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  • Does anyone know what a tenancy inspection involves? ?

    I have been notified as I have been renting my property for a year that my estate agent will be coming to the house to carry out an inspection. Has anyone had one of these and is there anything I should prepare for? 

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  • Relationship Budgeting Help! ?

    Mine and my boyfriend’s monthly outgoing as a couple are £1,500 a month including food spends, bills and rent. He feels because he earns less than me and the house is “technically” mine that he should only pay me £60 a week towards these costs and because I work longer hours and have work bloody hard to be at the level I’m at that I should apparently cover £1,260 a month. My monthly income is £2,500 whilst his is £1,300. Does this actually seem fair to anyone, as I’m also expected to pay for all meals out and day trips? He claims because he does most of the driving he shouldn’t have to pay for dinner 😂

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  • Advice please! ?

    My boyfriend and I after two years decided we should spend a couple of weeks apart (him moving back home) to decide what we both wanted and if we could try and rekindle our relationship, as the spark had somewhat died out and became washing pants and cooking dinner. 

    The same night he left he slept with another girl. He spoke to me the following day saying he missed me but we both need space to work things out and miss each other. Two weeks on and he asks me to go to dinner with him. We agree to be honest and he says he had been in contact with another girl but wanted to work things out with me, but nothing had gone any further. 

    Two months on a girl approaches me saying she thinks she may have slept with my boyfriend, unknowing that we were on a break at the time. He had lied about this and it turned out he had slept with this girl within 6 hours of leaving the day we decided to take a break. 

    In addition, it turned out he had also tried to rekindle things with his ex girlfriend but according to him he realised she wasn’t for him anymore. 

    I am trying really hard to get past this and things are better but I can’t stop it playing on my mind. Should we try and work things through or is it not worth the time or effort trying to fix something that can’t be mended? 

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