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  • I don't feel like myself when trying to recover from an eating disorder: Is this normal?

    I've had a binge eating disorder for around 11 years, ever since I was 9. I didn't realise what is was at a young age, up till I turned 19. I have an unsupportive and often triggering family, who I can't confront. Whenever I attempt to recover it only last a week before I go on a few month long binge of whatever food I want. I am in no way restricting myself from eating when I do this, I just eat healthier and less. I get very overwhelmed by food thoughts, like cooking and such... to the point I feel like I am restricting and beginning to have restrictive thoughts like someone on the opposite end of the scale (ana)

    What I asking: Is it normal to feel this way about recovering? Will it get better? 

    1 AnswerMental Health8 months ago
  • Swollen, red lump after being pricked by prawn? ?

    At my job I work in a seafood department. Anyways for this job I have to defrost prawns, and I got pricked a week ago by one. Immediately I washed the area and checked to see if it got stuck but it didn't, then bandaged it up. Now a week on it's swollen my whole top of the finger and is very painful, it is red and throbbing. The lump has white spot and I have tried to squeeze it but it hurts way too much. Should I go to the doctors? What will they do?

    2 AnswersFirst Aid9 months ago
  • How to overcome social anxiety in less than a week!?

    So in about a week my coworkers have made a party for me at a restaurant for my 21st birthday, and im freaking out.....

    I want to go out and enjoy myself but im so nervous and i feel sick because of the stress of thinking about it.

    my crush might come, but the idea of him even knowing about the party makes me want to crawl under a rock and die.... he might come, and think im a loser and i wont beable to relax at all... or he might not come then i will feel like such an idiot and ill feel like he hates me. i think so highly of him and his opinion...

    i havent had a party since i was around 11 and i havent been to many in my life either....

    any advice on how i can relax?

    i can barely even speak to my coworkers i feel like im being judged, i try and i am so shy

    2 AnswersMental Health3 years ago