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  • Homemade gift ideas for boyfriend?

    I'm wanting to make a few things for my boyfriend.. however I'm having a little trouble with making them not too cheesy, and trying to make them a little more manly, but keeping the personal touch at the same time :/

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do?

    I'm thinking of making him a gift basket full of his fave sweets and a few more personal things too.. he loves my hugs and cuddles and so I've made him a ''hug box'' for when we aren't together.. it's a little box that you never open,but has a rhyme explaining what its for! .. but so far that's it :/

    Guys, I would appreciate it if you have any experiences with homemade gifts, ones you really liked, and ones you didn't like.. just so I know what to go for!!

    Thanks in advance!!!


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  • Art exam theme help!!! I dont know what to do!!?

    Ok, so I've just received my art exam topic and it is 'special' like special people, special places, special things etc but I don't know what to do :(

    I have no ieda how to go about it!!

    Can anyone help me out?

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  • Would I get blamed for ''stealing'' this plot?

    Ok, Well, I've been working on a manuscript of mine for roughly about three months, called ''Lawrence Shroeders Big List''.. Its about a guy who is dying from Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and wants to carry out his list of things to do before he dies, he does all these things, big adventures along the way and the very last thing is to tell his childhood love that he loves her and when he does, he leaves happy and dies in his sleep (happy). But when I was doing some research tonight I found ''The Bucket List'' which basically has the same kinda plot.. If I was to continue writing my book and tried to publish it, would I get blamed on stealing the storyline? I'm really rather annoyed, I was pleased with what I had wrote :(

    Many thanks!!

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  • Can anyone tell me what film this is from?

    Youtube thumbnail

    I don't mean the song, I mean the film clip being played, just incase I confuse anyone hehe!!

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  • Want to be a writer, what type of book would you like to see produced?

    Ok, so basically I would like to become an author, however, I don't want to fall into problems of publishing a book, but no one actually wanting to read it as the storyline doesn't fit their interests. So, what type of book would you like to see on the shelves? :)

    Many thanks!!!!!

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  • Does anyone know any really good rock/metal love songs?

    I want a song that has a rockish vibe to it, but basically hands out the message I really like you, why can't you just see that!!!

    I'm into the likes of Metallica, Megadeath,Green Day,Staind, Goo Goo Dolls, ect... any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


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  • Why do guys only think with their *****?

    Why is it that anytime i try to talk to a guy, they always stare at my chest or else all they want to talk about is sex! Can guys not just appreciate a decent conversation!? I know not all guys are like this but why do most have this obsession that if you talk dirty to a girl or whistle at her ect shes suddenly gonna turn around and say ''yeahh sure i dont know u but come back to my place and do me!''

    Sorry, i needed to have a rant.

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  • Need Someone To See Metallica With!! 1/08/09.. From Belfast!?

    Ok, this is gonna sound pretty weird! But I need someone to go to see Metallica with in Dublin this August, trouble is, no one I know likes them so they wont go with me!!! My friend from down south really wants me to go but I dont wanna travel on my own!! Any one else looking for a new friend lol???

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  • Duck Tape Mannequin stand ideas?

    I'm going to be making a mannequin from duck tape, but does anyone have any idea as to what i could use as the stand?

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  • Of Mice and men extra chapter part two.?

    the men working on the ranch.

    '' Jus' you sit there pup, I ain't gonna be long.''

    Candy tread across the ranch and stood beside the van which George had bean continuously placing the bags of grain.

    ''The guys are worried George, ya can't go on like this forever ya know, why if Curley's ol' man saw you this down he'd sen' you away.'' Candy said cautiously.

    George threw the bag onto the van more aggressively than the previous times and glared at Candy.

    '' Curley's ol' man can do what he please, if he wants to can me, so be it.''

    George turned away and headed for the water fountain at the side of the wooden fence. The tall patch of weeds tangled round his ankles as he stomped through them. George's thoughts of anger however, were interrupted, everyone's thoughts were interrupted.

    ''Guys, Guys! He's done it, the damn son-of-a-***** has done it.'' Slim gasped running from the bunk-house towards them.

    ''What you on about Slim, I hope this aint gonna be one of your damn story tellin's is it?'' Carlson said resting on the handle of his shovel.

    ''Curley, his ol' man canned us, the lot of us, even Crooks.'' Slim replied.

    George had stopped stomping through the weeds when he had first heard the commotion, he turned on his heels and walked curiously towards Slim.

    The deep green pool of the Salinas river glistened brightly in the sun light as all the men that worked on the ranch marched slowly back along the path, surround by the willows and the sycamore trees that arched over their heads. The men walked in silence, not only because they were too upset or angry to talk, but because the silence seemed to say everything that was needed.

    Candy stopped, and leant back against a tree to catch his breath, the rest of the guys stopped too, Slim threw down his bindle onto the dusty path and picked up a stone, he skipped it across the river, causing small splashes of water to rise as it bounced across. He did this several times before George joined him.

    '' What you reckon we oughta do now Slim, we aint got no where else to go.'' George said, glancing at the mountains.

    '' The only thing we can do George. We gotta jungle-up. We'll find somewhere to stay in the town tomorrow, right now jus' tell the guys to unpack their stuff.''

    The men spent their evening amongst the trees by the river, lying staring at the stars that twinkled above them. Carlson sat far from the rest of the guys, in the shadows of the tallest sycamore that curved over the edge of the river, its reflection darkened the water that Carlson could see his face in. Candy sat, with his pup in his lap, singing to him, crooks sat polishing his shoes, mumbling to himself at how he got canned for no reason and George and Slim lay in the grass thinking of what was going to happen next, they had considered moving to another ranch but began to wonder if it was the right choice. Suddenly, George had an idea.

    It had been three years. The sun was setting over the Gabilan mountains, the alfalfa growing, the rabbits hopping across the grass and Candy's pup, now older, chasing them. Candy had passed away a year ago, peacefully in his sleep. Carlson had found him, in his bed, next to his dog. Carlson got a job in the outskirts of Soledad, he visited occasionally and never turned down an opportunity to see the guys again. Crooks, eventually was accepted by the men that had worked on the ranch and Slim had made a man of himself, he met a woman in the town one day, they plan to get married soon. George, learned that the feeling of grief fades and that doing what he had to was not a reason to feel guilty, he knows that Lennie would have loved to be were they are now, tending to the rabbits and having a feeling of calling somewhere his own.

    George Stood by the porch and smiled to himself. ''Here we are Lennie, home.''

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  • Anyone Else... (Metallica in Dublin '09)?

    does anyone else have the same bad luck as me of their friends not liking Metallica and so, can't go to the concert in Dublin 'cause they've sadly got no one to go with? Or am i the only one? lol =(

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