god was speaking through him, he packed his bag full of broken computer parts, useless wires and a map because god told him to. He was apparently on no drugs or alcohol, has suffered no brain trauma, so I don't know what has gone wrong or how to help. Clearly this type of behavior is not mentally healthy, and will eventually lead to physical problems as well. Our mother and I are considering a psychiatrist or psychologist, however he does not want to go because he knows so truly in his heart that God has him seeing clearly and he is not insane. What do we do?

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